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Apple Is Looking To Produce Flexible Batteries, Possibly For 2020 iPhone Models

It was previously reported that Apple is working to produce its very own microLED panels. Apple is looking ahead into the future, working on material which would allow it to rely less on third-party suppliers. The company was also reportedly noted for a foldable iPhone, which Apple could possibly debut in 2020. Now, we have […]

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Check Your iPhone’s Battery Health And Disable Performance Throttling In iOS 11.3

iPhone X adoption rate now counts for 2% for all of Apple’s iPhone users

We somehow knew long before Apple acknowledged that it was knowingly slowing down older iPhones. It turns out all of the conspiracy theories had a bit of truth to them. As it seems, Apple is apparently slowing down older iPhone models through iOS updates. However, there’s a logical reason behind it and it definitely makes […]

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