Best Drone to Buy in UK – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

The World is being hovered by drones now. These are equally appraised by hobbyists and videographers all across the Globe. However, a lot of people face difficulty in finding their best drone cameras.

After several hours of internet research and knowledge from my personal experience, I have created the list of the ten best drones camera. Regardless of your hobby, these drones are as equally as good when they are used for aerial photography and videography and when they are used for personal and commercial use.

Best Drone Reviews UK

drone for aerial photography and videographyYou must be skeptical about choosing a drone, and rationally, it is quite justified.

Even if you have a decent budget to afford this luxury, it is always a good idea to determine (regarding specs) whether you should buy a specific drone or not.

I am pretty sure and confident that our drone reviews will help you to buy the best drone and ensure that you won’t regret your choice.

We are working tirelessly to help our readers decide by doing the full detailed product review and comparisons with similar products within the same price range.

For buying the best drone suitable for your purpose, base your choice on the following factors:

  1. Size of the drone 
  2. Camera quality 
  3. Flying features

Now the requirements of these factors may vary (e.g., some people want large drones while others specifically look for a smaller size). That’s why, your drone should offer a combination of these factors, nearest to your requirements, so that you may perform stunning videography in your niche.

1. DJI Mavic Pro Review

When it comes to technical sophistication and an array of features nested within a drone’s portable body, nothing beats DJI’s Mavic Pro.

Power, speed, adventure, and control range, it caters to all of your needs. One of the fascinating features is Mavic’s ability to be folded as small as a bottle – what else could you possibly dream regarding portability? Hold on! Do not confuse its portability with quality. The drone is undoubtedly one of the premium products in its niche.

Mavic Pro is designed to operate in almost any environment. The sheer functionality is achieved with the help of Absolute Precision Flight Autonomy. It enables your ‘darling’ drone to maneuver with sharp precision, even in an environment full of obstacles.

The support of a gimbal enhances its ability to take stunning photographs with customizable axis alignment. Since it enjoys the distinction of being DJI’s most sophisticated drones, it is laced within 24 computing cores to perform each function ‘neatly’. Let it be the enhanced transmission system, obstacle avoidance technology or the vision sensors, the cores perform their duty diligently.

If you plan to use a drone for aerial photography or videography, you must be very curious about its ability to fly far away from the controller. That’s another factor making Mavic Pro one of the top and most recommended portable drone camera. It possesses the ability to fly within 4.3 miles radius of the controller, which is incredibly great.

Moreover, the drone possesses the ability to fly at a significant speed of 40 mph, enabling it to capture HQ video of fast-moving objects. Unlike a lot of its competitors, Mavic Pro has an exceptional stability, making it one of the best camera drones for shooting smooth footage. Whether you want to shoot indoor or outdoor, its GPS positioning system ensures that the images and video are captured with absolute accuracy.


  • Best portable drone
  • Extended transmission range
  • High speed for shooting fast moving objects
  • Flight time of 27 minutes
  • 4K video quality at 30 FPS
  • Camera: 12MP
  • Tracking features


  • Smartphone is must required to control
  • Not stable in high winds
  • Does not offer Automatic White Light Balancing. As a result, pictures/videos captured in bad light cause blue color interference

2. DJI Phantom 4 Pro Review

If you combine sleekness, rigidity and ultra-high performance, nothing comes close to the aerial supremacy of Phantom 4 Pro. Possessing an exceptional stack of cutting edge technology, Phantom 4 Pro can operate in any landscape.

The drone is an extension of Phantom 4 and exhibits a super light structure (made up of magnesium alloy) while maintaining its toughness. This combination has not only enhanced the durability, but the flight time has also increased if compared with its predecessors.

The Flight Autonomy system enables dual rear vision and infrared sensing, providing you with an ultimate and realistic flying experience.

It is a very realistic demand to search for a superior camera in drones – after all, such drones are bought to shoot videos. That is the area where Phantom 4 Pro excels while providing a 1-inch 20MP sensor. It enhances the video quality to a great extent (up to 4K).

Phantom 4 Pro is one of the few drones in this price range which offer a large aperture lens together with a mechanical shutter.When such gigantic drones fly into the air, they carry immense power.

