5 Best YouTube Channel Art Makers 2023

Trends continue to show a rise in the percentages of viewers on YouTube. Combine this with the increased marketing numbers that are incorporating the use of video and we easily can see the most people ever utilizing YouTube.

With so many sets of eye strolling the pages and depths of YouTube more and more people are realizing that to stand out on must become even more creative and outstandingly artistic than ever before. Thus, we can see the importance behind the 2016 Spotlight of the Year: Free YouTube Channel Art Maker.

We are also going to be highlighting a YouTube Channel Art Creator, a YouTube Channel Art Template, and a channel art designer tools in this piece. Prepare to make some notes and join a couple of new applications as we are about to become “Artistic”.

Today I am going to reveal free tools that will save you lots of money to avoid expensive designers, photo editing software, and apps such as Adobe Photoshop CC and Corel PaintShop Pro X7. Additionally, you don’t have to be a pro to use these tools, beginners like me can easily create high-quality designs within minutes using the pre-builtin ready-made templates.


The YouTube Channel Art Maker of the Year: FotoJet

Fotojet is an online templated-based means in a non-trained person can begin a creation using digital photography without needing a high price graphics designer. Using the templates is super easy and best of all free of charge.

Currently, subscribers have access to 900+ YouTube the channel art template catalog. The art template catalog is an aid for site users in which creative inspirations are at their peaks.

The following list, are some but not nearly all, of the creatable items that can be made, crafted, and incorporated by using FotoJet.

  • Youtube Banners
  • YouTube Thumbnail
  • YouTube Channel Art with the exact size of 2560px x 1440px
  • Photo Grids
  • Marketing Graphics
  • Magazine Covers
  • Photo Collages
  • Create custom cover for channel Google+ Page

The YouTube Channel Art Creator of the Year: Canva

Canva  is an online graphic design program that allows the user to create masterpieces from scratch or “enroll” in the applications design school filled with hundreds of templates, fonts, and layouts. In application training is also offered as tutorials, lessons and workshops.

Canva offers a simplistic operational approach to design that anyone can learn to utilize by incorporates a drag and drop layout method for the beginner and pro alike.

Contained within the Canva application is a complete suite of features to aid in the projects professional look, feel, and outcome. Features include such items as picture straightening, speech bubbles maker, stickers, and free designable icons to name a few of the many options.

The following list, are some but not nearly all, of items that can be made by using Canva.

  • All type of standard Banners for Advertising
  • Album Covers
  • Gift Certificate
  • Letter Head
  • Ready-made templates for Channel Art
  • Magazine Covers
  • Business Cards
  • Infographics
  • Best Typography fonts

Canva is a miniature version and variety of graphic designer training very similar in outcome to a college classroom without the high-cost enrollment or inability to hold down a job. The sky is truly the limit with the help of this free application as to what you are now able to creatively do, design and offer.


The YouTube Channel Art Template of the Year: Fotor

Fotor is a partially free application for photo editing and design, and the first of the five applications in which there has been a fee focus structuring mixed into the overall package.

The free Fotor sections of the application offer basic editing, effects, plus portrait touch ups in the most basic of offerings. Also, in the free tiers are HDR tech basics and simple content spice ups.

EVERY major platform is now covered and compatible with Fotor from the mobile realm to also incorporate Android, iOS, Mac, PC, etc. and is streamlined for many of the various social media outreaches as well.

The following list is all of the free items that can be made by using Fotor

  • Custom YouTube thumbnails
  • YouTube covers
  • Google Plus covers
  • Basic collage features
  • Twitter covers
  • Facebook covers
  • And a custom offerings

Fotor though technically a free offering is a program that is setup more for a non-beginner. Limited options available may lead many to seek outside assistance for completion of the items needed. It is recommended to search the application out in more detail before attempting to begin as it is not all free to function.


The YouTube Channel Art Designer of the Year: Pixlr

Pixlr is a photo editing grouping referred to as the Pixlr family available online. The following list is the family members that are available with a further clarification to be found in the section included an image.

  • Pixlr Editor
  • Pixlr Express
  • Pixlr Mobil
  • Pixlr Desktop
  • Pixlr O-Matic
  • Pixlr Touch Up
  • Pixlr Pro (Paid)

Pixlr also comes in a free and paid variation of offerings but unlike the application above Pixlr is very beginner friendly and has an operational ease to it. The paid version, however, will never break the bank at a whopping $1.99 a month or $14.99 a year. Free Desktop comes with the following listing of options.

  • Stylize Effects
  • Overlays
  • Borders
  • Fast editing tools
  • Refine Tools
  • Stickers
  • In other words, it is online version of Photoshop

Express is the most popular on the site and is set up and functions the most like the others within this grouping of five. O-Matic is a fun and groovy option that is very neat and unique. The Desktop features more than 2 million twists, turns, and options for the effects offered.


The top overall YouTube Channel Creator of the year: Befunky

Befunky is an online designer, collage maker, and photo editor application available online. Webaward winner in 2015 this application offers creative tricks, tips, training, tutorials, and inspiration.

Designing, editing, and collage making are each offered in brilliant fashions that are both simple for a beginner and functional beyond original thought for all skill levels.

The fun, freaky, and funky aspects of the Befunky application have truly not been displayed prior to entering into this site.

Befunky Plus is a paid version offered although I find it hard to imagine many needing many of the features as so many features have been made available to us all already. Amazingly the paid options will shockingly please those that look upon it.

The funky parts available with Befunky are the best seen. The following list is just a sneak peak of the funky cool things just waiting to be played with and are packed to the gills with fun, giggles, and goofs.

  • One-Click Photo Effects
  • Photo Comics for Youtube Videos
  • Giggling workers oh no
  • Speech Bubble Captioning


When looking at all five free applications highlighted one sees that although very similar in production, function, and design style these applications are the world apart from one another. The following is a generalized classification and overall feel of each individually.

  • Fotor is missing the feel and operational controls that beginners seek, need, and desire. It makes one uncertain as it if it should be used frequently.
  • FotoJet seems the best geared toward the workplace or appears to be the most refined. Documents available for business and social media far surpass expectations.
  • Pixlr is set up in the most convenient of fashions offering its variety in a family like breakdowns. Those easily flustered or anxious will adore the divisions and groupings alike.
  • Befunky is by far the most fun and exciting to have a good time with while still being creative, though it makes you not feel like it is time to head to work.
  • Canva is the hands down top of the lot based on the overall package, function, design, operational ease, and training it provides is the topping on the cake.
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