Best Gaming Monitors 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Gaming has revolutionized the use of monitors, and the powerful tech giants have hopped into the competition once again. This ever-growing battle ultimately benefits the users since each manufacturer is keen to develop an even better Gaming monitor.

People love games, but they do not know how to choose an appropriate monitor for a superior gaming experience that does not only serve the purpose but offers a perfect balance between price and features.

Best Gaming Monitors 2018

The post below summarizes best monitors for gaming. Some of the following are 4K monitors which provide a perfectly stunning gaming experience. All monitors included in our list have Full HD, 4K, 2K, and Curved monitors with Refresh rate up to 240Hz and Response time of 1ms. All are compatible for latest PS4 Pro, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

1. ASUS ROG SWIFT PG27AQ – G-SYNC Gaming Monitor

This is one of the most alluring 4K gaming monitors available in the market. If you are fond of vibrant colors, a reasonably sized screen and most importantly, if you have a decent budget to afford an absolute luxury, then this is the best gaming monitor for you. Even though it seems a slightly expensive choice, but the features it offers makes the product worth every penny. Its elegant screen and overall design are just perfect for blending with the seam and facilitating you to enjoy the game. Apart from that, the availability of NVIDIA G-sync enables the monitor to provide a smooth and optimum experience without distorting the video quality by any means.


With a prominent gaming logo incorporated on the base, classy stand to hold the screen and multiple sharp angles make this monitor curvy, which is appraised by every gamer in the World. If we compare it with the traditional resolution of a monitor with 27” display, ASUS’s ROG SWIFT PG27A offers 50% higher resolution, raising the pixel density to 163 PPI.

Screen size: 27-inch | Resolution: 3840×2160 | Refresh rate: 60Hz | Response time: 4ms | Panel technology: IPS | Inputs: DisplayPort, HDMI, 3.55mm Mini-Jack | USB:  2x USB 3.0, 1x upstream


  • 4ms response time
  • G-Sync
  • Adjustable orientation of the screen
  • HDMI ports
  • Robust speakers provide an ultimate audio quality


  • Even though it is one of the best monitors for gaming, the cost factor might halt your buying choice.
  • The refresh rate is reasonably low (60 Hz) so it won't provide an extraordinary experience for competitive and hardcore gamers.

2. ACER PREDATOR XB271HK – NVIDIA G-Sync Widescreen Display

Acer has dished out a marvel for the gamers. Predator XB271HK has captured a significant attention, and the credit goes to its exceptional and robust performance, sleek yet ‘demanding’ design and a perfect touch of technology embedded in its cores. Even after using the monitor for several hours, you would not feel fatigued or drained out because of the latest technology nested behind the screen which makes it an ergonomic hardware.

Design and Technical Info:

This 27” beast has a maximum adjustable height of 5.91″, enabling the gamer to enjoy a vivid view of the battlefield. With an IPS display and 4ms response time, you get to experience the real and ‘lustful’ dynamics of gaming on one of the World’s best gaming monitors. Acer Predator comes with 3.0 USB ports, allowing you to use the mouse, keyboard, and other attachable hardware with greater efficiency and response time.

Video and Audio:

While the monitor supports 1.07 billion colors, it also offers a reasonably fast refresh rate of 60Hz. Another sleek advantage is that it nests NVIDIA G-Sync and a brightness factor of 300 Nit, enabling the gamer to live in an ultimate galaxy of euphoria. A very ‘vibrant’ factor which makes it one of the best gaming monitors, is its ability to deliver an ideal combination of sounds together with an untearable video quality.

Screen size: 27-inch | Resolution: 3840×2160 | Refresh rate: 60Hz | Response time: 4ms | Panel technology: IPS | Inputs: 4- USB 3.0 Ports, HDMI & Display Port


  • Supports these inputs and ports: USB/HDMI/DisplayPort
  • Energy efficient (71.5 W and 420 mW at standby)
  • MPR II environmental certification
  • 4K display
  • NVIDIA G-Sync


  • It is an expensive machine for a casual gamer
  • The refresh rate is not optimum for top-notch games and hardcore gamers.

3. SAMSUNG UE590 – UHD LED-Lit Monitor with Freesync support

Samsung has always stunned its customer base regarding efficient technology combined with attractive prices. So if you are a gamer who is evenly curious about the price factor, then Samsung UE590 UHD Monitor is probably your best shot.

Every game carries a merit. As a pro gamer, you must realize that for certain games topping the charts every time, there should be a reliable and responsive monitor to enhance your experience even further. That is the point where Samsung UE590 intervenes.

