Best Custom ROMs for Android to try in 2023

As an Android user, you’re likely aware of the platform’s unmatched flexibility and customizability. One way we, the tinkerers, take this to the next level is through custom ROMs. For the uninitiated, custom ROMs are modified versions of Android that can be installed on your device. They bring unique features, improved performance, and can often breathe new life into aging devices. In this post, we’ll explore some of the most popular custom ROMs in 2023.

What to Consider When Choosing a Android ROM

Before we dive into the specific ROMs, let’s discuss the key factors to consider when choosing a custom ROM:

  • Device compatibility: Not all ROMs support all devices. Make sure your device is supported by the ROM.
  • ROM features: Different ROMs offer different features. Choose one that aligns with your needs.
  • Stability and performance: Check the user feedback about stability and performance.
  • Developer support and community: ROMs with active development and a large user base usually provide a better experience.

Most Popular Custom ROMs in 2023

Looking for the Best Android custom ROMs 2023? Look no further, we have compiled list of the best Android ROMs available for a variety of brands including Pixel, Samsung, Xiami, Oppo, OnePlus and more. Here’s a list of the most popular custom ROMs in 2023:

1. LineageOS 20

LineageOS is the direct successor of the legendary CyanogenMod. Its main draw is the perfect balance it maintains between a lean, fast, bloat-free system and a feature set that’s rich enough for most users. It stands out with its robust privacy guard feature, LiveDisplay for screen color adjustment, and built-in root access. Its wide device support and regular updates make it the most reliable choice for many.

In 2023, LineageOS still stands as a champion of privacy, performance, and device support.

  • Pros: Stability, frequent updates, wide device support
  • Cons: Might lack some fancy features
  • User feedback: The user community widely appreciates its balance of features and performance.

Installation Guide for Pixel 7 and Pixel 6 series: If you want to install this custom ROM on your Google Pixel then here is the step-by-step installation guide for Pixel 7 and Pixel 6 series.

2. Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience aims to deliver the clean and elegant feel of Google’s Pixel phones. What differentiates it from other ROMs is the fact that it provides the entire Google Pixel experience – including the launcher, icons, fonts, and even the boot animation. It also includes Pixel’s Live Wallpapers and always-on display features. This ROM is a perfect choice for users looking for simplicity and elegance, along with reliable performance.

  • Pros: Clean UI, consistent performance
  • Cons: Limited customization options
  • User feedback: Users love the simplicity and stability.

3. Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android has a long-standing reputation for bringing innovative features to the table, often copied by other ROMs and even stock firmware. Paranoid Android is known for its unique “Halo” notifications, “Pie” navigation system, and immersive mode for full-screen applications. In 2023, it continues to surprise users with even more creative features and a beautifully designed user interface.

  • Pros: Innovative features, beautiful design
  • Cons: Device support is not as wide as other ROMs
  • User feedback: Its unique features have attracted a loyal user base.

4. Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix is well-loved for its plethora of customization options. Every conceivable part of the interface can be tweaked, themed, or rearranged. In addition to its own unique features, it integrates the best features from other major ROMs. From status bar tweaks, navigation bar mods, to animations controls, Resurrection Remix truly offers a “remixed” experience of all the best elements.

  • Pros: High level of customization, balanced performance
  • Cons: Can be overwhelming for new users
  • User feedback: Users enjoy the customization options and active developer support.

5. ArrowOS

ArrowOS isn’t just a shot in the dark. It’s an Android ROM acclaimed for its focus on delivering a neat, clean, and bloatware-free experience to its users. The “Customizations” section in settings is filled with meaningful tweaks and features that help you optimize your device performance without compromising the minimalist approach. Even though it comes with a sleek design and fewer features than some, it still ensures a stable, fast, and reliable Android experience, demonstrating that sometimes, less is indeed more.

Pros: Clean, bloat-free design, focus on performance, and reliable stability.

Cons: Fewer customization options, compatibility with selected devices.

User feedback: Users appreciate its clean and fast experience, though some wish for more extensive customization options.

6. Evolution X

Evolution X isn’t just a nod to Darwin. It’s a user-praised ROM famous for its strikingly Pixel-like experience combined with extensive customization options under the “Evolver” section. You get live wallpapers, icons, fonts, boot animations, and more – all bundled with a remarkably smooth performance. Indeed, Evolution X exemplifies the survival of the fittest.

Pros: Pixel-like aesthetics, superior performance, customization options, and consistent updates.

Cons: Limited device compatibility, potential bugs, warranty void, and the requirement for rooting.

User feedback: Users sing praises for the Pixel-like experience and customization options that this ROM offers, even though occasional bugs after major updates do create some buzz.

How to Install a Custom ROM

Let’s briefly go over the process of installing a custom ROM. But first, the usual warnings: Unlocking your bootloader and flashing ROMs have inherent risks. Always back up your data, and proceed at your own risk.

  1. Unlock the bootloader: Every device has a different process, so search for a guide specific to your device.
  2. Install a custom recovery: TWRP is the most popular one. Use the Fastboot command fastboot flash recovery [recovery.img] to install it.
  3. Flash the custom ROM: Download the ROM and GApps package (if necessary), move them to your device, boot into recovery, and flash the files. Make sure to wipe your device appropriately to avoid issues.


Custom ROMs are a great way to take full control of your Android device. Whether you’re after a pure Android experience or endless customization options, there’s a ROM for you. Remember to do your research, backup your data, and most importantly, have fun exploring the wonderful world of custom ROMs!


Before you jump into flashing a new ROM, spend some time on the official websites and forums. You’ll learn more about each ROM, get to know the community, and find detailed guides to help you along the way.

  1. LineageOS: Visit the official website and the community on XDA Developers.
  2. Pixel Experience: Visit the official website and the community on XDA Developers.
  3. Paranoid Android: Visit the official website and the community on XDA Developers.
  4. Resurrection Remix: Visit the official website and the community on XDA Developers.
  5. ArrowOS: Visit the official website and the community on XDA Developers.
  6. Evolution X: Visit the official website and the community on XDA Developers.
  7. TWRP Recovery: Visit the official website and the community on XDA Developers.

Note: Always remember that flashing custom ROMs involves risk, including potentially voiding your device warranty. Always proceed with caution and at your own risk.

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