The 6 Best Gaming PC Under $1000

best gaming pc under 1000Buying a new PC can be a hassle considering every individual has his or her own specific needs. There is a plethora of specification options, graphics cards, and more. We know each one of you is looking for a PC that is best at everything – gaming, productivity, or editing. While some options can offer enhanced CPU performance, others offer lower RAM or even a not so efficient integrated GPU. The integration between each of the aforementioned aspects is a tricky situation as it’s hard to reach a balance to create an ultimate PC that just does everything.

If you’re looking to get into the race and have a thousand dollars to spend, we have compiled a list of best gaming pc under 1000 which you can choose from. If you have got a budget under 500 then checkout best budget gaming pc under 500.

Best Gaming PCs under $1000

With that much money to spend, there are several options that are a pioneer in every category whether it’s gaming, managing workflows, or anything that engages tickles the GPU. If it is your first time choosing a PC and have spent your previous years’ gaming on a console, it might be the perfect time to switch as there are a handful of AAA gaming titles that are exclusive to the PC.

If that’s so, we are here to help you make that decision for you. Choosing the best option is a tricky situation as you’re not sure. So we have compiled the list of PCs that are best at what they do and can run any game that is available on the market right now.

In addition, there is a bevy of other aspects that you should also keep a note of before choosing what PC to get. This is due to the fact that while overclocking provides users with immense power to bolster their tasks, heat dissipation is definitely a problem. So all of these aspects should be considered before you make your next purchase. Furthermore, a solid-state drive is always our first preference for enhanced read and write speeds which further boosts games and app launch times. This is what we are here for, to make it easier for you to decide which option is best considering the needs and requirements that you have. Now, let’s get down to the list.

1. SkyTech Siege – Gaming Computer


Specs Overview:

ProcessorAMD RYZEN 5 1500X 4-Core 3.5 GHz (3.7 GHz Turbo)
MotherboardHigh Performance & Grade Quality X370
Video CardNvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
MemoryG.Skill Ripjaws 16GB DDR4 2400
Power Supply600 Watt 80 PLUS Certified Power Supply
Second HDD1 TB 7200 RPM Hard Disk
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 10 Home
CaseCougar Panzer Computer Case with Transparent Tempered Glass

SkyTech Siege is a solid option if you’re getting your first PC. We call it a solid option because under a thousand dollars you get a liquid cooling system which isn’t present on most of the machines out there that fall under the same price tag or even a little higher. The addition of a cooling system means that there’s room for upgrade. This also states that the machine is future-proof if you want to add more bits to boost performance.

As for what’s powering the machine is an AMD Ryzen 5 1500X processor that clocks at 3.5 GHz and turbo boosts up to 3.7 GHz at times of need using AMD’s Turbo Boost Technology. If benchmarks are what you base your judgment on, it ranks better than some Intel Core-i7 CPUs. So you know what ballpark it falls under considering the price since the Core-i7 CPUs are priced higher.

In terms of graphics performance, the SkyTech Siege features Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti – a standard for modern games. Even though there are better options available in terms of the graphics card, it’s the best you can get under a thousand bucks conjoined with the aforementioned processors from AMD and Intel. For a clearer reference, you will be able to play Fallout 76 in Ultra mode, so you’re good on that part. The outer shell of the Sky Siege is oriented for gamers that will go perfectly with your gaming station if you ever decide to build one.

The addition of 16GB RAM means you don’t have to worry about system requirements at all. Moreover, even if it doesn’t fit your needs, there are still more slots available if you want to expand up to 64 GB. Moreover, the SkyTech Siege features 250GB SSD and 1 TB HDD storage space. Both of these combined creates a perfect balance in my opinion since the inclusion of SSD improves the launch time of apps and games and the extra 1 TB memory is more than enough for your data. The SkyTech Siege PC just works, you get it, you install your favorite games and then you play simply as that!

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2. CyberPower PC Gamer Master

Specs overview:

ProcessorRyzen 7 1700X 3.4GHz
MotherboardHigh Performance & Grade Quality X370
Video CardAMD Radeon RX 580 4 GB
Memory8 GB DDR4
Power Supply500 Watt
HDD1024 GB Mechanical Hard Drive
Second HDDNone
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 10 Home
CaseTempered Glass Case Panels

Coming with an aggressive design approach, the CyberPower PC Gamer Master is a pretty great option if you’re looking to step up your gaming requirements. That’s right, the build does not disappoint in terms of looks as well as the internals. For the processor, the CyberPower PC Gamer Master features AMD Ryzen 7 which features an extra chip to deliver speeds higher than its competition. The build is so good that it features a side glass panel and also comes with a full 1-year warranty.

Next stop – how a PC handles graphics and what frames you will be getting. The CyberPower PC Gamer Master integrates an AMD RX 580 GPU which is plenty enough to handle any game at HD resolution. It’s what you need if you’re considering playing mid to high-tier games.

As for memory, the CyberPower PC Gamer Master houses 16GB of RAM where 4GB is reserved for the graphics card. In terms of RAM, you’re already future proof and there’s no need for an upgrade if you’re considering the rank of games that we have mentioned earlier.