Design and Performance:

Samsung has provided a very glossy and stylish finish to one of its top trending gaming monitors. Offering a huge 28” screen together with 4K Ultra HD Picture quality, it offers an incredible picture quality and support for 1 billion colors. This is indeed a heaven for regular gamers. Whether the objects move at high speed or they move in slow motion, the AMD FreeSync technology with 1ms response time enables you to get a realistic experience of each and every game.

Moreover, the combination of this technology allows you to view every scene of the game with significantly diminished image tearing and rich in pixels. Since it supports 1 billion colors, the gamer has a significant leverage to enjoy the great detail of the picture.

Furthermore, it is one of the best gaming monitors in the World, so it enables multitasking as well while maintaining full HD quality of the source. So if you are a gamer but at the same time, you are willing to watch a video on the same screen, you would never be disappointed.

Samsung UE590 is sleekly designed to provide an optimized experience. For fulfilling that promise, it has an eye saver mode at the click of a button. This mode reduces the emission of blue light from the screen. As a result, the user can enjoy the game with more pleasant and comfortable view.

Screen size: 28-inch | Resolution: 3840×2160 | Refresh rate: 60Hz | Response time: 1ms | Panel technology: TN panel with a viewing angle of 170°(H) / 160°(V) | Inputs: HDMI & Display Port


  • Metallic silver base
  • 4K UHD quality
  • AMD FreeSync provided
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Refresh rate: 60 Hz
  • PIP 2.0 enables efficient multitasking
  • HDMI version 2.0
  • 2 HDMI output
  • Inexpensive


  • Refresh rate is 60 Hz which might not be the best option for a lot of gamers

4. ASUS MG28UQ – 4K FreeSync Gaming Monitor

ASUS has a very loyal customer base, and it has only become possible because of a sheer commitment towards technology and supreme quality. They roll with the innovation, and that’s what keeps them at the top. This economically priced monitor nests incredibly robust set of technologies which do not only diminish the blue light emission but satisfy the expectations raised due to its physical appearance.

Well, the idea is very simple. If a monitor cannot make it seem real to the user, its rating is nullified. That is the area where ASUS has specifically worked upon, making this monitor their symbol of pride


Apart from enjoying the position of being ASUS’s masterpiece, MG28UQ has the honor of topping the charts of World’s best 4K gaming monitor. It has an extravagant 28” UHD display, glorifying the gamer’s experience from all perspectives. It offers a pixel density of 157PPI, enabling you to see each and every detail of the image/video.

When you spend an amount on availing such luxuries, there is a rational demand to get the most out of the product. For catering to that ‘lust,’ the screen has enough space to facilitate multitasking.


The hardware is useless if it does not offer an efficient and swift response. That is the reason why ASUS has invested several bucks for diminishing the response time to just 1ms, which is incredible! So if your game requires you to act swiftly, like in COD, Medal of Honor, Need for Speed, then you are in dire need of this monitor since you cannot waste a second and are bound to act sharply while playing.

For embellishing your experience, the monitor embeds GamePlus technology, allowing you to choose and fine-tune four different crosshairs, even if the game does not offer such feasibility.


  • 28” large screen
  • 4K IPS display
  • AMD FreeSync
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Comes with EyeCare Technology
  • Supports 5-way OSD joystick


  • It offers a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which slightly hinders the likelihood of top gamers being attracted to it.

5. ACER B286HK – Widescreen Display with ErgoStand

Acer has taken the lead again when we talk about customizability, durability, great design and economical price. It is one of the best monitors for gaming, and that is quite easily proved since it can run almost any game and stun the users. By rotating the screen and using further adjustments, you could enjoy a very vivid view while enabling you to perform multitasking with a breeze.


If we try to gauge the quality of hardware feasibility, it surpasses some renowned monitors. With USB 3.0 ports, it enables the gamer to connect an array of hardware and play the game with enhanced response time as compared with USB 2.0.

Moreover, the monitor nests Acer EcoDisplay technology to reduce power consumption so that you could play for prolonged hours without having to worry about the bill. It also makes the hardware more environment-friendly.


For making it one of the best 4K gaming monitors, Acer has incorporated Adaptive Contrast Management to display each color vibrantly and on merit. It also allows you to customize the display settings with the help of Acer eColor and play games with sharply detailed images. For projecting the visual quality, Acer enables its customers to perform 6-axis color tuning for adjusting cyan, yellow, magenta, blue, red and green color independently. Its 4K UHD display and support for 16.7 million colors, make the stuff even more alluring for the gamers.

