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Galaxy S9 And S9+ Will Be The Samsung’s Most Expensive Smartphones, Would You Get One?

It’s less than a month when Samsung will announce its latest and greatest flagship smartphone of the year – the Galaxy S9 and its bigger variant the Galaxy S9+. While the leaks and rumors are coming in hot almost every day, we’re still excited to see what the company will have in store for us. The Galaxy S8 featured a major design change with an all-screen design stretched to every corner of the display, we will see the trend continue in this year’s rendering as well.

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Generally speaking, the overall design of the smartphone is expected to be quite similar to last year’s iteration. However, we’re also expecting the bezels to be further minimized. Since the iPhone X eliminated its Home button and Touch ID in favor of the big beautiful display with a notch, Samsung will most likely follow. Nonetheless, the price is the main concern to users. A tipster coined that this year’s Galaxy S smartphones will be the company’s most expensive ones to date.

Samsung Galaxy S9 To Be The Most Expensive S-Series Smartphone To Date

Apart from the display, the camera performance on the Galaxy S devices is under work. This is due to the fact the company has nearly perfected its display and design. Now, the focus could be bestowed upon what other smartphone manufacturers have already mastered.

With great features, comes great price – a price trend of expensive devices that Apple started is now making its way to the industry. As we have mentioned earlier, a famed tipster has coined that this year’s Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+ will be the company’s most expensive ones to date.

Yes, there will be improvements on all ends, software and hardware. The device will mostly be one of the fastest one compared to other Android smartphones. However, it will not go easy in your pocket either. The iPhone X supports the expensive price tag and every other smartphone manufacturer would opt to adopt that pricing strategy, whereby leaving users in jeopardy.

The famed tipster Ricciolo coined that Samsung’s forthcoming smartphone will be the most expensive one to date. The Galaxy S8+ started off at $750 and if the tip holds any credibility we will see the Galaxy S9 start off with an $800 price tag. However, since Apple has raised the bar, it makes perfect sense for others to follow.

The launch date of the Galaxy S9 lineup is set for 25th of January and invites have already been sent out. Share your thoughts on the Galaxy S9 pricing. Would you still get one?

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