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This OnePlus 6 Concept Imagines An OPPO Find X- Like All-Screen And A Pop-Up Selfie Camera – Video

The OnePlus 6 was announced not so long ago and the device is pretty hot right now in terms of sales. The company is known for experimenting with the technology as it aims to serve the customers as they want. At this point in time, the OnePlus 6 compares to the giants of the industry, like the iPhone X, Pixel 2 XL, and the Galaxy S9+  however, if we take the price point into consideration, the device boasts the best value for the buck. Now a new OnePlus 6T concept has emerged.

Now, at the end of the OnePlus 6 hype, we are seeing a new concept by the Science and Knowledge, that shows quite a lot about the device, mainly the display and camera operations are pretty amazing. Apart from this the device in the concept also shows an in-display fingerprint scanner. Let’s check it out in a bit more detail. We can see that the concept has been put together quite nicely, so major thumbs up to the designers.

OnePlus 6T Concept Features Dual Front Facing Pop-Up Camera Setup And An All-Screen Design

The concept video is shared in the video provided below that details a lot of aspects that we want to see in the next device which will probably be called the OnePlus 6T. As can be seen in the video, the OnePlus 6T will feature an all-screen design similar to what we are currently seeing on the OPPO Find X.

According to the concept video, the front of the device will be a bezel-less Optic AMOLED screen which is why the device was handed over the functionality of an in-display fingerprint scanner. Apart from this, the concept designers also imagine the OnePlus 6T as having a pop-up selfie camera which is pretty reminiscent of the Vivo NEX S. However, one difference is that the concept features dual front-facing cameras which could feature specific features if it ever sees daylight.


The in-display fingerprint is among the latest hypes as of now as many smartphones have been able to achieve it but the major flagships would not, yet. This is due to the fact that the major OEMs are waiting for the technology to be perfected. You can see more details on the OnePlus 6T concept in the video shared above.

We will share more news and leaks regarding the device as soon as they surface online. Until then, do make sure to check out our website for all smartphone related news.

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