The 10 Best Gaming Laptops You can Buy Under $1500

Looking for the best gaming laptops under 1500 bucks? But wait, You know that gaming is a very expensive hobby and pro gamers can never compromise on buying the latest hardware, no matter what!

But what if I tell you that there are some great gaming laptops in your tight budget! Yes, you heard me right, I ain’t talking about cheap refurbished hardware from a local store.

What I am guiding you through are some of the good gaming notebooks available on Amazon but mostly overlooked, maybe because marketers aren’t happy to get your money that way or maybe because they are a bit old.

Anyways, if you are planning to start playing games on the go, through several hours of research online I have made a list of the top 10 gaming laptops you can easily buy under 1500 on Amazon by keeping in mind all the essential elements that a gamer might need.

Think of it as a pro gamer eagle-eyed the gaming market and recommended the best possible options under a budget!

Best Gaming Laptop Under 1500 Comparison:

For under $1500 the best gaming laptops 2018 should have everything in for which you have been in the search for, minus a huge price tag. Upgrades and modifications should be minimal and require little to no additional costs. The following will lead one in the best direction to ensure the final purchase choices will be the absolute best gaming laptops that are currently on the market.

Get the best laptop for your bucks so that you can play your favorite game; GTA 5, Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Fallout, Tomb Raider and Stars War Battlefront smoothly and seamlessly without lags.

I am pretty confident that this guide will help you to choose a pro gaming beast for your needs and bucks.

Here is the list of best gaming laptops under 1500 that you can buy in 2018:

ASUS ROG Strix GL502VMIntel 7th Gen i7-7700HQ quad-core, 16GB RAM, 1TB, 128 SSD, Nvidia GTX1060Check
Acer Predator G9-593-72VTIntel 6th Gen i7-6700HQ, 16GB RAM DDR4, 1TB HDD, 128 SSD, Nvidia GTX1060Check
Gigabyte P57Wv6-PC3D6th Gen Intel i7-6700HQ, 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD, 256 SSD, Nvidia GTX1060Check
MSI Phantom GS43VR Pro-0066th gen i7-6700HQ processor, 16GB, 1TB HDD, 128 SSD, NVIDIA GTX 1060M GPUCheck
Dell Alienware AW17R3-3758SLVIntel 6th Generation i7-6700HQ, 1TB HDD, 128 SSD, 8GB DDR3, GTX970M 4GB DDR5Check
Eluktronics P640RE6th Gen i7-6700HQ quad-core, 256 SSD, 16 GB RAM, Nvidia GTX970MCheck
MSI Apache Pro-001 GE626th Gen Intel i7-6700HQ, 1TB HDD, 128 SSD, 16 GB RAM, Nvidia GTX970MCheck
HP OMEN 17Intel’s 6th Gen i7-6700HQ quad-core, 1TB HDD, 128 SSD, 16 GB RAM, Nvidia GTX965MCheck
Lenovo Y700 Touch6th Generation Intel Quad Core i7 CPUs, 1TB HDD, 256 SSD, 16 GB RAM, Nvidia GTX960MCheck
HP Pavilion 15tIntel’s 6th Gen i7-6700HQ, 1TB HDD, 128 SSD, 16 GB RAM, Nvidia GTX960MCheck

1. ASUS ROG Strix GL502VM – VR Ready Gaming Laptop

ASUS ROG Strix GL502VM review

The VR ready slim and sleek gaming laptop released in Dec 2016, with the latest hardware inside!

The standard 15.6 FHD display is no more the same with G-Sync support, 170° wide viewing angles and the mighty refresh rate of 120Hz. You will be amazed to read that it’s powered by Intel’s 7th gen i7-7700HQ quad-core processor along with 16 gigs of RAM. On the other hand, we have Nvidia’s GTX1060 with 6 gigs of VRAM to support all the latest PC games proudly. Whereas ASUS has a great storage option of 128 gigs SSD along with 1TB of a standard hard drive.

The GL502VM is well equipped with USB 3.0, 3.1, HDMI and mini Display ports to share data and stream media across all your devices. Whereas the chiclet keyboard with red-backlit scissor-switch keys is great to play with. It can last for up to 4 hours under extreme gaming sessions, and the hyper-intelligent thermal design promises to keep it cool. The ICEPOWER sound system ensures filtered stereo audio throughput. With all these mighty specs, ASUS ROG Strix proudly weighs only 2.2 Kg.

