10 Best portable chargers to buy in 2018

We do have everything in the latest gadgets instead of an unlimited battery life. That’s when a need for a portable charger jumps. Because smartphones take care of our personal work well enough, we can’t stay offline even for a while.

Most flagship smartphones batteries even don’t last for 24 hours because of the QWHD displays and high resolutions, and it is a lot important than ever to get a good portable charger for your phone.

But how to choose the best portable mobile charger in 2018 is quite tricky. There are 100s of brands and different features to choose from. Most of us get puzzled in buying the best for our needs.

Best Portable Chargers 2018

Luckily we have done hours of research to get you the list of the 10 best portable chargers. Powered with all essential features, from wallet-sized to universal ones and good battery juice.

So if you are a Gamer, Student, Traveller, Businessmen, or even regardless of your profession, you will definitely find a great portable charger below!

Our list includes power banks that are compatible with the latest iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8, LG V6 and Huawei Mate 10.

1. Jackery Bolt (6,000mAh)

Simply the best portable charger for everyday use!

Jackery Bolt has everything for an all-rounder battery pack. Powered by a powerful 6,000 mAh battery and the most demanded combination of a built-in lightning and micro USB cables.

The lightning cable is Apple MFI certified, in case you were wondering. Whereas the micro-USB cable delivers rocket fast charging output of up to 2.4A. There’s an extra USB port to charge three devices at once, isn’t that cool?

Charging an iPhone 7 for up to 2.5 times, or a Galaxy S7 up to 1.5 times isn’t a big deal for Jackery Bolt. You can even charge this power bank and use it as a charger simultaneously, thanks to “pass through” charging technology. Whereas a 2A charger can get it fully charged within 3hours, without pass-through obviously.

Moreover, 6 ounces are no big deal to carry around with a premium aluminum casing. And what’s better than a bright flashlight to stop you from using smartphone flashlight all the time. You will even get used to a bit dim charging indicator LEDs in no time, so don’t worry!

From high-quality cells, an intelligent chipset to the robust design, Jackery promises you a long-term warranty relation of 18 mighty months. There are many more reasons why it’s winning hearts and high ratings all over the internet.

It’s currently available for an exclusive Sale on Amazon for around $26, so don’t forget to check it out!

2. GMYLE® (2,500mAh) with built-in lightning & Micro USB cable

pocket portable charger

Simply the best portable charger for your wallet!

Every wallet deserves this credit card sized portable charger, no matter what! Because Gmyle is seriously working very hard to deliver what we need.

This wallet companion can power up mostly all our latest flagships with up to 1 extra life. Powered by a 2500mAh battery controlled with a premium microchip, and built-in cable takes it apart from the competition. Other wallet chargers either didn’t have built-in cords, or the output was below 1A.

Although it also won’t charge faster with a 1A output flow but all our Apple, Android and even Windows fans are well assured of the compatibility. It’s built with ultra-reliable LiPo battery with 500 charge cycles backed by 12 months of Gmyle warranty.

You can choose from some new casings to tease your friends and power up your dead smartphone in no time. It’s apparently not an all-rounder, but it’s best for business oriented people looking for a charge with some extra class.

It’s around 10 bucks on Amazon which seems like a great investment for emergency charging events. Gmyle says it won’t hurt your phone, sit tight in your wallet and will be there Asap!

3. Anker PowerCore+ mini (3,350mAh) – Compact portable charger

Simply the best pocket-sized portable charger!

Anker’s booming sale records are directly related to the quality and reliability of its products. The PowerCore series have been Amazon’s best seller from a very long time, and similar is the case with PowerCore mini.

You can call it a pocket-sized beast filled with 3350mAh of juice. It can charge nearly all standard smartphones from 0 to 100% very effectively.

Equipped with high-quality cells from Panasonic along with Anker’s smart PowerIQ technology. This lipstick-sized portable charger is a must-have pocket accessory.

It will take around 3.5 hours to fully charge using a 1A standard charger. That’s what it will need to be your smartphone’s power source for a very long time. As Anker promises an 18-month warranty and great customer support.

Good news is the color variety available from jet black to rose gold and much more. The round aluminum casing and the optimal size makes it very easy to carry around. On the other hand, the premium color variety is great to tease your friends.

So if you are fashionable and looking ahead for an efficient pocket portable charger, Anker PowerCore mini is truly the one. It’s an Amazon bestseller with a very affordable price tag of around $15.

