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Samsung Has Confirmed The Ultrasonic Virtual Fingerprint Sensor For The Galaxy S10

It has been only a few months since the arrival of the Galaxy S9 and we have already started to receive details on the next year’s flagship from Samsung. While Apple has moved away from biometric authentication all thanks to its True Depth Camera setup, Samsung and other OEMs lacks behind in terms of innovation. However, Samsung has unveiled major details regarding the scenario which is due to arrive with its Galaxy S10 flagship next year.

Apart from Samsung, other Android smartphone manufacturers have also embarked the idea of virtual fingerprint scanners. However, the technology rests in the initial phases and advancements in the field would go a long way. For Apple, the return of Touch ID does not seem imminent, which is debatable for users. However, Apple and Samsung are indeed working on ultrasonic fingerprint recognition technology, as per previous reports.

Samsung Confirms It Will Add An Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner In The Galaxy S10

Samsung has now confirmed that the Galaxy S10 will incorporate a virtual fingerprint scanner. As per ETNews “Samsung Electronics has decided to commercialize the display fingerprint reader on the Galaxy S10. We know Samsung Display is in charge of the display and Qualcomm is in the spotlight.” the company said in a statement.

While previous reports from Korean press have pointed that Samsung will not be stepping in the virtual fingerprint scanner market with the Galaxy Note 9. It can be said that Samsung’s decision to step up its game in the segment is derived from the heat that its Chinese competitors are showering. Vivo, for instance, with its X21 smartphone has released a virtual fingerprint scanner. Even though it might not be as fast as a standard one, it still does the job pretty well. Samsung is possibly working to suffice the competition in its native grounds.

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The Ultrasonic virtual fingerprint scanner for the Galaxy S10 will be developed under a collaboration between Samsung and Qualcomm. Qualcomm will most likely provide the sensor under the Sense ID of Qualcomm. Samsung, on the other hand, will be charged with the production of display panels and incorporate the sensors inside them. As for how capable an ultrasonic sensor is? It can scan through 1200 µm display stacks. Apart from this, it can also scan through 800 µm coverglass and 600 µm of aluminum.

Since we are talking about Samsung and its production measures, the quality will be better than we see on most virtual fingerprint sensors on the market. There will be more news detailed on the subjects in the coming days, so stay tuned. Let us know what you think about ultrasonic virtual fingerprint sensor to be part of the Galaxy S10 next year? Do you think Samsung should forgo the idea completely and stick to facial recognition? Share your insights.


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