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Dell announces its first UltraSharp 27-inch 4K HDR10 Monitor for Creative Professionals

Dell announced its first UltraSharp 27-inch 4K HDR Monitor at the National Association of Broadcasters conference. Recently with the emerging utilization of technology, many well known established companies like Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic have been the primary paramount of HDR10 technology development. At the NAB 2017, Dell also took a step towards joining the league […]

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Best 4K Monitors 2018 starting from $300

The 4K technology is evolving and content production is on the boom and I believe 2018 is the year to upgrade your 1080p computer monitor to 4k! It is everywhere from streaming (Netflix) to Gaming and Cameras. Didn’t you watch 4K YouTube videos yet? Or Streaming Netflix? Even gaming industry and studios are releasing games. Will you […]

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