We provide our readers with the best in-depth how-to guides and tutorials for Android, iOS, and Windows. Imran Aftab, the editor in chief, is a professional phone repair technician who has been working since 2011 and has served in renowned local repair shops, so he knows how to repair and troubleshoot most smartphones, tablets, and tech gadgets.

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We strictly employ and work with authors who can provide our readers with new perspectives with complete honesty while also amusing and educating them. We employ authors who share their own ideas and experiences with our readers and are experts in their particular field. Before publication, we thoroughly vet all of our writers. Any diet or exercise plan submitted to PGB is expected to be an effective approach that yields impressive outcomes. We make sure that all the information we get is accurate and that the products our writers review are real.


Since we aim to keep our content light, personal, and engaging, it’s important that our writers provide their own unique experiences and viewpoints about the products they review, because doing so will further highlight their suitability to write about the blog subject. However, we demand that our writers also provide analysis and data to support their claims and show how their experience can benefit others by giving an example. It’s critical that our readers know what to expect at the start and what they should have learned by the end of the article.

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