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    Apple iCloud Removal and Bypass Ultimate User Guide

    It is my ultimate guide to iCloud account removal and bypass guide. I will share the exact method all online account removal services provide and how you can do it without any issues. There are many resources online related iCloud activation lock those are not up-to-date or misguiding so I thought to write a dedicated […]

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    How to root Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus (Snapdragon)

    Last year, Samsung released 2 variants of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ of their flagship devices which is either powered by Snapdragon or Exynos. Mostly US, Canadian and European models are powered by Snapdragon 835. We previously published a detailed rooting guide for Exynos variants of S8 and S8 Plus. I am getting messages from […]

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    7 drones YOU can easily buy under $100

    Cheap drones under 100 are good for inexperienced pilots to improve their flying skills and then later switch to high-end drones for aerial photography. The market is flooded with drones in this price range. Depending on the needs, inexperienced pilot and income constraint, people look out for the models which could satisfy their needs at the […]

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    24 Best DJI Mavic Pro Accessories for a better experience

    Mavic Pro accessories

    Investing into Mavic Pro accessories is worth considering as it can take the Mavic experience to the next level. Accessories assist in capturing amazing shots. Though, some users settle for the basic provided in the ready-to-fly DJI consumer drone. But, purchasing some add-ons and spare parts can certainly make the Mavic experience a class apart. […]

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    DJI Mavic Pro Vs GoPro Karma

    Mavic Pro and GoPro Karma comparison

    It doesn’t matter if you are a thrill seeking life caster, an aspiring aerial photographer or any type of videographer. The market has never offered as man affordable drones before. Until the advent of GoPro Karma, drone market did not have too many worthy contenders for being the best drones in this price range. Though […]

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    Do’s and Don’ts When Flying Drones in UK

    What are Drones? Drones, in the technological context, are unmanned aircraft that are flown for various purposes. Traditionally, they were used by the military but now they have become common among the public too. The crafts may be controlled by remotes or fly according to flight plans that have been fed in their systems and […]

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    How to clean a computer monitor screen?

    PC monitor

    We all come to that time of the week when our monitor’s screen has unpleasant smudges making it difficult for us to clearly see the display. The dirt, dust and finger mark obscure the screen and proves to be distracting while you watch your favorite movies or play video games. Although these dirty smudges will […]

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