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Sketchy Report Suggests The iPhone SE 2 To Launch In September With Face ID But Design Still Not Final

After the buzz of iPhone X is over, we are already hearing details on what the next iPhone will have in store for users. However, we are not expecting a single iPhone this year, but three of them if news from the popular Ming-Chi Kuo is to be taken seriously. Over the past weekend, we are hearing details on a new handset from Apple, the iPhone SE 2 which will feature an iPhone X-like design. The renders clearly show the notch at the front.

Now, a new report has appeared from Mac Otakara has shared more details on the device. The information is based on details from Chinese case manufacturers and indicates that the iPhone SE 2 has not entered its production phases as of yet. This is due to the fact that the device is not said to launch in the second half of the year.

iPhone SE 2 To Launch In September Instead of May

As we have mentioned earlier, the iPhone SE 2 will not be launched in May. Instead, it will be debuted alongside this year’s flagship devices from Apple, the iPhone X and iPhone X Plus along with another 6.1-inch iPhone in Q3 of this year. The time frame of the device is the same in which Apple releases its flagship every year.

Over the past few weeks, we have covered the iPhone SE 2 design aesthetics from case makers and more. However, the report claims that Apple has still not finalized its design for the iPhone SE 2. At this stage, the company is testing a number of prototypes of the handset but there has been no word on which it will go with and whether the one we are familiar with is something to be considered as legit. However, the final decision rests with Apple and time.

A tempered screen protector manufacturer has suggested that Apple is currently testing three prototypes of the iPhone SE 2. While of the prototypes come without a Home button, there a notch present at the front that resembles the iPhone X.

While there have been numerous leaks and rumors regarding the handset, there is no solid proof that the device exists. Even if Apple is planning a Q# launch in this year for the iPhone SE 2, the time frame that Apple has not yet finalized the design is not convincing enough. We will shed more light on the upcoming handset as soon as we hear more details. Share your insights on the matter in the comments.

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