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How to Hard Reset a Samsung Galaxy Phone

The step-by-step guide will help you how to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy phone. This tutorial applies to all Samsung smartphones including S, N, J, and A Series models. We’ll need our phones to be wipe and factory data reset at some point. It can because you’re changing your phone and want to erase everything […]

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Download the 85 Best Fonts for Android

So you don’t like the default fonts on your Android? Or you have seen a custom font on your friend device! Well the default Android font, Roboto is not bad, I mean the overall look and size is pretty good but still you’re looking for more fonts. Don’t worry you can still install plenty of […]

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Try The NEW Method To Bypass Samsung FRP

Recently I published a post on Samsung FRP Bypass. as of that time, it was working and a number of users were able to successfully bypass the security flaw. Unfortunately… That method is not working anymore. It can work under a condition that you need to downgrade Android version installed on your device. You can […]

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3 Things To Keep In Mind Before You Hard Reset Android

It is normal to hard reset your Android device after some time or when you’re selling your smartphone. Factory resetting your Android erases everything stored on the internal storage and therefore difficult to recover it. I have written this post in order to give you a reminder before you hard reset. Because there are certain […]

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Best WiFi Password Hacker Apps 2018

Majority of users thinks it’s a lot easier to hack a WiFi password using a simple app found on Play Store. But in reality it’s not easy. I am not saying it’s impossible to hack WiFi security but it’s not that easy to do it on your Smartphone. It’s trending and a number of people […]

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How to Extract PIT File From a Samsung Galaxy

Our recent post Odin errors that mentioned a particular error, ‘There is no PIT partition error‘. Users are having issues to get PIT file to flash with stock firmware using Odin. Progeeks blog guide will help you how to extract PIT file using the terminal emulator or ADB commands so that you don’t have any […]

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