To ensure smooth traveling, this drone is laced with an ability to detect obstacles from five dimensions while avoiding them in four directions. Rationally, it surpasses all mainstream expectations. So basically, if you are a professional photographer, dedicated to capturing images in tough terrains, this is an ideal product for you.

Its controller is yet another luxury, allowing you to view HD video transmission on the screen right in front of you. Phantom 4 Pro comes with an incredible technology, named ‘Draw.’ It allows you to draw a path on the screen and the drone will move in that direction while maintaining its preset altitude.

It has an incredible flight time of 30 minutes which cut off the hassle and enables a photographer to take even more stunning shots while enduring the drone to its extremes.


  • Large screen at the controller
  • Exceptional obstacle sensing and avoidance system
  • 4K videos
  • 20MP camera
  • Draw technology
  • Gesture mode enable you to capture selfies with greater ease
  • Extensive battery timing


  • Since it is a complicated drone, its set-up time is significantly higher than the competitors. Everything needs to be tightened to ensure its robust power doesn’t shatter off the drone.
  • In some terrains, especially the bushy ones, its collision avoidance does not work optimally.

3. Yuneec Typhoon H Pro

Before the launch of this drone, people used to stick with the exhibitions of high-end drones, which are quite expensive. However, after the launch of Typhoon H Pro, Yuneec has attracted a lot of customers of premium brands by offering the sleekness of technology at an affordable rate.

Unlike its competitors, the gimbal incorporated in its base goes a step further by offering 360 degrees view. It nests yet another attractive functionality. The landing gear of Typhoon H Pro retracts during the flight to allow the gimbal to rotate in any direction and take unobstructed photographs.

Typhoon H Pro comes with exceptional flight stability options, backed by the incredible GPS technology. You must have noticed that the drones face an array of accidents.

Adding more to your surprise, most of the accidents happen during takeoff and landing. For preventing that, the Typhoon H Pro is laced with 8 flight modes. So basically, even if you do not have a reasonable flying experience, you shouldn’t worry at all. Once you have set the coordinates, the drone will fly within those limits while enabling you to adjust the camera.

Adding more to the delight, the camera offers 4K quality for video shooting, which just makes it worthy of everything.


  • Rotatable camera
  • 4K video quality
  • Obstacle Avoidance system
  • Extensive Operating Range


  • Flight time is restricted to 19 minutes only
  • Controller is not quite portable
  • Very expensive
  • Obstacle avoidance does not work at its best at high speed

4. DJI Phantom 3 Standard

This is one of those drones which keeps DJI in full swing. It is a wallet-friendly option for all users.

Regarding figures, some specifications are behind the premium drones. But if we look at this drone as a whole package, it is one of the best Quadcopter drones.

Nothing seems as good as Phantom 3 Standard when it comes to flying through the air, locking its position right above an object, drifting through the horizon and elevating above the surface in the blink of an eye.

The drone isn’t just wallet-friendly, but it is one of the most ‘obedient’ hovering machines ever made.

As soon as your finger stops flickering the throttle, it stops right there and maintains the altitude. Then, if you want to bring your bird back, just push the button. Wait! It does not only end here. Often, the signal is suddenly lost, and you feel a dire need to get all the superpowers for getting your drone back safely. Well, DJI understands it pretty well, and that is why the Phantom 3 Standard comes with Automatic Flight Assistant. It enables the drone to return to its take-off point in case the signal is lost unexpectedly.

Phantom 3 Standard has a very reasonable stability which is pretty justified since it specifically caters to the needs of beginners. It offers decent image quality as the lens is of 12MP. Same goes for the video recording as well where it allows you to shoot HD videos of moving objects pretty easily. The flying time is quite interesting which allows the operator to roar this bird for as long as 25 minutes in the sky. With the DJI Go app, you could watch live streaming of the video half a mile away, right on your phone! What else could you possibly ask for? Absolutely nothing! As long as the drone is flying within its range, you just have to push a button for rewinding its trajectory and bringing it back.

Its GPS functionality is simply awesome. DJI believes that the operators should concentrate on their sole purpose of taking images and capturing great videos. That is why Phantom 3 Standard comes with integrated GPS system to assist an efficient and on course flight. As a result, you won’t have to waste your time flying the bird while ensuring its safety. Once you have set all the prerequisites, just focus on getting the work done, optimally.


