Website Blocker: Free Chrome extension helps you to block any site

Free Chrome extension for blocking any websiteThere are numerous reasons why you would need to block a site. It can be your kids visiting some prohibited sites very frequently, as a parent it is your core responsibility to take care of it.

Certainly, there could be other reasons too why you need to block a site; because of too many annoying pop-up ads, you’re wasting too much time on a site and unable to focus on your work (social media sites: Facebook). So it is better to block it temporarily and increase your productivity.

Website blocker (beta) is a Google Chrome extension that not only helps you to block a site but also helps you to choose the hours of your choice where it will automatically block the blacklisted sites.

How to setup and block a website:

To install the extension, Open Chrome browser on your PC and follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Chrome Settings.
  2. Click on extensions.
  3. Now search for “Website blocker” or use this direct download link.
  4. Click on Add to Chrome, and you’re done.

It is very easy-to-use here is the step-by-step instructions to block site of your choice:

Step 1: I assume you’ve already installed the extension from Chrome web store.

Step 2: When successfully installed, you should get an icon at the right top of the browser as shown in the screenshot below:


Step 3: Click on the icon to launch the settings and add your site to block it.

Step 4: Now go to any site that you would like to block. For example, I have opened in the browser, and when I click on the icon as shown in the above screenshot I get these blocking options:


You can choose any time of the day or different days of the week to block the site completely. So choose according to your schedule and needs and hit the “Block This!” red button.

Now whenever You or someone else try to browse the blocked site should see the following screen:


You can add as many sites to the blocked URL list as you would like to, there is no limit on that.

Now we have just discussed the basic functionality of the blocker. You can perform other advanced tasks such as make a custom message instead of “can’t access this page” or instead of this page you can redirect it to

You may say anyone can unblock the site by going to the website blocker settings, nope! You can make it secure with a password so that you can use it later to unblock your favorite site.


If you want to entirely block a site, then remove the time hours in front of the website URL, just like I have done in the above screenshot for

Thanks for reading. I hope by the end of this you’ve successfully learned how to block any site on Chrome browser using a free extension. Don’t forget to let us know and share your feedback in the comment section below. You can share this useful extension with friends who may find it useful.

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