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Image Taken Down Soon After Leak, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s To Feature Dual Camera Setup And Bottom Front Facing Camera

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2s launch is nearing in as just a little over two weeks remain for the device’s unveiling. Moreover, the end few days are one of the most crucial ones for the company. Leaks regarding the device’s external design and specifications are piling up and we couldn’t be more excited. Recently a leaked image of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s was posted on the internet. However, it was soon taken down.

The Mi Mix 2s will be Xiaomi’s heir to last year’s Mi Mix 2 and carries most of the design elements of the device. There were several rumors and leaks pointing that the Mi Mix 2s will reposition its front-facing camera from bottom to the top portion. However, while this approach has seen certain contradictions in other leaks, we are not really sure what we will see in the official release of the device. So let’s check the leaked image out which was taken down soon after it surfaced on the internet.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s Leaked Image Was Taken Down Soon After It Went Live, Take A Look

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s is expected to come with support for wireless charging. In terms of the camera performance, we will see an upgraded addition of a new hardware which will ensure better quality photos. That’s right, the image leaked recently suggests that the device will feature a vertical dual camera module. As the latest trend revolves around the depth feature, Xiaomi will probably be brought to its high-end devices with improved results.

Now as per earlier leaks, it was suggested that Xiaomi will be repositioning its front-facing camera to the top right corner of the device. However, the latest leak suggests that it will not be the case. The front of the device looks similar to what we already see on the Mi Mix 2. the camera is also positioned at the bottom of the display. So the fact that the image has been taken down on Weibo shows that the image does hold credibility and was taken down for a reason.

While Samsung flagships are known for its OLED displays. It seems Xiaomi is pretty happy with the LCD panels. However, there are certain drawbacks of using an LCD panel rather than an OLED one. For starters, it consumes more battery and also packs a little heft which adds to the device’s overall thickness. Nonetheless, we will see more leaks in the coming days for sure.

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