Best Triple Monitor Stands and Mounts to buy

best triple monitor standA triple monitor stand is possibly one of those bolstering tools that aim to enhance your experience on a desktop. No matter what purpose you use your computer for, there’s always a reason to get the best stands for your monitor. This not only allows for a better viewing experience but also enhances productivity. A monitor stand can go a long way if it is used with the right conduct and if it is solely used for the purpose it was made for. Health-related benefits is another significant inclusion to the elements why a triple monitor stand should be used as tilting and dragging the display as per your posture puts less strain on the back and neck, allowing you to work in comfort for those more extensive editing or gaming sessions.

While choosing a monitor stand is a crucial decision for individuals, it’s way more essential when you’re deciding to buy the best triple monitor stand. If you’re not familiar, a triple monitor arm will hold three monitors in place, so you get way more screen real-estate, have more room to place those windows in editing sessions and gaming, per se, is potentially one of those reasons why a three monitor stand is required.

Best Triple Monitor Stands 2021

To be precise, buying a 3 monitor stand is three times more complicated than buying a standard stand for a single monitor. There are a lot of aspects that you should keep a note of and a lot of physical attributes are involved so as to adjust your monitors at the best possible level. Besides, choosing a monitor that stands triple for your monitor also involves the know-how of all the screws and their adjustments. It’s important to note if the stand you’re buying supports a base on where your monitor will be mounted on.

If you have those professional chores at your disposal and are looking to make the decision but failing to do so, we’re here to let you know which multi-monitor stand might be the best for you and how can you buy it. We have devised a list with a massive range of products that you can buy right now. In addition to this, we have covered several price segments, so every one of you can find the one that is best suited for you at different price points. Now let’s get down to see the list see which products are better suited for you.

VESA Compatibility

If you’re unfamiliar, a VESA compatible monitor features mounting holes which are out in place at standardized spaces in between. The holes are constructed in a way that they will connect to the monitor’s metallic frame. Also, you should also take note that the common standard used is VESA 100, which indicates that the spaces between the holes are 100mm apart. However, if the monitor is not VESA compatible, third-party adapters can be used. To take note that not all monitors can be converted. Now, let’s get down to the list.

1. VIVO Triple Monitor Mount Review

The VIVO Triple Monitor Mount features steel construction, so you know it’s sturdy. If you’re worried about setting it up, say no more because it is as simple as placing it on your desk. Since it is made of stronger materials, it can support bigger panels, so that is a plus on important fronts where it counts.

It is a freestanding mount that measures dimensions of 17-inches by 12.5-inches and can lift up to 17lbs on each of its VESA plates. The best portion about the VIVO Three Monitor Mount is that it boasts both, VESA 100 and VES 75 compatibility. This states that you can mount two types of monitors on the stand, allowing for more reach. The cleverly designed loops on the bottom make room for better capacity management. The monitor cables can run through those loops, so everything is professionally organized and to the point.

Lastly, the VIVO Triple Monitor can stretch up to 48-inches when its arms are all stretched up. While that is not a lot, the mount can rotate at 360-degrees and can swivel at a 90-degree angle while tilting at 45-degree upwards and down. If you’re concerned, the VESA mounting spaces will allow you to place monitors between 13 to 24-inches. The VESA plates, also, can be lowered or raised 1.1-inch, so that’s a significant plus. Several other features are complimenting the VIVO Triple Monitor Mount, so do check them out as well.

2. TechOrbits Smart Swivel Triple Monitor Stand Review

The TechOrbits Smart Swivel Monitor Mount is based on a clamp design. This means that the design complements usability. The best portion about the triple monitor mount is that adjustments can be made fluidly due to the construction based on gas spring arms. We would recommend this triple-monitor arm due to its wide range of adaptability for various display panels. It can support any panel that you can find and offers equally great adjustability. Also, this would be our topmost pick for a triple monitor stand due to its design and utility.

The TechOrbits Smart Swivel Triple Monitor Stand supports three-panel sizes ranging from 13-inches to 30-inches. The stand weighs almost 17lbs constructed with metal that can lift the weight of the monitor that it supports quite easily. The clamp adjusts 0.4-inches and 3.3-inches that support a wide array of desks. To further bolster our notion o great adjust-ability for the TechOrbits Smart Swivel Monitor Stand, the weight of the panels have little to no impact on the smooth action of each arm and can lift easily.

In addition to swiveling, the TechOrbits also feature better adjustability. The arms could reach up to 21-inches, which is excellent for productivity and can mold to your posture with a 28-inch forward extension. Each arm on the TechOrbits Swivel LCD Monitor Stand can rotate at a 460-degree angle. Overall, you’re getting an unlimited motion control where you can adjust the entire thing to your needs and requirements.

3. Ergotron LX Triple Monitor Stand

If you’re looking for something that has a more professional built quality and feels to it and is not looking to majorly extend the reach of our monitor stand, there’s this option that might entice you. It does not feature any extra or additional bells and whistles that you might not need probably at your workplace. It is the perfect balance between elegant and stylish and can compliment the likes of designers, developers, and editors. It is a single piece of construction that can house all three VESA mounts keeping all the monitors parallel.

