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Best Online Samsung FRP Unlock Service

Looking for the best FRP unlock service? We can instantly remove Google account from any Samsung model, including Galaxy Tablets, within 5 minutes!

All Android 14, 13, 12, and 11 security updates can be instantly bypassed remotely using a Windows PC.

You don’t have to visit a phone repair shop! We provide a remote unlock service for Samsung, Nokia, Huawei Honor, and Xiaomi phones. Unlock your phone without leaving your home within 5–10 minutes at the best price guaranteed.

Are you tired of malicious FRP bypass tools and tutorials that don’t work anymore?

Progeeksblog FRP bypass service can permanently unlock your device. So what are you waiting for?

Permanently Remove Google Account within 5 minutes!

samsung Google account unlock service

Unlock your device from Factory Reset Protection (FRP) with ease! Our service ensures a permanent solution, allowing you to regain access to your phone within a swift 5-minute process. Say farewell to the inconvenience of being locked out – opt for our efficient and reliable solution to enjoy unrestricted access to your device. Our service eliminates Google Account Verification hurdles, providing you with a seamless and quick unlocking experience. Experience the convenience of unlocking FRP permanently in just 5 minutes!​

We have tried our best to make the unlock price affordable for all our customers. However, if you think your phone model is older, then contact our support agent to give you a discount.

FRP Removal Server

PGB offers the best and fastest Samsung unlock server for all Samsung models, including the Galaxy S24 Ultra, S23 series, S22, S21 Ultra, Galaxy Note20 Ultra, Galaxy Z Fold5, 4, 3, Note10+, Note 9, Galaxy 20 Ultra, S20 Plus, S10e, S10+, S9 Plus, S8, and S7 Edge, as well as the Galaxy Tab S7, Tab A7, Tab S6, and more.


Easily remove the Google Account or FRP (Factory Reset Protection) that is associated with the device.

Why use our service?

If you’re looking for a free unlock guide, then read our ultimate guide to Samsung FRP bypass.

Order Now To Get rid of Old account

Once payment is done, you’ll receive an email confirmation from our side to install the required apps on your PC.

Lastly, a professional technician will provide live chat support to assist in unlocking your phone.

$49.99 $30.00 Limited-Time Offer (By far the best deal available anywhere!!)

How does it work?

The illustrated visual steps below exactly show how our online frp unlocking procedure works. Please read this carefully before placing your order. We do not provide any unlock codes or require an IMEI number for unlocking. Your phone will be unlocked remotely via a Windows desktop or laptop.


Order using the payment link given on this page.


Download and install the following apps on your PC.


Use the live chat option at the top-right bottom of this page, as shown in the image.


Our support agent will confirm your payment by providing your payment email address.


Finally, you’ll be provided with a Flexihub token for login and asked to connect your phone to your PC. ​


After you’ve logged in to Flexihub, you’ll be asked to provide the PC name as shown in the image.


Once that’s done, our technician will unlock your phone.


Our Samsung FRP unlock software works remotely. It is not software that you download to PC and unlock it yourself. You only download Flexihub and Samsung USB drivers on your PC, and the rest of the process is done remotely by our technician. You’ll need the following in order to remove your Google account from your Samsung Galaxy:

Your phone

USB cable

Windows PC

Internet connection

Note: Only Windows supported, No Mac or Linux system supported.

Customer Reviews

Read what our recent customers have to say about our premium Google account removal.

JD Zapata
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NO JOKE!!! These guys are freaking amazing. Not even Spectrum was able to get my phone unlocked. Go No Further, Stop here and pay for less than 5 minutes of excellent service. Buy It. Don't go anywhere else. Absolutely worth it!


You can find most answers to your questions related to our service and frp lock.

An FRP unlock service is a service that can bypass or remove the FRP lock on an Android device. This lets the user access the device without having to enter the Google account that was previously synced before a hard reset.

The cost to bypass FRP can vary depending on the device, and fees can range anywhere from $20 to $50 or more. Right now, our limited-time sale price is $25 to unlock any Samsung model. It’s also possible to find local repair shops that can do the bypass; their fees may vary depending on location.

One order can unlock only one phone or tablet. If you’ve got more devices, please contact us for discounts. We also provide a reseller program for shop owners.

All Samsung models are supported. We can unlock any phone made by Samsung, even if it is a Korean variant. We have a Samsung Worldwide Server.

After the unlock, you can add a new Google account to your phone. This time, make sure to write down your email address and password so that you can recover them easily.

Yes, you need a Windows PC and USB cable to connect your phone to the PC.

Use our FRP bypass guide or order the unlock service from this page to get your phone unlocked within minutes.

Yes, it is possible to bypass the FRP lock on a Samsung device. There are several methods that can be used to bypass the FRP lock on a Samsung device, such as using a FRP bypass tool, exploiting a software bug, or using apk files.

It is possible to unlock the FRP lock on an Android device, though the specific method for doing so can vary depending on the device and the Android version. There are many ways to get past the FRP lock, such as using a FRP unlock tool, taking advantage of a software bug, or using our unlocking solution.