Best Fingerprint Door Locks 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Lost the keys to your apartment again? Do you keep forgetting where you keep your house keys? Well, it’s time you make life easier by investing in a Smart door lock. Fingerprint Door locks are built with advanced technology and as the name suggests, use your fingerprints to unlock the doorways.

How cool is that! We have reviewed more than 35 smart locks so you don’t have to and waste your money on something that does not work.

Best Fingerprint Door Locks 2018

Below are the reviews of some of the best fingerprint door locks that you should consider buying and installing for your home and office. Each has its pros, cons and an extra feature, so let’s see what suits you.

We’ve done hours of research online, offline to find the best smart locks that are worth your money. Our top 10 list is based on product quality, built, durability, price, buyer’s reviews, and experience. Therefore, you’ll find all types of biometric door locks that are best for all budget users.

1) Samsung Ezon SHS-P910

Our editor choice for best fingerprint doorlockSamsung is the name that rarely ever disappoints in its technological ventures. The SHS-P910 digital keyless door lock is the best in its league and is here to satisfy you and secure your home. SNH-P910 provides a touchscreen interface and has different ways through which user can access it through magic number as password, key tag, credit card, remote, etc. It is built on the push and pull innovation.

The door lock utilizes state-of-the-art fingerprint verification technology and features an automatic lock feature, which locks the door automatically as soon as it’s closed. The SHS-p910 features a fire and emergency panic bar as well. A secured door management, a powerful lock, and sophisticated yet swift fingerprint scanning are what makes Samsung SHS-P910 the best choice for you.

At a glance- quick recap!

  • Easy to use push and pull innovation
  • Available in champagne gold color
  • Fire and other emergency door opening function- panic bar
  • Sleek touchscreen interface
  • Fingerprint detection and verification for biometric system integrators
  • Unlocking and door access through magic numbers, passwords, credit card, etc.
  • Secured door management and modern design
  • Manner mode ensures secured night ventures and outsider alarm notification

2) Epic EF-8000LR – Digital Door Lock

Samsung SHS- P910 may be the best of its league, but the Epic EF-8000LR smart lock by Korea is also a trusted and reliable option. This keyless fingerprint door lock is built and optimized for a system that is anti-shock, anti-fire, and anti-hacking. It is packed with multiple authentication options. Perhaps the best selling point of this door lock is its remote control feature that allows the door to be opened remotely. How exciting is that? In the case of any malfunction or if the batteries die down, the door can be accessed by the user through a personal mechanical key.

The anti-fire feature is optimized to guarantee protection from fire and internal heat. When the system’s heat sensors detect an abnormal rise in temperature, it sets off a loud alarm and opens the door automatically.  Digital Door Lock Keyless by Korea is built on a durable body, with robust components that guarantee the security of your home or office no matter where you are.

At a glance – quick recap!

  • Multiple authentication options: multi-password, smart key, fingerprint scanning, portable remote control
  • Anti-shock system
  • Anti-fire
  • Anti-hacking system
  • Remote monitoring and home network connection feature
  • Available in color black
  • Sturdy and durable body
  • Auto cover authentication: single touch authentication to unlock the door

3) LineMak – Electronic Door Lock Review

Ever thought that your door would swing open as soon as you gave it a view of your face? LineMark makes it possible with its facial identification feature along with the fingerprint option. LineMark provides unmatched execution with its fast, efficient and accurate matching speed. The device can be installed as standalone or can be installed on any other device as well.

LineMark can store up to 2000 fingerprints and 1500 different faces in its database. Perhaps the best feature about this fingerprint door locker apart from the facial recognition one is its ease of operation and installation. Some fingerprint door locks can prove to be a great challenge to use in the dark at night, but LineMark counters this disadvantage with its innovative infrared optical system that can also be operated with ease in the dark.

At a glance – quick recap!

  • Innovative biometric fingerprint detection and validation
  • Facial recognition feature- store up to 1500 faces
  • Packed with high-quality optical sensor
  • Inbuilt one-touch user recognition
  • Alarm feature
  • Fingerprint storage of up to 2000 fingerprints

4) iTouchless – Fingerprint Door Lock

Easy to install smart lockMost of us who need a fingerprint door lock is hesitant to procure one because of the hassle of installation and complication of use. iTouch Bio-Matic Fingerprint Door Lock counters this disadvantage.

The fourth best option for users looking for a reliable fingerprint door lock can be this, as it can easily replace any standard door look without drilling. It can store and recognize up to 150 different fingerprints and 78 passcodes.

In a case of malfunction, this fingerprint door lock won’t lock you out as it comes with two mechanical keys as a backup. Another feature of the fingerprint lock is that it prompts you when the battery begins to drain.

The iTouchless lock is powered by 4 AA batteries that can offer reliable usability for extended hours.

At a glance – quick recap!

  • Easy to use and install without drilling
  • Three ways to unlock; fingerprint verification, passcodes and backup key
  • Optimized with ‘Live Layer’ optical sensor technology
  • Comes with two mechanical keys for backup
  • Battery drainage prompt alarm
  • Stores up to 150 different fingerprints with a movable cover to protect fingerprint scanning pad
  • Can be accessed through 78 different passcodes
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries
  • Water resistant

5) Samsung SHS-H700 – Smart door lock

Samsung SHS-H700 smart door lock by Samsung builds on an attractive and modern design, which adds a touch of sophistication to your lifestyle. This door lock houses similar features that a standard digital fingerprint door lock should carry and is not disappointing at all.

