Ultimate list of 27 best Kodi addons and plugins 2017

Do you want a home theater for free? Are you ready to stream media from different sources? Kodi is the open-source software that brings entertainment to your home. It enables you to enjoy videos, TV programs, movies, live TV, sports, Android features, and much more. All you have to do is install it and enjoy whatever you like. If you find the term “Xbox Media Centre (XBMC)” somewhere, it’s the same thing because it was originally designed for Microsoft Xbox and was named after it. In this article, we have prepared a categorized list of the best Kodi addons of 2017.

Well yes, the Kodi add-ons are free to use, but some of them are also paid and requested to be streamed from subscription services. Whether you chose a free kodi or a paid one, I advise you to get a sound VPN while streaming videos. Why am I suggesting this? There are two reasons. First, subscription services are country-specific, meaning they are functional only in individual countries. Second, streaming videos and movies expose your Internet IP address to other Torrent users, so there isn’t any security. A VPN takes care of both of these issues and enables streaming for you irrespective of your location and hides your Internet address.

Most Popular Kodi Addons 2017

Kodi (XBMC free open source media player)

Before moving to a categorized list of the best Kodi add-ons, let’s talk about Exodus- a Kodi addon that became hugely popular in March 2017. No other addon could even come close to Exodus when research took place. It was concluded after a Facebook survey that 80% users prefer Exodus over any other addon. Upon asking reasons of preference, people said they find the updated library pretty useful that contains the latest movies and shows. You can also find several interesting documentaries, animated memes, and a lot more in its library.

Since there are different users of Kodi, it is important to categorize all the add-ons. Maybe some of you are interested in watching videos while others are looking for sports kodi. Let’s have a look at the best Kodi add-ons of 2017.

The Best Live TV Kodi Addons

1. Tune-In Radio

If you love live radio broadcast rather than music on-demand, then Tune-In Radio is the best add-on for you. When you install it on Kodi, it brings multiple radio channels to your fingertips. Not just the music, you can also listen to the news, sports update, and debates with this addon.


2. UKTV Again

It is a worth-trying addon for Android users. The UKTV Again is the latest version of UKTVNow where you can enjoy several UK-based channels including Bravo, CNN, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, ABC, CW, and others. This addon is much better both in quality and speed as compared to others.


3. USTVNow Plus

It’s just like the UKTV Now. The only difference is that you have access to the US-based channels with this addon. It offers seven key channels including CW, ABC, Fox, My TV, CBS, PBS, and CW. However, you need a subscription from its official website for using it. Also, streaming requires registration by simply signing up to the website. However, make sure you enter your email address since it doesn’t accept any social media registration.


4. BBC iPlayer

Do you like to remain updated with the world around you? With this addon, you can have access to the BBC’s live streaming and their on-demand content. Don’t worry about slow working or buffering issues because streaming comes directly from the BBC’s official website. However, there is a limitation. Users outside the UK don’t have access to this addon, and even the UK natives need a TV license to get it.


The Best Video Kodi Addons

5. YouTube

YouTube is the largest video-sharing website in the world. How can Kodi neglect YouTube and don’t dedicate an addon to it? With this addon, you can add or delete a video, subscribe to a channel, or search for location-specific fields. Also, it offers you an “Advanced Search” feature that will filter out videos for you and saves your time.


6. Reddit.com

It is a huge community that hosts tons of videos on a daily basis. Users with similar interest can also interact with each other because it contains categories of different topics. After installing this addon, you can play, search, add, or delete the videos of your choice.


7. CNET Podcasts

It contains tutorial videos on how to use different technological gadgets. All those tech lovers, it is an easy way of keeping yourself updated with the latest trends and modifications in the technological world.


The Best TV Addons

Living room, TV,

8. Exodus

No addon can beat Exodus. It was developed by Lambda who is famous for Genesis. To be honest, it is an advanced version of Genesis. All the features and interface are the same, but a little modified. Despite its popularity, there are some limitations it holds. Even though it has an updated library, it lacks features of favorites and library addition. And, it works only with Kodi V15, so if your system doesn’t support it, you will have to update it accordingly. I have told enough about exodus earlier, so let’s move on to the next one now.



Stream All The Sources (SALTS) is also a popular add-on that enables you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies. It supports Real Debrid- a fantastic host that brings cinema to your home by offering high-quality video streaming. So, you don’t have to worry about the quality of a video. The video quality is rated as high, low, medium, and HD; it’s up to you whatever you choose. It shows multiple quality links to the popular shows and movies. Unlike Exodus, your watched list isn’t lost here due to the Trakts support and the presence of library integration.