  • Best drone for beginners
  • Affordable
  • Multiple flight modes
  • Reasonable flight time (25 minutes)
  • GPS module
  • HD video


  • 12MP camera
  • Limited range
  • Included SD card is of 8GB only

5. DJI Inspire 2 Review

If you want a durable yet luxurious drone, then you do not have any better option than DJI Inspire 2.

It is one of the most celebrated drones the company has ever built, and the robust technology at its foundation is enough to substantiate the claim.

Even if you are piloting this beast alone, there is no need to worry. The Spotlight Pro technology allows even a single pilot to take stunning shots in 5.2K quality. It facilitates both piloting and videography. Therefore the screen receives dual frequency, one for the onboard FPV camera and the other one for the main camera used to record videos.

The drone is no less than a flying cheetah where it goes from 0 to 50mph in merely 4 seconds!

Particularly, it caters to the demands of film-making professionals. Even though the price is significantly higher than the competitors, the features justify each and every penny that you spend. It has the sheer ability to fly at a speed of 58mph.

Furthermore, it also possesses a very strong lens. The amalgam of these two features, enable the Inspire 2 drone to shoot 4K videos and capture HD images with utmost ease. Let’s go a step further. You could also shoot 5.2K videos if you just degrade the frame rate by half. It also has an extensive flight time and a vast transmission range, allowing you to explore the World dynamically.

Probably, you do not just want to shoot the video and play it later. You would certainly want to live stream the endeavors your drone goes on. That is the area where Inspire 2 excels in all domains. It allows 2.4 and 5.8 GHz frequencies for live video streaming right on your controller set.

Moreover, its carbon fiber arms robust design enable the drone to withstand almost all kinds of terrains, regardless of the atmospheric roughness and landing severity. With its exceptional obstacle avoidance system, the phenomenal body structure is just another precautionary measure.


  • High speed of 58mph
  • Extensive transmission range
  • Live streaming
  • Record 4K and 5.2K videos
  • Terrain detection
  • Obstacle detection and avoiding system
  • Durable body
  • Intelligent flight modes


  • Very expensive
  • You need a significant amount of time to familiarize with its extensive features

6. DJI Phantom 3 Professional

When it comes to an ultimate control over flight while controlling it from a remote location. Phantom 3 Professional is the only one of its kind, at such an economical price.

Even if you cannot avail the bounties of GPS for maneuvering, particularly in the indoors, there is no need to worry. The Vision Positioning System does that for you pretty efficiently.

Efficient maneuvering is what sets this drone apart from the mainstream competition, and its unparalleled propulsion enables you to alter its height and speed swiftly.

A drone should have a deep relation with its operator, and the enhancement of GPS technology in Phantom 3 Pro makes it one of the best drones to buy. Together with GPS, the GLONASS technology makes sure that the drone never loses your trace and is always within reach.

Furthermore, this technology makes you the reference point, and then the drone keeps its trajectory accordingly. Moreover, the drone can easily be traced on a live map, and its takeoff and landing coordinates are also recorded. When required, you just have to click a button, and the drone will fly back to you, without any glitches in performance.

When we talk about its ability to shoot magnificent videos, its fabulous and state-of-the-art camera lets you record 4K UHD videos with the option of HD live streaming right on the controller.

DJI has revitalized its Lightbridge technology, enabling the pilots to capture stunning images/videos right on their screens in HD. If you just want to use this machine for taking pictures, you should not be disappointed by its 12MP camera. It should be noted that its flight time is about 23 minutes and the signal transmission radius is 5KM.

Phantom 3 Pro is not less than any aircraft regarding its specifications, and that is why it is one of the best drones to buy. Let it be the flight route, time, location or anything; there is a comprehensive flight log maintained for each trip. This is a great facility because if you encounter any problem, the data could be shared with DJI’s technical team for assistance.


  • Flight time of 23 minutes
  • 4K videos
  • 12MP camera
  • 5KM signal transmission radius
  • GPS+GLONASS technologies
  • HD live streaming
  • Vision positioning


  • Its wide angle lens shows image distortion

7. Parrot BEBOP 2 FPV

Have you ever played games involving aircraft where you get to change the camera modes?

I guess your favorite mode was pilot view mode because that is exactly what this drone offers. By providing immersive flying options, it enables the operator to enjoy the flight from the viewpoint of a pilot.

