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Tesla model x crumples like paper – all occupants inside survive miraculously!

Jonathan Braman, a surgeon, is said to be one of the happiest people in Minnesota these days because of the accident that he and his family were able to survive, unscathed. Jonathan is all praises for the manufacturer, Tesla, for its excellent design of the Model X vehicle that saved him and his family from a close call with death!

All six [6] people on board that day came out unhurt from the incident that occurred at a signal turning in East Bush Lake Road. Jonathan was at the steering at the time and on his part, he ensured that no other vehicle was approaching in the direction of his car before he made the turn. This was in spite of the fact that the signal was red and that there was no need for him to do so. However, as soon as he made the turn, his Tesla Model X was factually run over by a big GMC Yukon truck that appeared from nowhere and that ruptured the front of his vehicle.

All this sudden happening came as a shock to Jonathan as he was not expecting any such thing to happen. He was dead surprised to see the truck having practically squeezed his vehicle from the front like a piece of paper that is crumpled with fingers. However he is happy that all of his family members on board the car are safe, without being injured in the slightest of ways.

He credits the design team at Tesla for the safety that his family was able to enjoy during the accident. He believes that the design of the car is what made the difference. Jonathan is of the view that the huge battery pack which powers the electric car is what was responsible for lowering the center of gravity of the car. This then kept the car stable and straight during impact. With any other car however, there was a huge possibility of the car turning turtle and of course that would have had led to a lot of injuries to the occupants of the car, even death could not be ruled out.

Now that the Tesla X owned by Jonathan is all unusable, he is looking forward to the insurer to replace his car. However, he is already an electric car enthusiast and his excellent experience with the X has furthered his interest in electric cars even more so. He had to wait for a full four [4] years to take delivery of his Tesla and he is aiming to take his family back inside a Tesla by replacing the dead car with a new one.

In addition to the design, Jonathan is also happy with the customer support team at Tesla that called as little as 5 minutes after the accident, according to him but how were they able to know something had gone wrong so soon? Well, it is being said that whenever any of the air bags in a Tesla car inflates, Tesla receives a notification and that is what explains the rapid response of the support team at Tesla. They called Jonathan to enquire if everything is alright and he immediately explained to them all that had happened. He even celebrated their efficiency on Facebook with a status update, “Thank you Tesla Team for our lives and our safety”.

The surgeon has a lot of confidence in the make and model of the Tesla car and is willing to spend another four [4] years, if may be necessary, to buy him another model of a Tesla car to drive a replacement. However, Tesla is now running serial productions of its vehicles and the good news for him is that the time penalty would certainly not be so harsh, relatively speaking.

Via – electrek

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