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Samsung To Launch Galaxy Note 9 On August 9 With Major Camera Improvements And More

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9+ feature one of the best cameras on a  smartphone. With every annual release, the company upgrades its cameras to compete against the likes of the iPhone as well as Google’s Pixel handsets. The Google Pixel is currently in the lead, in my personal point of view, but if you prefer the originality in a scene, the iPhone X provides a great dynamic range. Now, we’re expecting the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9.

If you have been following the leaks and rumours, you would already know the minor as well as major steps that the Korean tech giant is taking in order to upgrade its Galaxy Note lineup. However, as per the leaks and rumours that we are currently adhering to, they pinpoint a minor upgrade in terms of the design of the device. However, there are several improvements being made in the camera department and more. let’s check them out in a little more detail and when does Samsung plan to launch its Galaxy Note 9 smartphone.

Galaxy Note 9 To Debut On August 9 Featuring Significant Camera Upgrades And More

The Galaxy S9+ featured a dual-lens camera setup at the back – a hardware inclusion that proceeded last year’s Galaxy Note 8’s strategy to implement an extra camera to keep up with the industry. This time around, whatever improvement we see on the Galaxy Note 9, will be shifted to the Galaxy S lineup next year. For what we know at this point, the mixture of features between the two lineups is what takes us by surprise.

From what we can expect, the Galaxy Note 9 will feature the same or a rather improved camera that we have seen on the Galaxy S9+. This includes the variating aperture via dedicated hardware. Moreover, the device is also said to not feature a virtual fingerprint sensor. As per the rumours based on last week, Samsung and Qualcomm will collaborate to bring ultrasonic fingerprint recognition technology to their handsets.

Galaxy Note 8 owners are unable to switch on their devices after the battery counter reaches 0%

Now, for the purpose that you were here for, Bloomberg reports that Samsung will launch its Galaxy Note 9 on August 9 with significant upgrades and improvements in the camera department and more. There will be several software-based additions as well. These improvements will complement both the user interface as well as the virtual assistant.

There is a boatload of new additions to come and probably we will see more leaks and rumours in the near future. What do you think? Will the Galaxy Note 9 be a worthy upgrade from its predecessor? Share your views down below.


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