4. Anker PowerCore (10,000mAh) – High-speed charging technology power bank for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy

One of the lightest and fastest portable charger!

With more than 10 million happy users around the globe, Anker is the most renowned brand in portable charger industry.

It offers a great variety of chargers for every different use, we can’t even think of. But what we can is this 10,000 mAh beast with ultra-compact design and fast charging ability.

Charging an iPhone 7 or a Galaxy S7 up to three times isn’t a big deal. Faster than the standard USB chargers with up to 2.4A output flow. PowerIQ makes it even safer to detect and deliver optimal power, along with Anker’s intelligent VoltageBoost technology.

It’s well equipped with high-quality batteries connected to Anker’s secretly insane microchips. But we don’t have “pass-through” feature followed by a single USB port and what’s worst than charging it overnight to get it full.

Well, that may be because not everyone carries more than one smartphone usually. And 10K mAh is just enough juice for personal use over a week. Good news is that you won’t need to plug the smartphone into the wall charger anymore, so chill.

Overall it’s amazing and effortless to carry around, that’s why we have 5-star ratings from 3K plus buyers on Amazon. And what’s better than an affordable price tag of around $25, backed by Anker’s 18-months warranty?

5. Dulla M50000 (12,000mAh) – Ultra slim design with 2 USB ports

Sleek n Stylish portable charger with premium looks and enough juice!

Apple wasn’t a brand until we recognized it, and so is Dulla today. It’s simply the sexiest portable charger in Amazon’s top seller list along with 4.5 plus ratings.

It’s powered by a high quality 12,000 mAh battery, but the ultra-slim design and lightweight take it apart from 12K mAh power bank competition.

The build quality is as good as an iPhone 7, and so are the colors. It’s aimed at stylish people with premium gadgets, looking to charge with an extra class. It’s a perfect fit for a branded purse or travelers bag and even for a slim laptop bag.

Dulla isn’t sold just for the looks, but it has industry standard hardware packed inside. You’ll get a safe yet quick charge of around 2A from the dual USB setup. That means, an iPhone 7 can get 5 more lives instantly, or an iPad Pro up to 1.5 full charges. Where Nintendo Switch can even get 2 more lives.

Dulla exclusively offers a 30-Days money back guarantee along with 18-months of warranty. So if you are fashionable enough to grab this killer charger, it’ll just cost you around $20. Seems just too perfect as a gift for fathers day or mothers day and even birthdays.

6. Anker PowerCore (20,100mAh) – Ultra high capacity power bank with 4.8A output

Simply the best portable charger for capacity!

You won’t know why we included Anker’s charger for the third time until you use it. But this time we are concerned about more capacity for pro users looking ahead to a 20K mAh portable charger.

Let’s stop thinking about the quality or reliability and move ahead to what it’s capable of doing. PowerCore 20100 can charge an iPhone 7 up to seven times, an iPad mini up to four times and a Galaxy S7 up to 5 times.

It’s just enough for a week of personal charging requirements. Along with the efficient supply of up to 4.8A with PowerIQ and voltage boost technology, depending on the device you plug. All your smartphones, gaming consoles, and tablets can use it hassle-free.

Although it’ll need an overnight charge of around 10 hours using a 2A charger. But that’s enough for a week or maybe a month, depending on your use.

With more than 8,000 reviews and 4.5 mighty stars on Amazon, PowerCore 20100 is the most recommended portable charger all over the web. Neatly engineered for travelers, students, and power gadget users.

Again, you are well assured for 18-months along with a very affordable price tag of around $40.

7. EasyAcc (20,000mAh) – Rugged, fast charger with IP67 Waterproof

Simply the best Rugged Outdoor portable charger!

Do you love hiking, swimming, jumping and bumping outdoors? Trust me this is the one!

EasyAcc’s outdoor portable charger is IP67 waterproof certified, meaningly it’s dust resistant, and shocks won’t hurt it a bit. There’s a huge list of official certifications to brighten these claims.

It’s built for athletes and hardcore sportsmen who can’t live without immortal gadgets. EasyAcc used industrial grade cosmetics and high-quality cells to ensure maximum rugged portability.

It’s powerful from outside and so is from inside, with a 20,000mAh battery. You can charge all the latest gadgets and even old ones, efficiently with 2.4A per port. That’s enough for an iPhone 7 to get seven more free lives.