Although it’s slim n sleek, it might get hot under extreme gaming sessions, and unluckily we don’t have the most demanding Thunderbolt 3 support.

Extreme gaming performance with all the latest PC games compatibility, thanks to the latest CPU & GPU along with ultraportable design and premium cosmetics.

Perfect choice for a moderate gamer who loves the portability and latest gaming hardware.

2. Acer Predator G9-593-72VT – Full HD G-SYNC Laptop

Acer Predator G9-593-72VT gaming laptop

The VR ready rock solid gaming notebook released in Oct 2016 and was proudly marketed by, “Stay Cool Under Fire”!

We have a 15.6 FHD IPS display with G-Sync support along with Intel’s 6th gen i7-6700HQ real gaming processor powered by 16 gigs of DDR4. Graphics are taken care by Nvidia’s GTX1060 with 6 gigs of VRAM combo. Whereas a 256 gig SSD along with 1 TB HDD sums up that storage is no more a problem for Acer Predator.

Gamers look out for maximum port options, and luckily we have the Thunderbolt 3 and many more essential ones. Where Predator’s ProZone RGB backlit, the keyboard offers great customization and pretty accurate control. Although the battery juice won’t last up to 3 hours of power gaming, the dust defender with aero blade fans can maintain a cooler gaming experience. You will definitely enjoy the TrueHrmony premium sound system, but all these amazing gaming gigs are a bit heavy weighing 3.72 kg.

You can’t carry the Acer Predator too often due to its weight and just 3 hours of battery juice. Where some gamer’s don’t really like the keyboard backlighting as well.

It’s reliable and pretty rugged to withstand heavy gaming sessions along with powerful gaming hardware under a budget.

So if weight and battery life is not a problem, this is actually worth every penny to spend on a high-end gaming notebook!

3. Gigabyte P57Wv6-PC3D – Slim and Light Gaming Laptop

Gigabyte P57Wv6-PC3D review

This is a slim and light gaming laptop under 1500 with future-proof features like VR and HDR ready and came into being in Aug 2016!

It’s teased by a 17.3 FHD IPS display with wide viewing angles and anti-glare nature and powered by i7-6700HQ processor with 16 gigs of RAM. The GTX1060 graphics card has 6 gigs of DDR5 just like the previous listing, and the 1TB hard drive along with 256 GB solid drive is also alike.

17 inch is a big size, so we do have a lot of ports, and a large anti-ghost key rollover backlit keyboard for very precise control. Whereas heat runs out pretty neatly with copper heat sinks and smart dashboard software, and you can manage to play 4 hours on battery. Dolby’s digital plus sound system is just alright for a pro gamer, and luckily it only weighs 2.7 Kg.

We didn’t find G-Sync and Thunderbolt 3 support which seems a basic necessity for many.

The minimal sexy design along with a great gaming keyboard, compact chassis and bright 17.3 display make it true gamer’s choice.

So if you aren’t brand conscious and looking for a very techy 17-inch gaming notebook that can travel along hassle free, the Gigabyte P57Wv6-PC3D shouldn’t be overlooked!

4. MSI Phantom GS43VR Pro-006

MSI Gaming laptop review

The ultra-portable 14-inch gaming laptop under 1500 released in Aug 2016 with VR ready options out of the box!

We have a 14-inch FHD IPS display with MSI true color eDP technology, powered by 6th gen i7-6700HQ processor with 16 gigs of RAM. Proceeding, the same GTX1060 GPU with 6 gigs of graphics memory to not only support the latest games but delivers incredible gaming performance. You are good enough to install as many games as you like with a 128 GB solid state drive and 1 terabyte hard drive.

Luckily we have a Thunderbolt 3 port along with other required ones for a pro gamer. And the 83 keys red steel backlit keyboard looks stunning, but the portability won’t last longer than 2.5 hours of extreme gaming. The NAHIMIC 2 virtual surround sound system delivers impressive noise-free audio, and all these features are around 1.7 Kg in weight.

