The 10 Best Video Editing Software 2017

Video production is now booming from YouTubers to Filmmakers and vines. With the release of several video editing software, it has become a lot easier to produce high-quality videos with special effects. With hundreds of options out there for professionals, prosumer and basic, alike, what video editor is the best choice? Considering the features, compatibility, and […]

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The 10 Best Network Switches for all Your Needs

A network switch is a computer networking device that connects a different variety of Ethernet-enabled gadgets together. Most commonly by using packet switching architecture to receive, process and forward data to the desired destination. They are available with different port sizes and numerous types but generally marketed by a network switch, switching hub, bridging hub […]

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The Hottest Gadgets from CES 2017

Consumers Electronics Show or ‘CES’ is the biggest tech-related event on the planet. It is held in January every year. Different companies showcase their new products or concept products for the public to check out. These range from smartphones to cameras to cars to even washing machines and TVs. Essentially, everything even remotely related to […]

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