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Elon Musk Declares Tesla May Go Private At $420 But No Final Decisions Yet

Tesla is one of the fastest growing companies in the world and it never stops innovating, brings the latest technology to the automobile industry as well as others. The way it unveiled the Tesla Roadster was a one of a kind experience for the company as well as customers and fans at the launch of […]

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Tesla Teases Second Image of New Model Y Electric CUV, Musk Jokes On No Steering Wheel

While Tesla’s Model 3 is heavily under production, the CEO of the company doesn’t seem to stop engaging users in what’s to come. The Tesla Roadster, for instance, one of a kind and the fastest production car to ever exist has not even made it out to the public and we’re already hearing on a […]

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Leonardo Dicaprio’s Documentary “Before The Flood” Features Elon Musk [Video Trailer]

Climate change is one of most discussed ‘debate’ in the 21st century. Now more and more climate change activists are raising the issue and making every effort for awareness. The Oscar award winner and climate change activist Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary Before the Flood. Where he meets with scientists, activists and world leaders to discuss the dangers of climate […]

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Conversation between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg after Facebook’s $200m satellite explodes

Facebook, CEO Mark was really disappointed after SpaceX recent catastrophic explosion on the Cape Canaveral launch pad where Facebook’s $200m satellite exploded. SpaceX and Elon Musk have already tweeted and confirmed about the accident but the cause is still unknown. Here is Mark status: Here is what Elon Musk tweeted: Right now there is a lot […]

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