Although you’ll need a 2A charger to get it 100% in around 12hours, but that’s ok for risk-averse outdoor players. The 18-month industry standard warranty remains the same where you won’t believe that it’s just around $50 on Amazon.

8. RavPower (20,100mAh)

The first portable charger with Quick Charge 3.0 & USB-C support!

RavPower is also one of the best portable charger manufacturers just like Anker. What makes it unique is the quickest self-charging feature using a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology. It only takes 4.5 hours to get this 20K mAh beast to fully get ready.

And that’s what makes it a top ten bestseller on Amazon and one of the most discussed portable charger. It won’t only charge fast, but we have three different ports to use it like a pro.

There’s a standard USB output with a 2.4A flow, a QC 3.0, and the most beloved USB-C. Let’s not get into the useless debate of how fast it can charge, but it can get an iPhone 7 fully charged up to seven times. Or an iPad Air up to 1.5 times, and what’s better than Apple Mackbook compatibility?

You will be aware of the remaining juice with the bright LED indicators and get around either your LG G6 or HTC 10 in no time.

It’s aimed at professional media users who can’t stay alive with a dead phone. Even gamers are in love with it, despite the fact that it ain’t lightweight. But who cares when some insane charges are waiting for just around $50.

9. Aukey (30,000mAh)

A more powerful portable charger with Quick Charge 3.0 & Lightning Input!

Aukey is doing a great job with this insane power bank. It’s 30,000 mAh enough for the whole family on a vacation trip or camping!

Although it won’t charge as fast as the previous listing because we only have Quick Charge 3.0 output. Meaningly you can get fast charges instantly, but the charger will take hours to get there. There’s also AiPower port to rapidly charge non-Quick Charge compatible devices on the go.

Overall as we observed an iPhone 7 can get ten mighty charges or the iPad Pro up to 2.5 times. Along with secure elements inside it’s nicely build from the outside too. But the weight is a serious problem, you can’t carry it in a pocket.

The red, green, and white LED indicators on the power button will notify about the juice left. Overall it’s powerful and densely capacitive for a week or even month.

Aimed for professional uses and even outdoors along with 24 mighty months of warranty and a very affordable price tag of around $50. It’s worth every penny to invest in this daddy of power banks.

10. RavPower (20,100mAh)

The best universal portable charger ever made!

Ever heard of a portable charger with 110V AC output? Luckily they do exist, and this one’s the best of all. It’s more of a power outlet that is practically portable where others are too heavy to even carry in a bag!

You can get all your GoPros, drones, lamps and even vacuum cleaners powered on the go. Along with a USB-C 5V/3A port and a USB 5V/2.4A port. That’s a great combination of ports you will ever find in a universal power bank.

It’s equipped with iSmart technology to rapidly charge an iPhone 7 up to six times, a Galaxy S7 4.5 times and a Macbook more than once. 20K mAh battery is quite a lot of power and weight. But RavPower has trimmed the shape to make it travel-friendly.

You don’t even need to worry about short-circuits, heat or also overcharge, RavPower’s inboard chipset is quite intelligent.

The best part is that it can get 100% charging within 4 hours using the grounded type-A plug adapter. And what’s even better than a travel pouch included in the box?

All these powerful goodies are packed for a price tag of $145 along with a 24-month hassle free warranty. It’s just too good for a long journey or a tour abroad and maybe more.


Ranging from wallet-sized to universal portable chargers, users have enormous options to charge their gadgets on the go. After deeply studying and researching the entire market, Jackery Bolt remains our top pick. Considering the fact that it’s the best for everyone to use every day along with built-in cords and enough juice. The discounted price tag of $26 was another reason to consider it a must-have portable charger.

Where Anker PowerCore 10,000 mAh is our second choice. It has more juice along with faster charging technology and luckily is pretty easy to carry around in your pocket. The price tag of $25 is too very affordable for a 10K mAh power bank, and that’s why Anker PowerCore is a best seller on Amazon with thousands of positive reviews.

Third place goes to RavPower (8th in the list) because 20,000 mAh battery is insanely amazing. And what’s better than getting it full within 4.5 hours? It offers Quick Charge 3.0 and USB-C support which means all your gadgets can get multiple charges in half of the time. For such a fantastic deal, $50 isn’t a huge price tag!

In the end, it’s all up to your personal requirements to choose the best fitted portable charger. We tried our best to cover all the needs that our readers have. Hopefully, you have picked one already, so do let us know in the comments section below.

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