Obviously, the poor battery life is a significant problem, and its jam-packed design gets hotter over time, where some might even miss DVD writer.

The ultra-portable design and weight are true love, along with next-gen VR and killer networking hardware.

It’s practically the best portable gaming notebook with the latest hardware and stunning integration option. Specially designed for average gamers, who can manage to play in a cool environment.

5. Dell Alienware AW17R3-3758SLV

Dell Alienware AW17R3-3758SLV review

Built with cutting-edge craftsmanship, Dell Alienware 17 was released in Jan 2016 and promises intense gaming under budget! The famous Alienware series is also well-known for its gaming capabilities and targeted towards avid gamers.

It’s equipped with a mighty 17.3 ultra high-definition Truelife LED, along with i7-6700HQ processor with 8 gigs of DDR3. Graphics are taken care of by Nvidia GTX970M card powered by 4 gigs of DDR5 memory. Whereas the 128 GB solid state drive and 1TB hard drive combo remains the same.

We have enough ports to let you connect multiple gadgets, and the TactX keyboard offers dream options with programmable keys and classic lighting. It can bear severely intense gaming sessions without getting hot and will last up to 6 hours under heavy use. The Klipsch sound system with X-Fi technology feels very realistic, but all these high-end gaming goodies are packed in a 3.78 Kg casing.

The heavyweight, low sound and essentials like G-Sync, VR, and Thunderbolt port are overlooked by Dell.

Amazing battery life on a UHD display with excellent graphics and heat management system.

So if you are a passionate gamer who loves to play 4K PC games away from home and weight is not a big deal, the Dell Alienware 17 is the best deal.

6. Eluktronics P640RE

Eluktronics P640RE Gaming laptop under 1500 review

A premium and durable gaming laptop released in Feb 2016, with a killer design and extreme gaming hardware!

So we have a 14-inch FHD matte display along with i7-6700HQ quad-core processor with 16 gigs of volatile memory. The GTX970M with 3 gigs of VRAM takes great care to support and deliver maximum performance for all your PC games. You will need an extra storage drive as it’s shipped with only a 256 GB solid state drive.

Eluktronics ensured to engineer multiple ports on this little gaming beast, whereas the premium white LED backlit keyboard looks stunning under low light. The battery would last for about 4 hours under extreme gaming, and the Sound Blaster with X-Fi delivers moderate gaming audio. The overall machine weighs around 2.19 Kg, a bit heavier for a 14-inch rig.

The casing can’t be opened easily, and there are certain compatibility issues with some gaming hardware.

No crappy bloatware like competitors, the true color display is insanely crispy and who won’t love the ultra-premium built quality.

Again, if you aren’t brand conscious and looking for a very durable 14-inch gaming laptop, trust me this is the one.

7. MSI Apache Pro-001 GE62

MSI Apache Pro-001 GE62 review

The award-winning gaming notebook that came up in Sep 2015 and is a great all-rounder for pro gamers under budget!

We have a multi-talented 15.6 FHD display that’s crispy and bright enough along with additional gaming features. The i7-6700HQ processor along with 16 gigs of RAM sums up the hidden power of this beast. Whereas Nvidia GTX970M with 3 gigs of graphic memory takes great care of all the frames and colors. For storage, a 128 gig SSD is combined with a 1 TB hard drive, which seems enough for a beginner.

All the most essential ports are neatly available on Apache Pro, and you can’t overlook the fantastic steel series multi-color keyboard designed with pro gamers in mind. The battery can last up to 4 hours under heavy gaming strain and won’t burn up as Cooler Boost 3 is there to cool it. The military grade audio system from NAHIMIC is insanely perfect, whereas all these gaming goodies are wrapped in a 2.4 Kg casing.

The lid is too easy to twist, and some reviewers didn’t like the meager monitor brightness.

A very crispy display and insane gaming performance along with military grade audio.

So if you are looking forward to grabbing a killer gamer’s dream machine of 2015, which was heavily priced back then but today it can be acquired within your budget.

8. HP OMEN 17 4K Gaming Laptop

HP Gaming Laptop Review

The best gaming plus a business class laptop with UHD display and premium built quality released in July 2016!

