24 Best DJI Mavic Pro Accessories for a better experience

Investing into Mavic Pro accessories is worth considering as it can take the Mavic experience to the next level.

Accessories assist in capturing amazing shots. Though, some users settle for the basic provided in the ready-to-fly DJI consumer drone. But, purchasing some add-ons and spare parts can certainly make the Mavic experience a class apart.

DJI Mavic Pro Accessories:

Mavic Pro accessories

In this blog post, we have listed some of the essential accessories for Mavic that could facilitate you and keep your drone safe under severe crash.

You’ll notice throughout the blog post, some accessories are targeted towards new drone pilots while some are for experienced Mavic pilots.

Besides, addons will allow you to enhance your camera quality and overall drone performance to shoot a better footage and fly longer. Also, any of these accessories for Mavic pro allows the better ease of use.

Here are some of the top picks from humongous amount of accessories available out there for Mavic.

1. DJI Mavic – Shoulder Bag

One of the most practical drone accessories, specially designed for Mavic Pro is small, compact and cool to leave the house quickly and all prepared for the flight. It is perfect and becomes a necessity if you travel a lot.

You can place up to 4 batteries (three additional and one with the aircraft), Mavic and controller can fit in the main pockets and extra cables. Batteries, a smartphone, and other accessories can fit in the side pockets.

DJI Mavic’s modern looking design and simplicity of the bag are perfect. It does not matter whether you are on a train, plane or in your SUV. It has all that is required to give perfect experience.

2. Extra Batteries

For drone enthusiasts, one battery is not enough. In the ideal weather condition and stable environment, DJI Mavic can have a maximum flight of 27 minutes.

Besides, these minutes are not possible, if the drone is allowed to fly at a constant speed of 15kph. Since most of the pilots like to fly the drone on sports mode; it may not be possible to keep it in the air for more than 20 minutes. Therefore, if you want to have more fun-time, purchasing extra batteries could be extremely beneficial.

Though one battery can do the trick, and 3-batteries can allow for well over an hour of flight time depending on if the conditions are stable or windy.

3. Extra Propellers

DJI Mavic has no sensors on the front and at the bottom of the drone, making it prone to crash. In case, if obstacle hit it from right, left, behind or from top of the drone, it has no power to respond.

No one wants to crash, but it can happen to even most experienced pilots. It could even fall down into a tree or may clip the sides of the buildings.

Crashes can break the propellers. Therefore, to avoid disappointment on the long trips or holiday, it beneficial to keep a spare set on hand.

4. Propeller Guards

By attaching the light plastic bumpers under the motor, objects and people can be protected. Though, the propellers guard may not be a necessary for experienced pilots but could useful accessory for beginner pilots, especially, when new pilots fly it indoor.

5. Battery Charging Hub

Battery hub is one of the most high-priority Mavic accessories which should not be missed. Hub can facilitate the users by charging up to 4 intelligent flight batteries simultaneously.

When you are out  to a remote location where there is no access of electricity or maybe having a downtime, it could charge the battery to the highest level in no time.

Also, if you are busy flying at your favorite location, you may not like to charge one battery at a time and charging 4 batteries at once could be a lot convenient and saves time.

Hub can make the life easier for users. It can identify the level of charge and can charge to highest level. You can charge 4-batteries in less than one hour.

6. Aircraft Sleeve

It is an ultimate peace of mind for Mavic users during transportation. These sleeves can minimize the risk of scratching your beasts or damage and can prevent the accumulation of dust while in storage.

7. Mavic Goggles

It is rated one of the best accessories for Mavic Pro. It can give you a bird’s eye view live from the camera in 1080p resolution.

It is one of the coolest accessory available and is not a necessary for stunning aerial photography. It has the dual 1080p panels inside the goggles, and it can offer the 85-degree view.

Fun can be doubled and it can become spellbinding if you connect the two pairs of goggles and both users can enjoy the first person view. It is designed for spectacular FPV flying.

Besides, using the intelligent Modes like TapFly, Cinematic Mode, ActiveTrack and Terrain Follow, beautiful flying dimensions are created.

8. Mavic Gimbal Cover

During the flight, gimbal cover can protect from a collision, water, and dust. Though it is entirely safe to fly the Mavic without cover, however, it is a great peace of mind in case of sudden crash and mishap and good for beginners.

Gimbal can protect the camera to some extent and can give you an extra cushion.  Gimbal cover can indeed save the user for the different type of expected disasters during flight.

9. Mavic Car Charger

DJI accessories can boost the flying activity, and the great fun can continue, if a car charger is in your bag, among other accessories in your bag.

It comes with the low voltage protection to ensure that car’s battery does not go. It has charge time 54 minutes. In case, you have to go without planning and batteries are not charged, it can prove handy, and it can help in transit.