Features include the options to delete fingerprints and to validate fingerprints with a security pin for access. It is optimized for white light technology which ensures accuracy and speedy execution. However, some customer reviews for this product’s durability were not too positive.

At a glance – quick recap!

  • Intelligent touchscreen interface
  • Doubled security combines fingerprint with pin code for access
  • Multiple ways to access: pin code, key tag, credit card
  • White light technology
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Speedy execution and accuracy in fingerprint verification

6) Assa Abloy Digi – Biometric lock

Assa is the name that has given us outstanding products in this league, but perhaps its best fingerprint door lock is Assa Abloy Digi Electronic Biometric Fingerprint. The sturdy door lock can be ideally installed in offices as it allows 100 different fingerprints and 78 different passcodes.  Assa Abloy comes with two mechanical keys as the backup and also pack a water-resistant sliding cover to shield UV sensor. The body is stainless steel which guarantees its durability.

At a glance – quick recap!

  • Stainless steel body and durable design
  • Allows storage up to 100 fingerprints
  • 78 passcodes can be entered and stored
  • Water resistant sliding cover to shield the UV sensor
  • Two mechanical keys for backup

7) Adel Trinity 788

Offices require door locks that are secure and yet can be accessed by multiple people at a time. Adel Keyless is another great option for commercial use as it can store up to 99 fingerprints. The door lock features a strong reversible handle that can be installed into both rights and left handed doors.

The door lock can be accessed with different passcodes, key tags or fingerprints. It can be fitted with cylindrical locksets. It is powered by 44 AA batteries and gives prompt when the voltage drops.

Adel Keyless comes with a one year warranty, which is more than what some other door locks have to offer. It is an ideal option to monitor strict access to single rooms or departments.

At a glance – quick recap!

  • Three ways to access: biometric fingerprint, passcode, and mechanical key
  • Easy and less complicated to use
  • Fingerprints or passcodes can be easily added and deleted on the door lock
  • Can store up to 99 individual fingerprints
  • Easy to install and program
  • Ideal for commercial use

8) Samsung SHS-2920 – Keyless Door Lock with Touchpad

Another fingerprint door lock by SAMSUNG is the SHS-2920 model that packs new features that are usually not available in ordinary door locks of this type.

Samsung SHS-2920 is anti-electric shock and comes with an inbuilt fire detection sensor. But the most innovative feature remains to be the crime setting option that safeguards your house or office from intrusion when you are away. The crime settings set off an alarm if the door lock is manipulated from inside the house or office.

The door lock comes with an automatic lock that immediately locks the door once it swings close, which means that users are saved from the troubles of forgetting to lock the doors.

At a glance – quick recap!

  • High-quality Touchscreen interface and glossy finish
  • Electric shockproof
  • Inbuilt fire detection sensors with alarms and emergency settings
  • Crime Settings to safeguard your premises from intrusion or robbery
  • Both Automatic and manual locking features
  • Anti-hacking alarm
  • Easy installation

9) Aegis Electronic – Keyless Deadbolt

Built on a state-of-the-art design with inbuilt 3D optical sensors, “Aegis’’ is the robust fingerprint door lock that many users found ideal for both office and home use. The aluminum heavy duty structure and design cannot be broken into.

Aegis provides triple security with fingerprint, pin code and key entry. It is also fitted with a deadbolt lock that provides increased security. Considering its incredibly high performance and features, Aegis is priced very low. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

At a glance – quick recap!

  • High performance 3D optical sensors
  • Three reliable ways to access- fingerprint, pin code and mechanical key
  • DIY easy installation guide
  • Fitted with a deadbolt for added security
  • Aluminum, strong body with doubled steel lock panel

10) Adel Ls9 Biometric Lock

If you are someone who wants style with security, this state of the art door is designed just right for you. Featuring three different ways to unlock by fingerprint verification passcodes and through a mechanical key, Adel ls9 is security and ease personified. Built on Adel patented low-power technology DSP fingerprint chip that can store up to 120 fingerprints.

It is powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries that will last a considerably long time. It also has a low-voltage alarm. Adel Ls9 functions on an anti-pick mechanism with 9V external power supply. Another exciting feature of this lock is its passage mode for business or commercial uses, particularly for conferences. This feature makes it ideal for household use, offices, schools and even banks.

At a glance – quick recap!

  • Three ways to unlock through fingerprint, passcode and a mechanical key
  • Store and recognize up to 120 fingerprints
  • Built on ADEL low power DSP fingerprint detection chip
  • Powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries
  • Low voltage alarm
  • Anti-pick technology
  • Special passage mode for commercial use
  • Easy installation and maintenance


The best choice when it comes to a secure door lock packed with all the necessary features is undoubtedly Samsung SHS-P910 digital door lock. If cost is not a barrier to you, investing in Samsung’s powerful and sophisticated door lock is a good idea.

The second best in the league is the Digital Door Lock Korea Keyless FingerPrint Epic EF-8000LR, which has very positive reviews from all users. Cost may be a barrier to few, but the features of this reliable door lock pay off the investment.

For both home and commercial use, Samsung SHS-P910 and Korea Keyless are good options. If you are on a budget or are on the hunt for a fingerprint door lock that caters to simple requirements for household or a small unit, LineMark Fingerprint reader or iTouchless Bio-Matic Fingerprint Door Lock are good choices. You get nearly all the working, innovation, style and features that accompany the best fingerprint door locks in these two at a very affordable price.

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