6 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers with Amazon Alexa 2018

Even though Apple’s Siri is pretty great and all, it is strictly limited to its own ecosystem. In the same category, Amazon’s Alexa has made its name in terms of one of the best digital assistants on the market. Amazon has clearly bestowed us with some speakers that feature built-in Alexa digital assistant, it does not necessarily have to be mounted on a table and always plugged in. There are quite a handful of third-party portable speakers with Alexa digital assistant.

Moreover, if portability is your thing, then there are extensive categories of companies which will fulfill your purpose of owning an Alexa-powered speaker. There are various uses of owning a portable speakers with Alexa and if it is powered by a digital assistant, that’s just more than what you asked for. For instance, if you want to turn the lights on and your wall-plugged speaker is in another room, then you will just have to shout your lungs out. Having portable speakers with Alexa means you can carry it around and put it anywhere. Also, you can take it outstation on an adventure as well.

Best Portable Speakers With Alexa – Each With Its Own Set Of Features

There is a boatload of other commands that you can ask a digital assistant to do it for you such as changing the music, turning on or off a specific compatible device and much more. So the notion of owning an Alexa-powered portable speaker is justified. If you’re looking for such a product and don’t want to hurt your wallet getting one, then you have definitely come to the right place. We have compiled a list of best portable speakers that you can buy right now which also supports Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant. Check them out below.

1. Amazon Tap

If we’re talking about built-in Alexa then why not look someplace which is familiar with it. That’s right, the Amazon Tap is a miniature version of the Amazon Echo. It requires Wi-Fi to run die to Alexa integration. Even if you don’t have Wi-Fi available readily, the Amazon Tap still acts as a great BlueTooth speaker.

If you want Alexa straight from its parent company, then Amazon Tap is the way to go. Moreover, the price of the speaker is pretty decent coming in at just $99. If you’re interested in buying it, you can do so from the link provided below.

Buy Amazon Tap From Amazon

2. Fabriq’s Portable Speaker

Portability and digital assistant is good,  but if you want to add a little style to your collection or want the speaker to blend with your ambiance, then the portable speaker with Alexa from Fabriq is what you need. Fabriq portable speaker with Alexa capabilities bring stylish design aesthetics to the table.

The portable speaker with Alexa is really small but packs a punch when it comes to sound quality. As the name of the company suggests, Fabriq has a design that involves fabricated material over the necessary speaker hardware. It requires Wi-Fi for Alexa accessibility and also features an option to daisy chain speakers together. They can be bumped all the way up to 10 units. So if you’re a party fanatic, Fabriq’s portable speaker really does work the charm. The portable speaker with Alexa capability comes at cheap, only $50. So if you’re getting one, you can also make your friends get one as well.

Buy Fabriq’s Portable Speaker From Amazon

3. UE Boom 2

UE Boom 2 is one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market. Even though it has a small form factor, it packs a sound loud and punchier than its bigger kind. This makes the speaker perfect for travel and outdoor adventure. The best part about the UE Boom 2 is that it is fully waterproof, unrestricting the bounds where you can take with you. You can also pair it with another UE speaker to create a stereo sound.

Above all, it features Amazon Alexa digital assistant which makes it even more desirable. However, the only caveat associated with it is that you have to tao on the BlueTooth button to say a command. For many users, this would not be an issue. The always-on functionality for Alexa is absent, but that would not be an issue compared to the sound quality that you’re getting.

Apart from this, it is also worth noting that you only have the option available to adjust music playback settings and volume of the track playing in the background. The UE Boom 2 does not allow you to control other devices such as lights on products that support Alexa capabilities. Nonetheless, this would not be a deal breaker for many. Nonetheless, it is only supported by  Android devices.

The UE Boom 2 portable speaker with Alexa capabilities will cost you $86.50, which isn’t quite bad compared to the competition.

Buy The UE Boom 2 From Amazon

4. UE Megaboom

If you loved the UE Boom 2, then there is no better choice than to stick with the same company. However, the company also has another premium Bluetooth speaker with Amazon Alexa capabilities that you should know of. The UE Megaboom offer much of the same features as that of the UE Boom 2. However, it has certain perks on its own as well. The UE Megaboom has a much bigger sound.

Apart from just the sound quality, you also get a much bigger battery life. This is one of the most important factors to look in a portable Bluetooth speaker. If you’re an outgoing person then the UE Megaboom is the one you need. This is due to the fact that it covers two one of the most important features – the sound quality as well as the battery life.

If you’re interested in getting the UE Megaboom, you should also know that the portable speaker with Alexa also comes with its dedicated app that lets you do more than just minor tinkering. You have the option given to you to adjust equalization settings from your smartphone. However, the speaker controls will only let you control music playback settings and the volume of the track. Moreover, you will have to tap on the Bluetooth button to activate it.

UE Megaboom will be available to you at a little more price than the UE Boom 2 coming at just $124.

Buy The UE Megaboom From Amazon

5. MK Alexa Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

If style is your thing then you should definitely go with the MK Alexa Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. It packs a unique design with a punchy color. In addition to this, it features a 2,200 mAh battery which makes it destined to be the star of every outdoor event. The MK Alexa has the capability of playing music with up to 6 hours. Despite its large battery capacity, it only requires 3 to 4 hours of charge time to reach from 0 to 100.

Apart from this, this portable speaker with Alexa lets you use it to listen to your music, ask it about the weather, control your home appliances that support it and even order a pizza. It’s basically an all in one package and a must-have for music lovers. Since the battery life is great, you will also get a much better result in terms of sound quality.

If you’re interested in getting it, you can get your hands on the MK Alexa Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for just $109.

Buy The MK Alexa Wireless Bluetooth Speaker From Amazon

6. Fabriq Chorus

We have another Fabriq branded Bluetooth speaker with us in here that lives up to its potential. Shaped like a cylinder can, the Fabriq Chorus is covered in stylish soft fabric with a catchy texture. However,, do not let its look deceive you, it packs in some serious hardware like the dual 8-watt precision speakers that offers crisp and punchy sound quality with a solid bass at any given volume. Just as the other Fabriq speaker, the Chorus can also be connected to 10 additional Fabriq speakers. This will ensure great sound quality and a stereo experience for you.

Just like the MK Alexa, Fabriq Chorus will also deliver up to 8 hours of playback time. In addition to this, the Fabriq Chorus is also powered by Amazon Alexa and it will allow you to accomplish most of the tasks that you can achieve with the MK Alexa. However, Fabriq is priced a little less than what you would see with the MK Alexa.

If you’re interested, you can get buy the Fabriq Chorus wireless Bluetooth speaker with Alexa capabilities for just $100. This also makes it a worthy opponent when compared to other portable speakers with Alexa on the list.

Fabriq Chorus From Amazon

Conclusion And Upcomings

There are a whole lot of other options available in the market as well. However, we have chosen the one that delivers the best sound quality compared to its price. In addition to this, while there are some other good options as well, we strictly wanted to limit to only Alexa digital assistant. This is due to the fact that we also have portable speaker options that incorporate or houses the Google Assistant, which some users do not prefer over Alexa. Nonetheless, we will make a separate list of portable speakers which are powered by the Google Assistant.

That’s all there is to it people. if you’re interested, you can just dive right into the provided links and get the product that better fits your needs. We will update the post or make a separate one for more products like these so be sure to keep a lookout for it.

Share your thoughts on which one of these portable Bluetooth speakers with Alexa is the best one for you? Do you prefer one over the other or have an experience which will let you make the decision? Let us know.

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