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Apple iCloud Removal and Bypass Ultimate User Guide

It is my ultimate guide to iCloud account removal and bypass guide. I will share the exact method all online account removal services provide and how you can do it without any issues. There are many resources online related iCloud activation lock those are not up-to-date or misguiding so I thought to write a dedicated […]

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Best iOS 10 Jailbreak Cydia Tweaks

In the past, iOS user mostly got a jailbreak very early when a new version was released. But due to Apple’s increased security and continuous patches, creating a jailbreak has become extremely hard for developers. This is the reason why the iOS 10 jailbreak took a long time to be developed and is still in […]

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Best Headphones for the iPhone 7

Recently bought an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus? Maybe you are looking to buy one in the future? Whatever the case maybe, since Apple removed the headphone jack from the new iPhones, you must be looking to buy a new pair now that your old 3.5 mm headphones are obsolete. With this is mind, we […]

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Top Vshare Alternative Apps for iOS: No Jailbreak Required

apps like Vshare

Vshare is a third-party app store for iOS devices, just like iTunes app store. But it differs from built-in app stores in many ways. Vshare offer thousands of paid mobile apps totally free for iOS devices. It also contains many free apps that are restricted to built-in app stores. Compatible with multi-platforms and incredible developer […]

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