Top Vshare Alternative Apps for iOS: No Jailbreak Required

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Vshare is a third-party app store for iOS devices, just like iTunes app store. But it differs from built-in app stores in many ways. Vshare offer thousands of paid mobile apps totally free for iOS devices. It also contains many free apps that are restricted to built-in app stores. Compatible with multi-platforms and incredible developer support, Vshare is widely used as a primary app store by many.

Either you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 7, 8, 9, or even 10; Vshare works like a charm on all iOS devices without jailbreak. Although there is a lot more to fall in love with this app in no time. But still, there can be some valid reasons to look out for Vshare alternative apps.

If you haven’t tried Vshare app market yet, try it once before you move on to apps like Vshare,

Now there can be three main reasons to switch from Vshare to better alternatives,

  1. You are unable to install Vshare on iOS device without Jailbreak.
  2. It’s crashes or lags over time, and you want to try out apps like Vshare that are more stable.
  3. You think that Vshare is not safe and trusted enough to sit inside your smartphone.

It seems like you have already made your mind to try out other third-party app stores. We have included some of the most popular yet latest app market solutions for you. But remember ProGeeksBlog will not be held responsible for any kind of piracy by the apps or the readers. As these app markets may include cracked mobile apps for free, which is a great violation of law.

Best Alternative Apps for Non-Jailbroken iOS Devices:

1. HipStore:

HipStore is one of the leading third-party app stores with lots of free apps. It’s truly the best Vshare alternative with better interface and compatibility. Available for iOS 7, 8, and 9, HipStore contains nearly all restricted and paid mobile apps for free. It works great on non-jailbroken iOS devices and is no more available on iTunes app store anymore. Try out HipStore by following the simple guide given below.

2. AppCake:

AppCake is also a great app like Vshare, but it only serves iOS devices for instance. Apple fans love this app to get good hands on apps restricted by iTunes app store. This Vshare alternative is a very popular ad-free app installer in the iOS world. It offers working “.IPA” file links to instantly download and install them. Its developer support is also great with daily and even hourly app list updates.

AppCake is free for jailbroken iDevices, but for non-jailbroken ones, either you will have to buy it or follow a simple guide to install AppCake on iOS without jailbreak.


3. AppAddict:

AppAddict works on all iOS versions ranging from, iOS 8, 9 and even iOS 10. It is also tested to work on non-jailbroken iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. It offers a great variety of free iOS games and apps, but there’s a serious problem. You can easily install AppAddict on any iOS jailbroken device, but for non-jailbroken ones, the only option is to buy a premium membership.

So, if you are seriously looking for a very trusted and permanent replacement app like Vshare. And if you can spend few dollars for that cause, head over to the given link for more info.

4. KuaiYong:

Kuaiyong is a Chinese app market for iDevices that works on nearly any iOS version. It’s filled with thousands of paid and restricted iOS apps that you won’t really find on iTunes app store. It enables to download all the latest iOS themes, games, apps and tweaks for free. Kuaiyong is a stand-alone market app that can be installed directly from the web. But you need to follow some necessary instructions to install and change the language for your own convenience.

It’s compatible on iOS 9 and up to iOS 10, follow the guide to grab this Vshare alternative today.


iFunBox is a more of a iOS file management software for MacOS or Windows. It works just like iTunes software but has no obvious limitations. You can access iOS file system to make changes or even install IPA files very easily. That means you can Google for required “.ipa” files and plug in those apps to your iOS device using iFunBox without a jailbreak. It offers more additional features with great developer support.

iFunBox is free of cost and is available for both, MacOS and Windows-based PCs.

So, which Vshare alternative did you like the most? Do let us know in the comments below!

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