How to setup APN Settings on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Having internet access on your Smartphone is important, may be most important for you! Everyone has Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat and Twitter craze and getting a day off is really frustrating. I am not big fan of these apps but I have seen my friends but I go mad when not having internet access as I use it for my business and only way to make my living.

Have you recently bought your Note 5, switch from another network or some have misconfigured the settings. Don’t worry this step by step guide will help how to find and configure APN settings on the Galaxy Note 5.

How to setup Galaxy Note 5 APN Settings

Please note that the method below can also be used on almost all Samsung Galaxy models including Note 4, Note 3 and Galaxy S7, S6, S5 and others.

APN Settings Galaxy Note 5:

Let’s move on and learn how you can setup APN settings on Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Before you move on make sure that you’ve got APN settings from your network. It is very to get, all you’ve to do is call the network helpline and most of the times they would send a preconfigured message all you’ve to do is open the message and add it. Still, if you’re unable to get it, you can use Google search to find APN settings for your cellular network. A typical search would be network + apn settings. For example, “AT&T APN settings” and you’ll get results.

If in case you already have got results from a friend or any other source, here how to enter it manually:

Step 1: First of, Go to phone settings.

Step 2: Under the Wireless and networks, tap More settings.

Step 3: On the next screen, select Mobile networks.

Step 4: Tap Access Point Names.

Step 5: Tap New APN and add the configuration settings provided by the network.

Step 6: Finally tap the menu key to save.

That’s it guys, this is how we setup the APN on the Galaxy Note 5. If you still have any questions, do let me know in the comment section for further support.

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