Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Sliding Camera Setup Detailed In Video

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will be the company’s flagship smartphone for this year, bringing quite a lot of new aspects to the table. For one, Xiaomi is moving towards an all-screen design. If you think the company has already owned this category, then you should know that there are new plans for the Mi Mix 3. The bottom chin on the Mi Mix 3 has always been present that housed the awkwardly positioned camera sensor. This is about to change as Xiaomi is moving towards a slider.

Video Shows Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 And Its Manual Camera Slider. Really?

With company’s like Vivo and Oppo already have their solutions in line to provide the most screen real estate, Xiaomi is on the same page but with a slightly different approach. Oppo launched its sliding camera phone and it can be said that the design cues might have been inspired from there. However, Oppo’s side deals in the mechanical sliding of the camera. It automatically pops-up whenever you unlock your smartphone via facial recognition or launch the camera. With Xiaomi, you will probably get something different, as detailed in the new video.

Xiaomi’s president Lin Bin already shared an image of the Mi Mix 3 which gave us insights on how the device will look like. However, the camera slider was not detailed in the image and we were a little short on information in that regard. With the new leaked video, we have a clear look at how the slider will perform. Check out the video.

As can be seen and observed in the video, the person performs a sliding manoeuvre on the Mi Mix 3 opening and closing the camera. It is clearly seen in the video that the sliding operation in the video is carried out manually. While Oppo went for the automatic approach, having a manual slider is not a deal breaker too, in my opinion.

This is due to the fact that the slider will perform at your will. If you just want to see your lock screen, Xiaomi’s approach best suits the situation. Same goes for launching the camera. However, we’re not sure whether the person is showing the appearance of a camera slider or referring to the manual sliding operation. It could be that Xiaomi has an automatic camera slider, but take the news with a heavy dose of salt for now.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is said to launch in a few days time and we will know for sure for sure what the company has in store for us. Share your views in the comments.


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