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Find Your Perfect Celebrity Look-alike Using Microsoft’s Website

Do you want to know which celebrity you resemble?

Are you really a big fan Hollywood, Bollywood? Are you obsessed with actors and actresses looks? Most of us do, and would try hard with make-up and haircuts to adopt looks of our favorite celebrities?

It is also no surprise that any family member or friends might have said the same thing, “You resemble with Angelina jolie” or “hey man you’re look alike of Leonardo dicaprio.” It feels really pleasing when someone says so but have you ever thought! Do they really meant it or were just flattering you and what celebrity do I look like?

Not anymore, today I will share a really useful app that will help in clearing doubts about your celebrity look alike. Microsoft’s online website, CelebsLike.me has made it look easier to find which celebrity do you resemble the most, by simply uploading your photo and within a few seconds you’ll get the answer.

It has useful features and not only this would we give you a clear cut percentage of which celebrities you resemble the most but you’ll also get other celebrities that might have certain percentage of resemblance with your look. It is an interesting app and tool to analyze your look alike and I am pretty sure you’ll love and enjoy using this tool and would definitely recommend it to your friends.

Results are amazing and It’s fun!



It’s a simple game you come on the website. You only have to upload your photo and your result are one click away, after a while the free online service will display photos of celebrities you resemble the most with a percentage.

I have personally tried this app and was amazed by results. The service is using a number of different algorithms that scan the facial parameters but does not take in account the hair or eye color neither your complexion is considered.

You should try it but do not take the things seriously it is a fun seeking activity nothing personal. But if you want to change your look like the celebrity you resemble the most we are here to help you decide. So try it you will discover interesting answers.

So in all this buzz would you go for it? Don’t forget to come back and share who was your look alike and to what extent do you agree with the results?

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Imran Aftab

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