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Synaptics may be the reason the Galaxy S9 will have a fingerprint reader at the front; here is how

Synaptics, which is amongst the top biometric technology companies in the world, has announced a big leap forward in user authentication: fingerprint sensors that are in-display. The fingerprint sensor, named Clear ID FS9500, has been made for smartphones that have an almost bezel-free display. It offers on-demand fingerprint authentication within the display panel.

Synaptics, in-display fingerprint sensor

The Clear ID FS9500 sensor provides the similar one-touch user authentication that can be found on a lot of smartphones today, but it does so underneath the glass display. It can handle numerous situations such as cold, wet, and dry fingers. The Clear ID FS9500 has an integrated security stack with AES encryption and many authentication features, providing many options to companies. The sensor will largely work just like hardware sensors, but it can be turned off and on at will. This means that unlike the hardware sensors, the in-display sensor will not take up space on the body of smartphones when not required.

The technological demonstration of this technology is already there, but Synaptics has made this announcement because it is already being mass produced in cooperation with one of the top five smartphone companies. That makes the guesswork a lot easier, but Synaptics has a few more hints for us. In the press release, Synaptics specifically points out the soaring demand for “bezel-free OLED infinity displays”. These words and names are used by Samsung for its curved displays in its Galaxy S8, S8+, and Note 8.

In 2018, we might see the in-screen fingerprint sensor technology in a lot of phones, but surmising from these hints, Galaxy S9 might be the first phone to have the in-screen fingerprint sensor. After the chaos of Galaxy S8’s back-mounted fingerprint sensor and hopes of a better iris scanner on Galaxy S9, maybe Samsung will get rid of the physical fingerprint sensor on S9 altogether.

Whether or not Samsung turns out to be the company Synaptics is referring to, at least we know for sure it is going to be a bigwig.


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