You can always upgrade to more but that would require extra cost and we want to stick to the thousand-dollar mark. All in all, it’s a great option considering its looks and design aesthetics. Performance is also on par with the big boys and you will not be disappointed over it.

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3. The Centaurus Andromeda A2

Specs overview

ProcessorAMD Ryzen 5 2600 3.8GHz Overclocked 6-core 12-Thread
Video CardNvidia GTX 1060 3GB
Memory16 GB ddr4_sdram
Power Supply500 Watt
Second HDD1 TB HHD 7200RPM
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 10 Home
CaseDIYPC Line-RGB, RGB LEDs, tempered glass side panel

If you didn’t settle with the Sky Siege PC, there are still plenty of chips in the sea. If you’re solely looking at performance, there won’t be any other option better in this price range. Even though it boasts a minimal case coupled with elegance and class, you won’t go wrong with it. Let’s head down and take a look at what we get with the Centaurus Andromeda A2.

The Centaurus Andromeda A2 does not boast a processor from Intel. Instead, it features an AMD Ryzen 5 2600 chip that ranks far better than any other Intel Core-i7-8700 processor. Furthermore, the benchmarks support our notion. To further complement the processing power, the best in the industry processors only beat the AMD Ryzen 5 2600 by a minute margin. To top it off, Centaurus Andromeda A2 compensates the minor margin with the overclocking that can reach up to 3.8 GHz. So CPU performance is not something to be worried about.

The Centaurus Andromeda A2 also brags an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3GB GPU, a step up from the 1050 Ti which ultimately not only means higher frame rates, but better AAA games support. You would have the ability to run any game on High or Ultra settings. For reference, you can expect the best-in-class graphical performance from the Battlefield V title.

In terms of RAM, the Centaurus Andromeda A2 features the same specifications as the Sky Siege – ships with 16 GB but can be upgraded to 64 GB via 4 dedicated 16 GB slots. You don’t really need 64 GB of RAM considering the game title that you’re thinking to play. Nonetheless, it feels good to own a PC that is future-proof.

Moreover, the only drawback in my opinion with the Centaurus Andromeda A2 is the non-inclusion of an SSD. While it’s not a gigantic setback, but you will comparatively have longer app and game launch times. With a huge but, if it’s the performance is what you require, the Centaurus Andromeda A2 has it all and a must-have if you want to game like a pro.

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4. CUK Mantis

Specs overview

ProcessorIntel Core i5-8400 Six-Core Processor (9MB Cache, 2.8GHz-4.0GHz) 65W
Video CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB GDDR5
Memory16GB DDR4 2666MHz
Power Supply450W Bronze PSU
Second HDDNone
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 10 Home
CaseMantis full ATX tower

If you’re going for something average or just want a good outer shell or case that attracts you. This nature-inspired CUK Mantis is a really good option. However, it’s not like the CUK Mantis will disappoint you by any means. You would still be able to play AAA titles as it features one of the high-end GPUs and CPUs integrated together to deliver top-notch performance. Let’s take a deeper look at the CUK Mantis and how it stacks up against others of its price range.

The CUK Mantis is powered by an Intel Core-5-8400 CPU. Don’t let the i5 mark fool you, it is still better than most of the i7 CPUs in the market. This is due to the reason that this i5 processor features six cores. While in theory, it does rank high, it might lag behind other processors in an attempt to handle modern titles. Furthermore, if overclocking is your thing, it can do so up to 4.1 GHz if you’re willing to spend some extra bucks.

Similar to the Centaurus Andromeda A2, the CUK Mantis features an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3 GB GPU. Solely, taking the GPU into account, it can last for years to come, ensuring that your system stays future-proof for the times to come. With that said, it can handle any game you throw at it. However, the processor might act as a bottleneck, but overall, combined with its extensions and upgrades, the CUK Mantis is definitely a must-have.

That is not all, the CUK Mantis is also powered by 16 GB of DDR4 RAM with the same upgradability option to up to 64 GB with 4 16 GB slots built-in. To sum it all up, you’re not going to sacrifice any performance due to the lack of RAM. In fact, you will have plenty of spare.

Furthermore, another aspect of the machine that caught our interest is the inclusion of 500 GB of SSD storage – a big jump forward compared to its competitors and machines that fall under the same price tag. This will not ensure faster read and write speeds but deliver faster app and game launch times.

A downside to the storage for some gamers is that you will not get any HDD storage alongside, which might be a little setback for some folks. All in all, it’s a great package overall with its own set of strengths and weaknesses, but if you’re willing to compensate for those weaknesses, you are going to get a pretty solid option.