10. Mavic Pro ND Filter

They are engineered specifically for DJI Mavic Pro model. They can assist in stepping up the photography and videography experience considerably. They can increase the color saturation.

PL and CP filters can reduce the glare. ND filters can reduce the shutter speed. They come with custom filter case and a lifetime warranty.

These filers are extremely useful when shooting on the drone. The shutter speed should be twice the frame rate. It means that shutter speed should remain close to 60, if you are shooting at 30fps at 4K. Unless the conditions are cloudy, this is only possible, if ND filters are used to stop sunlight entering the lens.

In a nutshell, these filters are insanely awesome and HD glass filter is famous for their razor sharp quality, accuracy, and optics.

11. Battery to Power Bank Adaptor

The Mavic Pro battery to power bank adaptor can transfer intelligent flight battery power to users’ electronic devices such as smartphones. It is mainly designed to provide power for tablets and smartphones.

It can charge the devices mentioned earlier by using the left-over battery. It is especially useful when you go on adventures into mountains, forests, resorts or any of your favorite terrain, and it can be convenient power pack.

12. SanDisk Extreme MicroSD Card 32/64/128 GB

MicroSD card can record 4k UHD or full HD video with DJI camera drones. These cards are built tough to handle extremely challenging environmental conditions.

SanDisk sd card can bear extreme conditions and are x-ray proof, shockproof, waterproof and temperature proof. Each & every detail of the adventure is handled using the sheer speed & videos can be transferred between devices in quick time.

13. PGYTECH Mavic Pro Tablet Holder

Tablet holder for the DJI Mavic Pro helps in attaching the larger mobile devices with their remote controller. It has a quick release design which helps in convenient installation.

It is compatible with the majority of the tablets on the market. Mavic Pro tablet holder is fully adjustable and allows you to place it on any surface. One of the best features of this tablet holder is that it can be quickly collapsed to a tiny size.

14. DJI Battery Safe Bag

This bag can be used for easy transportation of batteries. It offers reliable charging and storage. It can be used to reduce the damage from combustion and efficiently helps in decreasing the possibility of igniting the objects in immediate surroundings.

15. PGYTECH Drone Landing Pad

Drone landing pad can protect the drone’s gimbal and camera during landing on steep surfaces and during take-off.

It can maintain a safe distance from nearby obstacles when landing pads are laid out. It is portable, easy to use and is available in different specifications.

16. Mavic Propeller Cage

Propeller cage is designed to safeguard people and objects from spinning propellers. It improves the overall flight safety but the downside is with additional weight, the flight time gets reduced significantly.

However, it is beneficial, when flying indoors and in particular areas with obstacles. Users must be cautious that cage is not suitable with standard Mavic propellers model 8330. But, can be used with 7728 quick release folding propellers.

17. Mavic-RC Cable

Standard Micro USB connector is used to connect the mobile device to a remote controller via Micro USB port.

18. DJI Goggles Sleeve

DJI Goggles sleeves can be used to either store the DJI goggles or to ensure easy and safe transport.

19. DJI Mavic Sling Bag

DJI Mavic Sling bag can hold a pair of DJI goggles, one Mavic Pro, two extra batteries and one remote controller simultaneously. While, alternatively, it can also hold on Spark, one ‘Spark remote controller’ and two extra batteries at the same time.

20. Remote Controller Monitor Hood

Remote Controller Monitor Hood can shield the remote controller’s LCD screen and smartphone from direct sunlight.

If you are flying on the beach and the sun is beating down, and with blistering sunshine, it may not be possible to look at the phone properly. If instead of the smartphone, alternatively, if you use the controller to see, it blinds you as well because the sun reflects off the screen and goes directly into your eyes.

Using the Monitor hood, it will not happen as it will shield the both the smartphone and remote controller from sunlight. Ultimately with no direct sunlight, it provides a clearer view.

21. Gimbal Clamp

Gimbal clamp is also prone to damage, therefore, before, you travel it is always useful to keep cheap replacement in case of any unexpected circumstances.

22. Remote Control Joystick holder bracket

The Mavic Pro Remote Transport Bracket can protect the Mavic Pro remote controller during transportation. Even, if you have a bag or a good case, it can also explicitly protect the transmitter.

23. Mavic Pro Skin

Mavic Pro Stickers and Decals can make the drone stand out in the crowd. Since, all the Mavic look the same, which for some people may get boring, therefore, by adding stickers and decals drone could look more attractive.

24. Lipo Battery Fire Safety Bag

During a trip, batteries can be dangerous therefore fireproof bags can keep the Mavic batteries safe.

To conclude, the must-have accessories to facilitate your DJI Mavic experience. They are a truly wonderful set of add-ons which can safeguard your Mavic and help you out when you are in need or in a spot of bother.

I hope you like our list of best accessories for Mavic. Don’t forget to share your all-time favorite in the comment section below.

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