Apart from all these features, the monitor also comes with two built-in speakers powered by 2W.


  • 28” inches screen
  • 4K display for ultimate gaming experience
  • Response time is 2 ms
  • 5 USB 3.0 ports (facilitating efficient and responsive usage of external hardware)
  • Tilt-able/adjustable
  • Incredibly low operating power
  • Display customizability options


  • Slightly inaccurate viewing angles as it does not offer IPS display

6. ACER PREDATOR X34 – Curved UltraWide QHD Display for Gamers

This very monitor is mainly designed to facilitate the gamers enjoy an enhanced luxury. It is indeed a step further into an entirely different galaxy of gaming since the outer design is as good as its robust performance. Its curved screen makes the whole experience fascinating than ever before and makes everything seem real.

The NVIDIA G-Sync enhances the gaming experience to a whole new level, guaranteeing the diminishing of lagging to its extreme low. It is rational to understand that the sleek design and curvature has helped Predator a lot in making it one of the best gaming monitors.

However, the customizable LED lights on keyboard and mouse add a lot to its value and make it stand out of the competition while providing a comprehensive environment for gaming. It has a refresh rate of 100 Hz, which ensures that the gamer reacts promptly to any stimuli within the game. Its 4ms response time makes action and arcade gaming even easier.

This monitor is a pure addiction, no doubts in that. Its IPS display makes you forget everything and enhance focus towards the game. With robust technologies, the screen tearing is reduced to a great extent which embellishes the overall standard of Acer Predator. Apart from its elegant performance and curvature, there is an array of other factors contributing to its vitality. Predator comes with stylish lighting at front and rear, giving you the real feeling of a predator!

It also offers GameView technology, empowering the aim points so you can enjoy the luxury of accurate shots – just like a hunter! One of the premium features rests in its audio capability as the Predator offers two built-in speakers, 7 Watts each.


  • Curved IPS screen
  • NVIDIA G-Sync
  • Zero frame increases the screen size and makes it look sleek
  • Tilt and height adjustment
  • Aluminum base
  • Under glow
  • Refresh rate: 100 Hz
  • Screen size: 34.”


  • If compared with other monitors of same category and price range, its response time is at least double.
  • Expensive

7. ASUS MG278Q – 1ms Response time and 144Hz refresh rate

This display is ASUS’s darling which promotes the use of games having vibrant colors. Its overall hardware design is quite flexible which allows the gamer to set up the monitor with utmost ease. To sum up its flexibility, it is wise to say that the monitor blends with your posture. Since it offers FreeSync, you have the liberty to play any game without even a shadow of video lagging.

Display and Design:

This is one of the World’s best gaming monitor, and its display says it all. ASUS’s Marvel has a robust 27” screen with 2K WQHD resolution. The incorporation of FreeSync technology enables it to run all the games with utmost perfection and without a shadow of lag. Moreover, it also has EyeCare technology, which diminishes the emission of blue light and enhances the user experience by being eye friendly.

If you love varying your monitor’s orientation while playing, then you should consider this option as it facilitates 360 degrees rotation. Whether you want to swivel it, adjust the height, or you just want to rotate it about the pivot, it responds to your touch with grace.


Its performance is the just pinnacle. Once you test it to the limits, you won’t have any doubts about its versatility. ASUS MG278Q offers an astounding response time of merely 1ms which makes it a perfect option for swift gaming movies. Moreover, it also provides a refresh rate of 144 Hz.

The hardware compatibility is yet another feature of this monitor as it supports the speedy signal transmission of all external hardware, let it be the mouse or keyboard.


  • 27” inches screen
  • AMD Freesync for superior gaming
  • EyeCare Technology
  • GameView technology
  • Refresh rate of 144Hz
  • Affordable


  • Offers 2K display while a lot of monitors falling in this range attract customers by providing 4K display

8. ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278QR – 1ms 165Hz G-SYNC LCD Gaming Screen

ROG SWIFT is the pride of ASUS, and you would realize it once we go through its features. Apart from being a competitor in its fleet, this monitor revolutionized the gaming industry by pioneering the launch of 4K HDR gaming display. So it is rational to declare this monster the king of the battlefield.

Design, Display, and Performance:

ASUS has incorporated an array of robust technologies behind its 27” screen, making it one of the best gaming monitors. It offers 4K HDR display combined with an incredible refresh rate of 165Hz, ensuring that you enjoy the best playing time.