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5. SkyTech Shadow

Specs overview

ProcessorRyzen 7 2700 8-Core 3.2GHz (4.1 GHz Max Boost)
Video CardNvidia GeForce RTX 2070 8GB GDDR6
Memory8GB Gaming Memory DDR4 3000 with Heat Spreader
Power Supply80 Plus Certified 600-Watt
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 10 Home
CaseThermaltake Versa N21 Black

We know many of you peeps reading are new to the gaming clan who have been gaming on a console for their entire life. If that’s so, there’s a mid-range option also available that screams quality, but also falls short on some of the aspects. Call it the best mid-range PC but with the top tier processing and other aspects which we will talk about later on. Before we forget, the SkyTech Shadow comes with a pretty great casing to go, a solid bargain alone if you had interests like mine.

Moving on, the processor that is powering the machine is an AMD FX-4300 a quad-core CPU that is one of the most powerful ones available on the market. However, do take note that it does fall short on benchmarks compared to some i7 processors solely due to the fact that the latter options feature more cores. Nonetheless, it’s still one of the best and can handle your needs like a champ. To simplify things for you guys, the base frequency of the processor is 3.8 GHz but can be turbo boosted up to 4.0 GHz in times of need. This will provide you with the necessary power to handle short intervals of processor-intensive tasks where the base frequency falls short.

Since we’re talking about gaming, the SkyTech Shadow is integrated with an RTX 2070 8GB GPU. If you’re planning to play games on Steam, you don’t have to worry one bit since it can handle any title. However, other games like PUBG are playable at medium settings. Not a bad bargain still for some folks who are not looking to play full-time or full-on hardcore AAA titles at high settings.

Since everything is falling under the mid-range category, RAM housing in the SkyTech Shadow boasts an 8 GB mark. We do not mind it at all since it is still more than enough to handle games that are designed for and can run most games quite easily. However, if it is one of those sole aspects that you base your judgments on, the RAM can be upgraded easily and the options are quite cheap. However, take notice that there are only 2 slots available that can house up to 32 GB of DDR3 chips.

Again, the SkyTech Shadow does not feature any SSD option, but it does come with a hefty 1 TB of HDD storage capacity. You all know what the absence of an SSD does, it allows for slower app or game launch times and slower boot times. It still a great option on the basis that we mentioned in the beginning. If you’re looking for mild gaming or mid to high titles, the platform is all set and perfect. You will never go wrong with the SkyTech Shadow if you’re a newbie and it is a good start.

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6. CUK Continuum

Specs overview

ProcessorAMD Ryzen 7 2700 Eight Core (16MB Cache, 3.2GHz-4.1GHz) 65W
Video CardAMD Radeon RX 580 4GB
Memory16GB DDR4 3000MHz
Power Supply 500W Bronze
Operating System Windows 10 Home x64

Unlike the previous options, there’s a lot of reason to like the CUK Continuum PC. This unit does not have a specific reason to be part of our list, instead the reasons are shared as each one of them contributes to making the PC great. From its processor to GPU and cooling fans, there is a lot that you will like. Moreover, all of this combined falls under the thousand-dollar mark. Let’s dive in to see some more details on the CUK Continuum.

Starting off with the processor, the CUK Continuum includes an impressive one at that – the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X. It features a base clock speed of 3.7 GHz which is good and to top it off the processor has the capability to overclock up to 4.3 GHz which is quite impressive. Since it is that powerful, there is bound to be throttling and heating issues. Well, CUK Continuum has got it all covered with its 120mm cooling fans which ultimately works with the system to keep the PC cool at times of intense heat dissipation.

In addition to this, if you want a comparison, the CPU easily outperforms the Intel Core-i7-8700 on benchmark tests which set its bar high in the CPU category. Altogether, it can handle all the AAA titles that you would want like a champ.

As for what’s working to get those graphics going is an AMD RX 580 4 GB GPU. While it’s absolutely a class when it comes to pushing the graphics, be sure to keep in mind that it has been resting in the same position for quite some time. Henceforth, in a few years down the road that you will have to upgrade if you want to stick to the latest. As we have previously mentioned, the GPU is capable of running most games so there’s no issue at that end.

Furthermore, the CUK Continuum includes 16GB of DDR4 RAM which can be upgraded to 64 GB. That states that the machine is highly future-proof. The storage is where things get interesting. The CUK Continuum has a 500 GB SSD, so storing content and games is not a problem at all. Overall, the CUK Continuum features great hardware, on the inside as well as on the outside as the shell is quite aggressive in its looks and gives that gaming vibe at a single look. All of this under a thousand dollar is a great option for anyone who is either new to the market or wants a decent upgrade.

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This is all for our list of the best gaming PCs that you can buy for under a thousand dollars. There are several configuration options available to choose from. Since each individual features his or her own preferences regarding what PC to get, it should be noted that the list includes products for all categories. Henceforth, choose the one that best fits your requirements. If you need one for gaming, the options from CUK are pretty appealing.

In addition, while these PC options are available for under 1000 dollars, it should be noted that upgrades can be made where relevant. This will further enhance your gaming performance. Moreover, wasting time on building your own PC might create integration problems with time. This is the sole reason why we have devised the list – to ease your buying decision since companies have been making it easier for users to choose a product all thanks to the immense competition in the market. If you have any further queries regarding the listed option, feel free to mention it in the comments.

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