We have a mighty 17.3 WLED ultra-high definition display that is 4K ready along with the quad-core i7-6700HQ processor spiced by 16 gigs of RAM. The GTX965M card along with 4 gigs of memory sums up how far it can go. The 256 gig SSD accompanied by 1 TB hard drive seems good enough to store hell a lot of games.

HP delivered a great connectivity combination, and the mighty island backlit keyboard looks stunning to play with. You can play up to 6 hours without a charge but make sure it doesn’t get too hot. The Bang & Olufsen stereo sounds louder enough but note that all these gigs can weigh up to 3.1 Kg.

The B&O doesn’t seem to deliver good quality bass, and some might miss the Thunderbolt 3 port. You might not like the plastic body, and the touchpad is way too simple for a pro gamer.

The mighty 17 inch UHD display is truly future-proof, whereas the stylish OMEN delivers excellent gaming performance with long battery life.

So if you wish to have a stunning display with 4K support and balanced gaming hardware under the budget limit, then OMEN 17 is the best option available.

Even the Experts are in love with this gaming laptop. You can read the article by Seth G. Macy on TechRadar. It is rated as Excellent and given 4 Rating.

9. Lenovo Y700 – Touch Gaming Laptop

Lenovo Gaming laptop

The powerhouse gaming laptop with ultra-high definition touchscreen, amazing overall specs and features from May 2016!

The 15.6 UHD panel uses IPS technology with 10 points multi-touch support for excessive viewing and great control. Secondly, it’s powered by i7-6700HQ processor with 16 gigs of random access memory. The graphics seem stunning with GTX960M spiced with 4 gigs of memory. And is consistently spacious with a 256 gig solid state drive and a standard 1TB hard drive.

From USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 for a power charge, there are different port options available. Whereas Lenovo neatly engineered a true backlit gaming keyboard, and the battery can also last up to 5 hours under heavy gaming, which sounds cool. The unobstructed thermal fans do exhale heat efficiently, and we have JBL speakers with Dolby Audio Premium that sounds nearly realistic. All these extreme hardware neatly packed in a 2.5 Kg casing.

The graphics card might become obsolete after a year or two, whereas USB-C port is missing and some gamers won’t like the spongy keyboard as well.

Fantastic battery life, loud and clear vibrant audio, and superb performance under a budget.

Excellent choice for mobile gamers who are looking for a high-quality gaming notebook with UHD touch screen and long-lasting battery.

10. HP Pavilion 15t – IPS 4K Laptop

HP 4K Gaming Laptop under 1500 bucks

A multi-suited laptop with great features to work and play latest PC games on the go!

With a 15.6 UHD panel powered by IPS technology and really impressive wide viewing angles along with multi-touch support. Powered by the Intel’s 6th gen i7-6700HQ processor with 16gigs of RAM and Nvidia GTX960M graphics card with 4 gigs of VRAM. We have enough storage with a 1TB hard drive and 128GB solid-state drive, enough for work and play.

With enough ports to let you connect all your gaming goodies, but we don’t have USB type C or Thunderbolt 3 ports. The full-sized backlit keyboard seems just ok for gamers along with Bang and Olufsen sound system. You get 4hours of seamless gaming on battery. But remember it’s not a full-time gaming laptop and gets hot under heavy strain. All these features will weigh around 2.1 kg, which seems ideal for a hybrid laptop.

The display was reviewed underwhelmed, and touchpad seems inconsistent, whereas there’s a lot of bloatware from HP installed.

The stylish design and compact size is great for portability along with an excellent keyboard for work and play.

Superb for seasonal gamers who are looking for professional features in a budget gaming laptop.

Wrap Up

The fact there are so many great examples of options available that are of higher quality is a blessing these days. Manufacturers are finally listening to the feedback received and producing items that customers actually wish for, want, and need. Enjoying gaming without breaking the bank or emptying your pockets.

Did you notice that it’s not that difficult to grab a pro gaming notebook under your budget, it’s just the matter of how deeper you are willing to dig! So have you ordered one of the top-notch machines to play the latest PC games in 2017?

Tell us what are you looking for in comments, that way we can suggest even a better gaming laptop that can suit all your gaming desires. If you just placed an order, bookmark and stick to this page for as long as you can. That way we can guide you through setting your new gaming laptop to get the most out of it!

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