It also nests NVIDIA G-Sync which ensures that the screen never lags, no matter how heavy and dense your game quality is. To enhance smoother gradation and elevate the feeling of realism, ASUS has installed quantum dot IPS display in the monitor. So whether you wish to play a racing game or any action game, just get on the seat and turn on your monitor to start rolling.

The monitor also facilitates an array of options for external hardware connectivity, and the ports are quite fast to ensure that the signal transfer efficiency is at its optimum.


  • EyeCare technology ensure that the gamer enjoys a tear-free experience
  • 27” Inches 4K HDR display
  • Powerful ports (USB 3.0)
  • NVIDIA G-Sync
  • IPS display
  • Refresh rate of 165Hz
  • Response time: 1ms


  • Even though its versatility satisfies the cost, but it is slightly expensive for a lot of gaming enthusiasts.

9. ACER PREDATOR XB321HK – 4K IPS NVIDIA G-Sync Widescreen Display

This model of Predator stands out from the mainstream competition both regarding expensiveness and the lavish features. Whether we talk about its performance or the design, this monitor is just perfect for running all kinds of games.


Talking about the screen, Predator’s panel hunts down your attention by swallowing you inside its 32” capacity.  It is impossible that such an expensive and state-of-the-art gaming laptop refrains from offering a variety of perks like 4K UDR display and IPS technology.

The incorporation of these technologies with the blend of a variety of others enables the gaming experience to reach new heights of delight. To make each image perfectly detailed from all angles, Acer Predator has offered a brightness of 350 cd per meter square. Screen flickering is always on the verge of causing eye strain and headache in regular games, but not anymore!

It has diminished flickering to its extremely low level. The IPS technology enables you to view vibrant colors at all instances, no matter what your angle be.


Acer Predator offers a refresh rate of 60 Hz and a response time of 4ms. Together with this, it also comes with built-in speakers, providing an ultimate experience to the user.

You might be surprised Acer Predater XB252Q bmiprz is quite expensive gaming monitor and we've found a number of flaws like Refresh rate and Response time. Nope it's not true, Acer Predator is one of the top-notch monitor series only marketed towards gaming enthusiast.

​This particular display has many different models and display sizes. All have its own unique features like the Full HD model 24-Inch model has Refresh rate of 240Hz using Display port and Response time of 1ms and the current sale price on Amazon is $529.99. 


  • 4K UHD display
  • IPS Display Technology
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • 32” screen size
  • 4- USB 3.0 Ports, HDMI & Display Port)


  • Expensive when compared to its features and other monitors in the list.
  • Does not support swiveling
  • Maximum adjustable height is just 120 mm
  • Refresh rate is halted at 60 Hz
  • Response time is 4ms

10. ASUS PG348Q – 34-Inch Ultra-wide Curved Gaming Monitor

Now that’s what we call a true monster filled with a rainbow of colors and sleekness! This monitor by ASUS comes in 34″ wide QHD display. It is a curved gaming monitor offering an utterly blissful gaming experience with an aspect ratio of 21:9, perfect for a panoramic view.

To enhance its display quality, ASUS has enabled 100Hz refresh rate into this machine. It increases the response time significantly. Together with NVIDIA G-Sync, this incredible refresh rate facilitates the gamer to have an unparalleled experience with the utmost versatility of colors.

Moreover, it also offers a very dynamic color scheme to provide a dedicated look and feel. The EyeCare technology embedded behind its huge IPS panel reduces the intensity of blue light emission to prevent your eyes from damage.

The curved panel helps a great deal in enjoying the realistic experience of the battlefield if you are playing an action game.  The Game Centric Enhancements elevate the standard of gaming experience to a whole new level. Furthermore, if you want to play the game with multiple views at the same time, the multi-display capability enables you to do that with absolute ease.


  • 34” large display
  • Sleek design
  • Curved panel
  • Overclock-able 100Hz refresh rate
  • Turbo key (enable toggling of refresh rates)
  • Panoramic view
  • 4 USB 3.0 ports
  • EyeCare Technology


  • Expensive
  • Even though it has a built in FPS counter, it works with G-Sync only


It is quite evident that the market is dense and there is an array of new technology emerging each day. With such an incredible market growth, you need to filter out your requirements and realize your budget before getting any monitor. This blog post sums up ten best gaming monitors of varying budget and specifications, ensuring that it caters to each and every one of you.

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