However, it does not mean that the Ergotro LX Triple Monitor Stand does not feature adjustments. You can lower the stand and raise it at will on the track situated in the central column. In addition, it is as easy as push and plays, and no external tools will be required for the height adjustment of the Triple Monitor Stand. Henceforth, making it a better option for you since it is priced comparatively lower than that of others of its kind.

One of the major drawbacks of the Ergotron LX Triple Monitor Stand is its size. Since it is constructed as a single piece, it is too big for some desks and oddly balanced if things are not according to its requirements of lifting with three monitors installed. Besides, the Ergotron LX can also not add monitors that are bigger than 24-inches so that, according to us, is a significant drawback that could potentially hold you back. However, it is perfect if you have all the things you need, like adequately sized displays, and no need to consistently shift it from one location to the other. Henceforth, making it perfect for office use. Do make sure that you have a big desk to support it.

4. AVLT Power Premium Triple Monitor Mount

If you don’t have that specific need to move your monitors consistently, as most of us out there, there’s no need to get the one that swivels around all the time since the feature would be redundant no matter how good it looks. However, if you have that specific need, there are options available that are just as strong and durable that you can opt for. This brings us to the AVLT Power Premium Triple Lens Monitor Mount. The flexible arms of this unit boast a piston system which is way more reliable than the traditional hinge mechanism. Also, when you let the mount go at your desired position, the mount will sturdily stay put and steady.

In addition to the notion, as mentioned earlier, the AVLT Power Premium Mount for triple monitors will also perfectly support landscape mode for reading and other purposes. This is done through the reach of the outer arms where they stretch inwards towards the users by more than two feet, which quite the stretch. However, the stretch would limit itself if the center monitor panels are more prominent. Also, all thanks to the VESA mounting plates, the display panels can be easily swapped and changed if need be, so that’s a major plus as well since installation and interchangeability are quite handy.

To be honest, the aluminum finish on the AVLT Power Premium looks quite classy and elegant, a perfect balance that goes perfectly with your workstation. One of the downsides of this particular triple monitor stand is that it does not boast a highly efficient cable management system. If you’re a productivity freak, this might not be as bad of a deed, but for some, it does dive in deeper. The plastic tabs might be prone to breaking if any extra force is applied. However, taking into account that the overall presentation of the triple monitor stand is quite sturdy, it would have been great if the company had added appropriate tabs for the job. Overall, apart from this minor setback, the remaining package is tremendous and quite efficient, delivering the purpose it was made for.

5. Jestik Horizon Triple Monitor Stand

This particular Triple Monitor Stand is a pretty good deal if you’re looking for something that fulfills the purpose the way it was intended for. It can hold three monitors ranging from 15-inches to 27-inches in one place. Each arm is capable of holding up to a little over 17lbs it is VESA compliant as well with 75 by 75 mm as well as 100 by 100mm. Furthermore, the VESA plates have been designed in such a way that they can also hold curved displays. This is one of the most critical aspects of the Jestik and is not found on the remaining options on our list. So if you happen to own a curved monitor, you can get this unit which will assist in holding your display, merging them for an overall greater curve.

Other than this, you have the availability to tilt the monitors easily at a 360-degree angle. Furthermore, similar to the previous option, you can use this stand to view the screens in portrait or landscape mode, so it is good to see that you have both options available. There is also a quick-release feature that allows users to spontaneously switch and swap displays, so there is no need to bring your tool kit to the table or get involved in the hustle.

As for the build quality, the triple monitor mount offers industrial-grade strength, and it has no trouble sitting on the surface firmly without giving away those odd jerks. There is also a built-in cable management system, so all of your cables are organized neatly, giving more aesthetics and appeal to your workstation. Overall, the Jestik is a complete package that will deliver an all-around great experience for anyone who would opt for it.


There are some pretty solid options available on our list of triple monitor stands for your desktop. One thing to take note of before you make a decision is to pen down all the specifications that you are looking for. This includes the number of monitors you want to put on the stand, specifications of those monitors in terms of dimensions and VESA compatibility, and more.

Furthermore, also take note that the triple monitor stand which you are opting to should feature the right screws or VESA compatibility, which is the distance between those screws. This is an important aspect, and having adequate information will allow you to make a decision based on the resources which you have. This includes the monitors. If you’re looking to buy new monitors as well, also consider its VESA compatibility with the triple monitor mount that you have in mind for those monitors.

In our personal view, all of the options listed above boast their own set of uniqueness and all of them have the same purpose to fill – to hold triple monitors in one place. However, if your work routine involves creativity and presentations, editing, or more, we would recommend that you get the ones with a swiveling arm. If your work surrounds writing or not moving the displays to a 360-degree angle or tilting and moving the monitor, the standard ones could do justice as well. In addition to this, all units are available at different prices, so selecting the one that best fits your budget is also a significant buying factor.

This is all for our list of Best Triple Monitor Stand available at more or less different price tags. Each unit boasts its own set of uniqueness and features and tricks so it would be best if you choose the one that best fits your needs and requirements. All of the relevant information is mentioned ranging from features to the built material so to make things easier for you. Also, follow the links added which will redirect you to the product page from where you can buy monitor stands amazon.

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