Best WiFi Password Hacker Apps 2022

The majority of users think it’s a lot easier to hack a WiFi password using a simple app found on Play Store. But in reality, it’s not easy. I am not saying it’s impossible to hack WiFi security but it’s not that easy to do it on your Smartphone. It’s trending and a number of people are searching on Google to find a way to hack their neighbor WiFi network.

I do get asked a lot by friends and cousins, how can I use a WiFi password hacker. I always smile in return and try to make them understand what it takes to do it and not everyone can do it. It requires special WiFi adaptors, tools like backtrack, and patience in order to get a WiFi password. I will explain the complete method later in this post.

Do WiFi Hacker Apps for Android Work?

Wifi password hacker

No. There are many apps on the Play Store and the majority of them do not work. You should not take them seriously, they are frank and will never work. I, therefore, would recommend you, not to download these apps that are tricking you and promising you things that are not possible with those crappy apps.

Recover Forgotten WiFi Pass on Android:

You can recover your own personal WiFi forgotten password if you don’t know how to reset it using the router configurations method. Remember this is not hacking and it is only recovering the forgotten password. In order to follow the steps make sure that you’ve got root access on your Android.

  • Make sure that your phone is already connected to the network.
  • Install the Root browser app from the Play store.
  • Launch app and go to Data > Misc > WiFi and open wpa_supplicant.conf
  • Scroll down through the text and you’ll find the WiFi pass similar to the text shown below:

 ssid="network name"



That is how you can find the password in case you’ve forgotten. Now let’s move on and learn the real method of how you can hack a WiFi router.

Hacking WiFi Password:

It is a complete step-by-step guide on how to hack a WiFi using the BackTrack Linux tool. It is a bit complicated and you need to read it a couple of times before executing it on your PC.

Step 1: First download BackTrack 5 R3 ISO. It is officially discontinued but you can download it from torrent.

Step 2: Download Linux live USB creator from ISO file. Here is the link.

Step 3: Launch the app and connect your USB to PC and make a bootable USB.

You can follow the rest of the instructions in the video tutorial:

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