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How to choose best external hard drives

Even with the advent of many innovative technological advancements like cloud storage, hard disk drives have held their ground fine. Above all storage options available hard drives prove to be more affordable, more capacious and easier to maintain. Most importantly, you do not have to pay a monthly subscription fee for storage like iCloud or […]

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Best Car Speakers 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are a rock lover or you prefer to calm your nerves with bass, it is mandatory to have good car speakers. You drive several miles, don’t you think that there should be a very decent set of speakers to make your journey enjoyable and lively? Before making our list of top rated car […]

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Best Fingerprint Door Locks 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Our editor choice for best fingerprint doorlock

Lost the keys to your apartment again? Do you keep forgetting where you keep your house keys? Well, it’s time you make life easier by investing in a Smart door lock. Fingerprint Door locks are built with advanced technology and as the name suggests, use your fingerprints to unlock the doorways. How cool is that! […]

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Best Malware Removal Apps 2018

How many of us are utterly dependent on our PCs for professional work, routine tasks and more? The answer to that is in chorus: All of us. Imagine having to lose or corrupt some sensitive data on your personal computer in the hands of ‘malicious software’ that is abbreviated as malware. Would that not be […]

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10 Best Portable Monitors 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Being a traveler, I was looking for the best portable monitors to make my tours convenient. Portable monitors serve as a boon to the travelers like me because I am annoyed carrying wires and adapters.  These devices help me to stay connected with my business wherever I go without any hassle. As the name indicates, […]

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Best Gaming Monitors 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Gaming has revolutionized the use of monitors, and the powerful tech giants have hopped into the competition once again. This ever-growing battle ultimately benefits the users since each manufacturer is keen to develop an even better Gaming monitor. People love games, but they do not know how to choose an appropriate monitor for a superior […]

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