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Is your iPhone slowing down? Its the battery not the software updates

Apple might sell more phones than any other company (Samsung comes close to Apple in that regard and has even beaten it in several quarterly reports), but that does not save it from the hate Android fanboys and its user base gives it. The latest drama is that iPhones are slowing down, not because of your software updates, but it is thanks to the battery degradation.

s your iPhone slowing down? Its the battery not the software updates

As silly as this might sound, this time it is not the software updates that are responsible for slowing down your iPhone, it is the battery. One Reddit user replaced the iPhone 6s battery and it solved all problems for that user. Geekbench scores were higher than ever, according to what was reported in the thread.

“My iPhone 6S has been very slow these past few weeks, and even after updating multiple times, it was still slow. Couldn’t figure out why, but just thought that iOS 11 was still awful to me. Then I used my brother’s iPhone 6 Plus and his was… faster than mine? This is when I knew something was wrong. So, I did some research, and decided to replace my battery. Wear level was somewhere around 20% on my old battery. I did a Geekbench score, and found I was getting 1466 Single and 2512 Multi. This did not change wether I had low power mode on or off. After changing my battery, I did another test to check if it was just a placebo. Nope. 2526 Single and 4456 Multi. From what I can tell, Apple slows down phones when their battery gets too low, so you can still have a full days charge. This also means your phone might be very slow for no discernible reason. Check your Geekbench scores and see what you get if your phone is still slow!

TL;DR Apple slows down phones with low capacity batteries, replacing it makes them full speed again. Check Geekbench Scores.”

Has your phone been slowing down thanks to a battery problem? You might want to swap out that old battery with a brand new one if you want it to work like new.


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