As a result, the video shoot done by utilizing this dynamic technology speaks for itself. Each and every image is very crisp and realistic.

BEBOP’s 3-axis digital stabilization system is unique. It is one of the best technologies ever utilized in a drone to achieve stability and take stunning shots! Moreover, you could capture the photographs in multiple formats including DNG, JPEG, and RAW.

When you enjoy immersive flying, there is a natural tendency to prolong the flight and capture the moments. For catering to that demand, this drone offers a flight time of about 25 minutes, and you could fly it within a radius of 1.24 miles.

Furthermore, anything that you see through the immersive mode can be captured and recorded in HD quality. Even if you do not want to indulge into the immersive mode, BEBOP 2 allows you to live to stream the beautiful scenes right on your screen.

The Parrot SkyController allows a joystick to be integrated with the system. Hence you can fly the machine with a batter accuracy. Whenever you wish to bring the bird back, just tap the button, no need to define its trajectory all over again.

There are certain wonders in the World which require supreme accuracy if you want to stun the World with your phenomenal and eternal photographs. Fortunately, the GPS system ensures this accuracy and makes it one of the best camera drones to buy.


  • Affordable
  • HD quality
  • 25 minutes flight time
  • Allows midair flips
  • Apps work seamlessly on Android as well as iOS
  • FPV goggles included in the package


  • Operating range is limited
  • Fisheye images (in full resolution)
  • Live streaming quality is not quite great

8. 3DR Solo

Now that is what we call beauty and sleekness. This lightweight drone is truly a piece of marvel for 3DR. With just a few restrictions, this is one of the best Quadcopter to buy when we talk about extensive functionality and robust design.

The drone comes with two 1GHz Cortex-A9 computers. One of the computers is located onboard while the second one is nested in the controller to synchronize a smooth flight.

Apart from these most efficient computers bringing about the performance, a major credit goes to its custom-made gimbal. It enables the powerful camera to rotate in any direction remotely.

This lightweight drone is packed with an array of sensors and a variety of microprocessors. Together, both of them enable a smooth fight while ensuring that the flight data is maintained for each instance. This solo drone offers a speed of 25mph, which is not quite appreciable but it serves the purpose of midscale users.

Furthermore, if you want to enjoy the luxury of its flight, then you got to operate it within the 1KM radius. Beyond that, its transmission range expires. It is one of the top-notch drones because it nests a lot of features at an economical price and meets all FAA regulations.

If we talk about its camera, it is fully equipped and dedicated to capturing HD images since the camera is of 20MP. Another alluring factor is that the images taken through Sony R10C can be wirelessly transmitted to your iPad with utmost ease. This is a great perk, fascinating a lot of users to buy this drone. Moreover, it also supports the functionality of live streaming and that too, in HD.

Unlike its competitors, the drone does not only enable you to capture the stills or shoot video, but it gives you an indisputable autonomy over the bird. You could easily adjust shutter and camera settings to serve the purpose, specifically.


  • Shutter controlEnables you to change camera settings remotely
  • HD images
  • Lightweight
  • Flight data
  • 20MP camera
  • 1GH computer (x2)
  • Affordable


  • Limited fly range
  • Technical assistance is not readily available

9. GoPro Karma with HERO 5 Black

When you desire technological sophistication nested into a flying experience, nothing comes out to be better than Karma.

GoPro has designed their darling bird with utmost dedication and the features it has to offer to reflect that dedication quite comprehensively.

For enhancing the image quality, you could just get rid of Karma Stabilizer and mount it on Karma Grip to give an utterly professional feel to your photographs. Two of the most stunning features include the waterproof ability and voice control functionality.

Whether you want to test its limits in the air, hold it in your hands, or you desire to mount it on the body and go alongside, it offers realistically awesome features. Thanks to GoPro’s incredible positioning system which has brought a great deal of stability in Karma.

Often, pilots are confused as to whether they would be able to fly such a masterpiece or not. Well, here is good news. You could fly it with absolutely zero experience because of a comprehensive and detailed user manual and of course, the ease to fly it. Even if we talk about the portability of this sophisticated giant, it beats a lot of rivals even before the initiation of competition.

With HERO 5 BLACK, you can shoot 4K quality video, but the still quality is limited to 12MP only. Even then, it is not a bad deal provided that it offers an array of other features. Another great adaptability of this tool is that significantly reduces noise reduction in the audio.

