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Download USB Redirector v1.9.7.exe for Remote Unlocking

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the demand for seamless connectivity across diverse devices has never been higher. One of the challenges users often face is accessing USB devices remotely. Whether it’s a printer, a scanner, or any other USB-enabled peripheral, the need to utilize these devices from a distance is a common requirement. This […]

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Download Android Platform Tools for Windows, Linux, and Mac: Latest & Older versions

Android Platform Tools are a collection of command-line tools and utilities that are designed to help developers with debugging, testing, and deploying applications on Android devices. These tools are included as part of the Android SDK (Software Development Kit), which is a set of software development tools that developers use to create and test Android […]

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Download the best offline Games for your Android phone

Smartphones have become powerful over the years. This is due to the fact that internals has been evolving year over year delivering more power with efficiency over the battery life. We are seeing console titles making their way to the mobile platform. For instance, Fortnite is now available for iOS and it delivers the same […]

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Facebook Possibly Designing Its Own Processors For Smart Devices And More

How can you permanently delete your Facebook account

Facebook might be following a similar route as Apple. While Qualcomm and Intel have their powerful share in the processor market, some companies could possibly be working to rely less on the aforementioned giants. As mentioned earlier, the social media giant, Facebook could potentially be building its own team in an attempt to build its […]

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How To Block Phone Numbers On Your Android Smartphone

Phone calls from the people you know are essential. However, there are people who would call you for absolutely no reason or no affiliation and could possibly be part of the harassment. Those calls are meant to be blocked. If you’re an Android user, irrespective of the smartphone you have, we will show you how […]

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Developers Now Have The Option To Display Up To Ten Screenshots On The App Store

Are you losing interest in an iPhone

The App Store is by far the most important aspect of iOS allowing you to derive the true experience of an operating system. Apple consistently updates the App Store in an attempt to benefit both, the app developers and users as well. This is to ensure that developers can properly market their apps and users […]

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How to find out if there is a fake Android app in the Google Play Store [Guide]

How to find out if there is a fake Android app in the Google Play Store

It comes as no surprise to see that there are lots of fake Android apps on the Google Play Store. One of them was a version of WhatsApp, where the developers posted it on the Google Play Store, and millions of people downloaded it, use it, and allow the developers to earn ad revenue, though […]

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