10. 1Channel Primewire

Available in the Fusion repository, 1Channel Primewire is yet another fantastic option of enjoying TV shows and movies. Even though it’s been blocked in a few countries including the UK, it can be accessed through a VPN. The owners of SALTS and 1Channel Primewire are the same, and it was named as LetMeWatchThis earlier, which was later changed into 1Channel Primewire. There are thousands of movies and TV shows links in this addon, but I can’t guarantee you the quality because users upload videos here.


11. Velocity

It is also found in the Fusion repository and is another addon where you can access thousands of TV shows and movies. The BlazeTimers are the owners of both Velocity and Phoenix. Real Debrid support is present in this addon, and it brings content from authentic sources including GVIDEO which streams video at 1080p. So, video quality is guaranteed. It also supports Trakt integration so your watch list is saved every time you make an addition and can be accessed later when you want.


12. Phoenix

You must abhor traditionally imposed limits since we live in a modern world where every one of us faces time constraints. What’s more exciting than finding the movies and shows off your interest any time you want? Phoenix is one of the options that you can add to your Kodi and stream your favorites. Searching and watching are made easy for users by providing a massive list of streams. You can find thousands of links in each list, be it for shows, movies, or sports.


13. Yahoo! Weather

Keeping weather check is an important part of our lives. Therefore, the Kodi add-ons have taken care of this fact as well, and with this Yahoo weather service, you can know the weather forecast for your location. There are other competitors of this addon including Oz Weather, Weather China, and Met Office.


14. Watch 1080p

I know how irritating it is for you to tolerate a low-quality video. Watch 1080p addon also understands this. You can find this addon in the Metal Kettle repository. Don’t be surprised if you find a few 480p videos here, most of them are either 720p or 1080p that work best. Searching movies is even easier with this addon since it has categorized them as per popularity, year, genre, etc. Also, there’s a search option where you can directly type the name and enter. There are all sorts of movies available in this here including English, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, etc.


15. HEVC VideoClub

Do you have a slow Internet connection, but you want to enjoy high-quality videos? HEVC VideoClub brings famous TV shows and movies in the compressed format. The videos are supported even with lower MBs. Not only HD, but you can also find 3D videos in this addon. Go to the Xunity repository and find it.


The Best Sports Addons

football, soccer, stadium

No matter how big a sports fan you are, sometimes you miss your favorite match due to your job or other reasons. Install the following add-ons to your Kodi and have access to all the matches you want.

16. NBC Sports Live Extra

You can enjoy live sports with this addon. Also, you can replay and highlight any event you like. However, keep in mind that you will need a subscription from the NBC cables. Isn’t it amazing that you can watch your favorite match in HD playback?


17. Stream Engine

Due to its ultra-quality services, it’s also called Way to Non-Stop Entertainment. This addon is unique with well-managed sports, movies, and TV shows links. You can access various sports channels including ESPN, NBA TV, and Sky Sports. The users get a premium entertainment experience with this addon.


18. Sports Devil

Are you looking for live sports shows that you usually miss? Sports Devil brings all the sports shows for you including the famous NFL. You will find this addon in SuperRepo repository. Be it the latest sports update or your favorite event of wrestling, boxing, or UFC, Sports Devil streams all for you. Also, you can find cricket, basketball, football, baseball, and hockey events in this addon. All type of video quality is availably ranging from low to high.


19. cCloud TV

The links available in this add-on are in different languages broadcasting from various countries. It is a cloud-based add-on that provides channels from all over the world. The users can watch documentaries, sports, and news with this addon. Since your main concern is watching sports, I hope language doesn’t concern you much.


20. FTV

It’s a UK based addon that has a huge library build on demand. The library has different categories including sports, comedy, horror, and a lot more. It is a complete package of entertainment, but if you want to use the recording feature, it requires a FilmOn account.


21. Sanctuary

You can watch a lot of movies and videos with this addon. Even though it is an entertainment add-on that enables you to browse the latest movies and TV shows via reliable channels such as Sky, Freesat, Freeview, and Virgin XL, it brings a lot more for sports fans as well. Especially the football lovers can enjoy the live football streaming of BT Sports and Sky Sports HD.


Some Other Add-ons

There are a few more add-ons for Android users that enable users to access online entertainment sources. Here are some of the Android-specific add-ons that you can’t access elsewhere.

  • Addon installer for Kodi
  • iStream
  • NAN Tutorial
  • Football Repeat

Similarly, some add-ons enable you to enjoy pay-per-view (PPV). Here’re the two best PPV addons

  • VidTime
  • Zen

Finally, there are thousands of add-ons for kodi, and this is what I found worthy of being the best. But our list of best kodi addons does not end here and I would like you to contribute to making it the best list on the web. So don’t forget to share your favorite addon in the comment section below.

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