Karma has a reputation to go with your swing, and that is the very thing reflected in its breathtaking photography. Stability is at its pinnacle in Karma, and that is why it can seize the beauty.

The product is specifically designed to glorify your outdoor endeavors. Therefore, HQ display is embedded on the controller which allows you to live to stream everything in the real-time.


  • HQ camera; 4K video
  • Enhanced stability
  • Highly portable
  • You could mount it on body as well
  • HQ touch display
  • Affordable; price justified for every feature
  • 35 mph speed


  • Flight time is just 20 minutes
  • Stills quality is not quite great; 12MP
  • The controller is not very lightweight

10. DJI Spark

DJI is the leader in drone technology. However, a lot of its products are specifically designed to cater to the needs of professionals. Hence, the products are technologically sophisticated.

However, Spark has revolutionized DJI by incorporating all of its signature technologies within its small vest!

The combination of downwards visual positioning and forward obstacle avoidance ensures that the drone undergoes a steady flight without crashing while you film the eternal moments!

Even though its camera is compact, but it does the job perfectly. Its ½.3 CMOS sensor enables the pilot to shoot HD video and stills.

The drone is very portable to carry wherever you go and launching it is no hassle. Just put it anywhere and push the stick. It is quite rational to understand that since Spark offers an extensive level of feasibility, its core controls are very easy to understand and implement with utmost ease.

The FaceAware technology is great. You just have to put the drone on your hand, and after detecting your face, the drone will take off. Another great technology at the core of its performance is its ability to understand gestures. While the drone is in air, you could use gesture controls to capture selfies without requiring any controller or tablet.

There are a lot of flight modes and intelligent flight options, enabling you to create professional and stunning videos of the real world. Once you have shot the video, the app enables you to edit the video quickly and share it with your loved ones.


  • Affordable
  • Immersive flight experience
  • Enhanced stability
  • Flight protection
  • Returns to home with the tap of a button
  • Easy to use
  • 50KPH speed
  • Gesture control


  • 16 minutes flight time
  • No 4K support

And The Winner Is..?

Drone technology has taken the World by storm, and every single feature of the 10 drones mentioned above is an embodiment of the fact.

It is quite evident that if you are a professional who truly wants to stun the World with exceptional clicks and videos, without worrying about the cost, then DJI Inspire 2 is your best option. It nests everything desired by a professional including 4K+ video quality, extensive transmission range, and a durable body, enabling it to be used under all conditions.

However, if you want the most portable camera drone and premium quality features with a relatively mediocre affordability, then you should go for DJI Mavic Pro.

In case, portability remains your top priority but you cannot spend bucks and swanks on this luxury, then GoPro Karma is probably the best choice. It offers great functionality at an affordable price.

Video review of the best drone 2018:

What to do in case in you damage your drone?

Truth is, drones can get easily damaged, especially when ran by an inexperienced pilot. In case this is your first drone, make sure you take precautions and arm yourself with patience. Unless you bet on the safe side and take your time to master your drone, the damage will surely occur. But what are the most common types of damage? Here’s what the Fantastic Technicians had to share:

What are the most common types of damage:

  • The motor is jammed, it won’t start, or it’s obviously malfunctioning;
  • Shaky gimbal, system overloud, a damaged vibration board, or issues with your mounting plate;
  • Issues with your remote control, antenna or damaged RC;
  • Problems with the gimbal ribbon or flex cable issue, such as damaged or ripped ribbon cables;
  • Broken or damaged arm, cracked shell, broken landing gear or signs of stress cracks
  • Compass malfunction, loss of signal while in the air or GPS warnings;
  • Water damage – the worst!
  • ESC status errors, ESC failure or the drone cannot take off.

What are the most common drone repairs:

  • Repair evaluation – figure the problem out;
  • Flex ribbon cable replacements;
  • Gimbal vibration absorbing board replacements;
  • Crashed landing gear fix and replacements;
  • Faulty motor fix and replacements;
  • Professional cracked shell replacements;
  • Camera flex ribbon cable replacements.

There is one important rule you should follow when you buy your new drone. Fly your toy gently! Do minor corrections, take it easy on navigation and try to keep it out of trouble.

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