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Samsung Revises Fingerprint Position On Its Galaxy S9, Xiaomi Mi 6X Case Leaked As Well

In almost 10 days we will be saying our final salutations to the year 2017. The next year will offer a lot in terms of technology and our anticipation to what the tech giants have in store for us. However, it’s never too early to start speculating on the behavior of the giants of the smartphone industry, Everyday, we hear new details on what to expect in terms of design and functionality. The anticipation level is same for Samsung’s Galaxy S9.

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Similarly, Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is one of the biggest hypes to be announced in the first quarter of the next year. It will be quite interesting to see how the decisions of the companies pan out in the shape of their devices. As of now, we’re hearing that Samsung is revisiting its decision to alter the position of the fingerprint sensor. Currently, the S8, S8+ and the Galaxy Note 8 features the fingerprint sensor at the rear, in a rather odd position that is hard to reach and not symmetrical at all.

Samsung Galaxy S9 To Feature A Revised Position For The Fingerprint Sensor,  Xiaomi Mi 6X Rear Details Leaked

Latest leaks show that the complete camera module, as well as the heart rate and fingerprint sensor, will be altered in position. To be precise, we are seeing a 90-degree shift from being horizontal to being vertical in order to reposition the fingerprint sensor on the right spot.

The leak comes from a clear back case of the device, as shown in the image provided, the cutout has been made according to the device. There are a whole lot of details available on the Galaxy S9 and what we should expect from the device. Even though Samsung tries its best to put a cap on all the leaks and rumors, we still get a lot of details from third-party sources.

As for what we know of the specifications, we’re expecting the device to ship with a 10nm processor and an all-screen edge-to-edge OLED display and much more.

One more leak that caught our eye was the rear details of the upcoming Mi 6X, Xiaomi’s upcoming flagship offering which would put it on par with the rest of the crowd. The leak is the same as that of the Galaxy S9 – the clear back case of the device. One important thing to note here is that the device resembles the camera module of the iPhone X. However, this is not the first time the company has inherited the design elements of the iPhone.

We can also see a fingerprint cutout, which is circular in shape instead of the rectangle, like the one on the clear back leaked case of the Galaxy S9. There will more details on the scenario, so be sure to stay tuned in for more.


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