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Download the best offline Games for your Android phone

Smartphones have become powerful over the years. This is due to the fact that internals has been evolving year over year delivering more power with efficiency over the battery life. We are seeing console titles making their way to the mobile platform. For instance, Fortnite is now available for iOS and it delivers the same […]

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How To Block Phone Numbers On Your Android Smartphone

Phone calls from the people you know are essential. However, there are people who would call you for absolutely no reason or no affiliation and could possibly be part of the harassment. Those calls are meant to be blocked. If you’re an Android user, irrespective of the smartphone you have, we will show you how […]

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Some Galaxy S9 And S9+ Devices Are Having Chunks Of Dead Zones On The Display

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 duo smartphones launched to the general public a few weeks ago. The internet took the reviews by storm, calling it out some of its best and worst features. In our view, the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+ are the company’s best Galaxy smartphones yet. While the Bixby virtual assistant was not […]

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Possibly The Galaxy Note 9 Will Be Announced Earlier As Firmware Development Already In Process

The latest unveiling from Samsung is its flagship smartphone of the year, the Galaxy S9 and its bigger version the Galaxy S9+. While the devices have featured positive reviews throughout its time, it has also faced criticism regarding specific aspects of the device. For instance, Bixby is the same old virtual assistant with little or […]

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The Official PUBG Mobile Game Is Now Available Globally On iOS And Android – Download Here

Console games are fun and all, but you can’t really carry them in your pocket all the time. Moreover, mobile games aren’t that high-end either which could compensate the console or PC class. We recently covered the arrival of Fortnite on iOS, which was a welcome addition to the platform. Now, the trend has seemed […]

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New Leak Shows Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s Camera Capabilities – Better Than The Galaxy S9?

Xiaomi is one of the companies which is gradually picking up the pace in the tech industry. From notebooks to smartphones and other products, the company is getting highly competitive. One of the hottest news these days is related to the company’s upcoming flagship smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s which will be the successor […]

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Galaxy S9+ Vs iPhone X – Speed Test Compares App Load Time, Network And More [Video]

Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S9 and S9+ last month. While the design of the device is kept pretty much the same compared to its last year’s iteration of the device, it does pack in some serious power and new features. The upgrades were made in the camera department, the refined external design of the handset, […]

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