10 Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Plus

You might have ordered S8 or S8 Plus by now. Or maybe You have it right in your hand. Don’t tell me You love it because I’m loving it too. BUT WAIT, have you covered it with a case yet?

If it’s a Yes or even No, we have already served hours to find and some more hours to present You with the best cases for Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. And we hope. You’ll find what You need below!

Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

Before making our final list of Best cases for Galax S8 Plus we did hours of research to find the best possible currently available in the market that features cases from almost every category; Durable, Fashionable, Wallet case and more.

1. LK Ultra Slim

Who doesn’t show off the latest flagships? Especially when it’s an S8 or S8 plus! But You don’t have to keep it naked all the time. Because a clear case will make it visually premium along with standard protection.That’s why LK’s clear and slim case is a must-have accessory, even if you are buying more cases below. Although it won’t add military grade protection but is enough to fight scratches, and keep it brand new.

Built with high-quality TPU rubber, it fits too well on both the Galaxies. I heard from an S7 user that it adds better grip and button controls as compared to a coverless phone. And what’s better than four colors to choose from? (Transparent, Black, Purple, Green).

It’s more like a beginner’s case for a smartphone but has everything that pricey Clear covers offer. So You shouldn’t wait for Christmas and get one shipped to your place for around $8.

2. Spigen Ultra Hybrid S

So You want to keep it clear but well protected? Well, this cover has been very popular for the all the flagships in the past. We can depict that it would be the same for S8 and S8 Plus. Because Spigen promises protection and durability in the clearest way.

We are headed to military grade drop protection, thanks to Air Cushion Technology. It’s built with the highest quality TPU rubber to bear shocks and bumps aggressively. There’s even a metal kickstand that takes it ahead of the competition.

You’ll get it shipped for around $16, and it will remain as clear as new forever!

3. Caseology Parallax Series

Ohh I forgot that S8 could be recognized even if the back is fully covered. Thank You, Samsung for the infinity display. Let’s cover the entire cosmetics with better materials offered by Caseology.

The Parallax series offers modern design and is an Award-winning case. Let’s not discuss the built quality, but the geometric patterns and the overall design says it all. It even topped in the “Feel to Hold” test for smartphone cases.

For protection against scratches, shocks, and drops, the Air Cushions and dual layer gets You covered. And it all comes in around $18, shipped!

4. Tessera [KEVLAR]

Looking for the sexiest case for Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus? Kevlar case by Tessera is all that You need! It’s the new cool in town, and everyone is falling in love with it. Because nobody has ever seen a case that isn’t only luxurious but offers high-end protection as well.

I can’t figure out, how Tessera designed the thinnest dual layered case! Along with premium carbon fiber at the back and stunning bumper frames! And what’s better than four different bumper colors to choose from? (Gold, Navy, Silver, Rose Gold)

The best part is that all these protection and looks are under $10. That’s all why I won’t wait for Black Friday to grab this insane deal!

5. Incipio Esquire Series

Ahh, another sexy case for Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. But this time it’s from a highly reputable brand in the casing game. Incipio doesn’t compromise on the design and quality of materials. That’s what make it’s smartphone cases soo pricey.

Cost apart, nobody is offering such premium class cosmetics. Whereas Esquire series isn’t new and we do that know only fashionable users with elegance are buying these cases.

The premium cotton material at the back offers Black, Blue, Grey, and Olive color options. Along with military grade shock and drop protection. But like I said, it’s around $30 and totally worth every penny!

6. Speck Presidio Grip

If You can’t hold it tight, Speck promises that S8 will stick to your hand, no matter what. Because the Presidio Grip case ensures ultimate protection along with limited lifetime warranty.

It’s 10-Foot drop tested and there’s even a patented raised-bezel protection. Whereas the robust design is right in front of You. Offering unique color options for all the buyers.

So, no-slip, raised-bezel guard, and robust design is where we are headed. Packed with a pricey tag of around $40. Having an S8 isn’t a big thing, but having it covered by such a luxury is!

7. X-Doria Defense Sheild

Let’s add true military-grade protection to S8. Offered by X-Doria with its aluminum exterior frame and soft rubber interior. It will guard the entire phone, all from back to the infinity display.

Being MIL-STD-810 tested, it ensures durability a basic necessity. Whereas the raised bezels will prevent the screen from shattering easily. Comes in Black, Iridescent, and Rose Gold colors.

You won’t need screwdrivers to install it, but You will surely need around $25 to grab it. That’s quite cheap for ultimate protection of Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus.

8. OtterBox Defender Series

OtterBox is the King of protection for any flagship smartphone. I bet You do know that and luckily it’s out for S8 and the S8 plus. And this time it’s even better.

OtterBox redesigned the Defender for S8, due to the curved screen. Whereas the multiple layers and highest quality materials will guard for 24/7.

All your adventures are gonna be the safest with Defender case. Either it’s a 10-foot drop or a heavy shock, even if it’s dust or water, You are well covered for around $60.

9. Samsung S-View Flip Cover

Can I call it a smart case for S8 or S8 Plus? Because it offers instant access to critical S8 features with the flip closed. Built with great quality and offers so much more than 3rd part S8 cases.

Samsung made it easier to perform basic tasks without even opening the flip. And luckily we got matching Black, Silver, Blue and Grey color options to choose from.

There’s a lot more that You can do with S-View. And this accessory can be shipped for around $50 anytime at Your place.

10. MaxBoost Wallet Case

Finally, we have the ultimate wallet case for S8 and S8 Plus. Offered by Maxboost, it will take good care of all your wallet stuff. And luckily it isn’t as huge or heavy as other cases in the market.

It will guard the back and screen nicely but isn’t meant for ultimate protection. The cutouts are precise enough to control S8 hassle free. Built with quality leather and machine stitched for perfection.

We got three perfect color options to choose from; the Black for professional men, the green, and pink for all the women who hate carrying a bag. Just for around $15 along with a lifetime warranty, it’s a perfect deal, isn’t it?

Have You selected and ordered the best case for S8 or S8 Plus? We hope You did it, but even if You can’t make a choice, go ahead and let us know in the comments below!

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