10 Best Cases for Google Pixel XL


Google’s Pixel phones proved that there’s always room for more innovation and creativity. Pixel XL being one of the most demanded smartphones is already out of stock. It’s exterior looks stunning with a premium aluminum body and a glossy piece of glass at the back. Whereas the interior can be well explored with a mighty 5.5-inch Quad-HD display, covered by Corning’s Gorilla Glass 4.

Pixel XL has every reason to fall in love with it, in no time. But make sure to protect what you love. As it has been tested that Pixel XL’s aluminum housing and the glass can get wears and tears over time. Although its build with premium materials. But a little care is highly recommended, try getting a decent case for Pixel XL.

Don’t worry about finding a perfect Pixel XL case on the market or internet anymore. Our top picks will definitely help you make a good buying choice. Go for what suits your budget and needs, as we have detailed everything about the best Google Pixel XL cases below.

1. Tauri Ultra Slim:


Along with medium protection, Tauri wants you to show off your Pixel XL with it’s clear and flexible phone case. As it’s not the time to hide a premium gadget until it’s very common. Tauri promises to cover Pixel XL so well enough that it remains just like new for a while. If you are looking for a decent scratch resistant case under $8, trust me this is the one.

It might not absorb shocks well enough, as it’s a very basic protection case. But it’s slim, light weight and the low cost made it the first choice for the majority of the Pixel XL owners.

2. Spigen Liquid Crystal:


This looks just like the previous one, but there is a significant difference in quality and price. Spigen is a well-known brand, and it’s cases are trusted for quality and durability. It’s simply clear enough to show off Pixel XL’s aluminum charm. It fits too well on the phone exposing all the necessary ports and buttons. Unlike Tauri’s Ultra Slim cases, it offers only a transparent case with no more colors.

So if you want to spend a few more dollars for better quality and protection. I suggest you to instantly grab this case for just $14.

3. Spigen Ultra Hybrid:


The bundle of maximum protection and minimal coverage of the beauty is here. Spigen Ultra Hybrid seems a standard transparent jelly case, but it offers way more protection that any other transparent cases in the market.

It’s built with premium materials, offers air cushion technology that can bear a drop quiet efficiently. It will guard the phone’s bezel against scratches quite effectively. Although it’s a bit thicker than the previous transparent cover, but it’s worth the size. Comes with an addition of just a few dollars, you can have your Spigen Ultra Hybrid for just $16.

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4. Cimo Matte Series:


It’s time to get beyond transparency and give our Pixel XL some tough and colorful cases to wear. Cimo Matte is a bit hard phone case that holds everything tight. Its semi-transparent properties makes it more thicker in size. But the additional colors add more beauty plus protection to Pixel XL.

It adds more grip in hands and to the bezels. The design fits well on all the corners very decently but remember to avoid dropping with this cover on. It’s still under $8 on Amazon and if you feel like getting a more colorful clothes for Pixel XL get it now.

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5. Maxboost mSnap:


The mSnap thin series case for Pixel XL promises a lifetime warranty for its high-quality case. No doubt it’s thick and hard to withstand small drops and offer additional grip. They claim even to have 360 protection for drops and wider bezels to safeguard the screen as well.

Pixel XL might get way too satisfied with its perfect fit. Comes in premium black, turquoise and all favorite rose gold colors. With a price tag of just $13, it is worth every penny to buy.

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6.  Spigen Rugged Armor:



Let’s add military grade protection plus premium look to Pixel XL. Spigen Rugged Armour is well known to iPhone and Samsung users. It delivers some very premium carbon fiber look to show off more than usual.

Air cushions are installed on all corners to normalize the drop effect and protect the aluminum body. It’s flexible enough to make you feel good grip in hands. The sides are well covered with rubber coat even to protect the screen usually. With a price tag of just $14, it is a must buy.

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7. Presidio Grip Case:


Coming towards a very excellent and high-quality Pixel XL case, with a price tag of $31. Presidio is well known for attention to detail. It’s like Apple Inc of mobile case market. Presidio grip offers enough durability to bear a 10 feet drop. It has been tested and is amazingly true! The shock barriers can absorb severe shocks with its dual layer technology.

The design, therefore, adds a much more classy look and very tough grip without being overweight. It will definitely give extra strength to your beloved Pixel XL. And as people know the brand by its name, there’s no shame in covering Pixel XL with Presidio Grip.

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8. Incipio Carnaby Esquire Series:


Just like Spigen or Presidio, Incipio is yet another trusted brands in phone case market. Whereas this time Incipio has gone beyond the limits of creativity. It’s cases for Google Pixel XL are very sexy, especially the Esquire series with a premium cotton material covering the back.

It yields so much more elegance compared to a naked Pixel XL that it is totally worth covering. It not only adds more class but also gives more strength to a Pixel XL. There is an additional ability to bear shocks from drops and bumps. And who wouldn’t love that?

Incipio Esquire is priced at $27 and comes in three unique colors, black, gray and olive. And I seriously love em all, are YOU?


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9. Google Photos Live Case:


Google added something more delicious to the Pixel world. Now you can actually make custom Google Pixel XL cases very simply. Custom cases are not a new thing anymore, but what’s better than having them from Google itself. To create a live case, navigate to photos live case the link below and drag the photo you might want to add.

You can create a live map or even an art case that seems pretty. Although it’s fun but remember the case is not good enough to bear drops frequently. It fits just right as you want but all it does is adding extra value for a few more dollars.

Make a Live Photo Case Now

10. Tauri Leather Case:


So you love being organized? Tauri will deliver it’s leather wallet case along with a stand. This will definitely put things in one place. The material quality is moderate, but the price tag is low enough i.e. $10. This will protect from wears and tears quite nicely. Even drops won’t matter much if the flap is closed.

As most people consider XL a phablet, they are happier to have it covered with something like Tauri’s leather wallet.

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We hope you have chosen the best suited Google Pixel XL case already, but have you already ordered one? Do let us know in the comments below. 

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