How to clean a computer monitor screen?

We all come to that time of the week when our monitor’s screen has unpleasant smudges making it difficult for us to clearly see the display. The dirt, dust and finger mark obscure the screen and proves to be distracting while you watch your favorite movies or play video games. Although these dirty smudges will not damage your computer in any way but it is a loud call for you to finally clean your monitor!

The Do’s and Do Not’s of Cleaning the PC Monitor

  • The most common practice of cleaning the monitor screen is dampening an old shirt and wiping it all over the screen. But not everyone realizes this is something that can be damaging to the screen and should be avoided at all costs.
  • Another thing that should be evaded by large is cleaning your computer monitor with corrosive solutions. Many seemingly harmless liquid cleaners specifically the ones that are ammonia-based can severely damage the monitor by attacking anti-reflective films on the screen and cause it to cloud.
  • It is important to take into account that monitors are no longer the big glass bulbs that they used to be in the 90’s. The newer versions that we have now at homes and offices are much more sensitive.
  • Wiping screens with paper towels and damp rag clothes may seem like an ideal solution, but on a microscopic level they can be abrasive too and may hoard particles of sands, dust etc that can scratch your screen.
  • Also spraying liquid cleaners directly on the screen can cause them to pool in the corners or worse seep into the weaker holes into your monitor, causing the device to malfunction.

So what is the right way to clean your computer monitor?

PC monitorStep 1: Power off your monitor and any connected electronic device. And unplug it from the switch before you proceed with the cleaning.

Step 2: If you wish to simply dust the laptop, you can resort to using compressed air and then follow by gently wiping the screen down with a microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloth is very soft and is ideal for picking up dust and absorbs any oils from the surface. But it does not damage the screen in any way. Make sure you use the cloth only once or twice and then discard it.

Step 3: For a more thorough cleaning, you can dampen the microfiber cloth with distilled water. The cloth should not be too wet or water may run down the monitor’s surfaces and collect in tiny crevices. If your monitor is a bit too dirty, then proceed with mixing equal amounts of distilled water with regular household vinegar.

Step 4: Apply the solution to the cloth and wipe it across the screen, avoiding rubbing in circular motions. Keep your hand light and sweep the cloth gently across the screen from side to side and top to bottom. Use light pressure and wide sweeping motions from side to side or top to bottom. These cleaning techniques may sound trivial but will go a long way in salvaging your monitor from a costly imminent repair in future.

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