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10 Best CPUs for VR Gaming

Virtual reality—no two words carry that exciting “futuristic” connotation more than these. Okay, maybe the Meta-verse does. But it’s 2022, dear reader, and you probably are a giant ignoramus if you don’t have a fleeting idea of what it means. Needless to say, for video gamers, now is the best time to jump on the […]

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The 6 Best Gaming PC Under $1000

Buying a new PC can be a hassle considering every individual has his or her own specific needs. There is a plethora of specification options, graphics cards, and more. We know each one of you is looking for a PC that is best at everything – gaming, productivity, or editing. While some options can offer […]

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The 9 Best Gaming PC under 500 Budget

best gaming pc under 500

It’s tough making a decision on which gaming PC you should opt for when you only have limited bucks to spend. If it’s your first time, your decision might narrow down to specifications. We have all been there and it’s completely natural. However, there are certain prerequisites that you should keep a note of before […]

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Razer Phone 2 Specs Leak Online Via Geekbench – Mighty Performance!

Razer Phone release ignited the gaming handset category. We now see the ASUS ROG phone along with Xiaomi’s Black Shark smartphone. These gaming smartphones are designed to handle high graphics while keeping the device at optimum temperatures. However, since many Android OEMs are operating on the same idea, Razer is working on the second iteration […]

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The best graphics cards for Gaming 2019

Everyone loves sharp graphics on their PC, let it be for 4K gaming or HD video processing. Indeed this trend is engulfing all PC owners. In order to keep up with the swing, it is inevitable that you also install a graphic card to enjoy the luxury. However, I understand that you might be confused as […]

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