How to Downgrade Firmware Version on Samsung Galaxy

Learn the exact way how you can easily downgrade firmware on your Samsung Galaxy Android device using Odin including Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, S7 Edge, S6, S5, Note 5, Note 4, Note 3 and other devices.

Unlike iOS you can downgrade Android version on your device anytime you would like to and there are a number of reasons why someone would want to downgrade, it can be:

  • The latest Android version has some bugs
  • You don’t like it
  • You’ve lost root access and want it back.
  • You want to bypass Google Account Lock FRP
  • Or some features are not working

We’ll be using Odin3 flash tool to downgrade Android and Samsung firmware (that can be downloaded from Sammobile and other online sources). So let’s move on and learn how you can do it.

Samsung phones and tablet firmwares are available online and users can easily download the firmware for specific models and then can be flashed through Odin. This step-by-step guide will help to easily master the art of flashing stock firmware using Odin.

This downgrade method can be used for any Samsung device no matter what Android version you’re currently running, it can be Android N, Marshmallow, Lollipop, KitKat or Jellybean.


  • Samsung Galaxy device.
  • Download stock firmware from Sammobile.
  • Download Odin based on your platform environment Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.
  • Download and install Samsung USB drivers on your PC.
  • Enable USB debugging from Settings > Developers options.
  • Backup your existing data stored on the device.

How to downgrade:

Step 1: First of, extract/unzip the firmware and Odin files.


Step 2: Run Odin application.

Step 3: Reboot your device into download mode. Hold down the Vol down+Home+Power simultaneously for about 6 sec until Android warning sign appears on the screen. Hit Vol up to continue.

Step 4: While in download mode, connect your device to PC via the USB port.

Step 5: Click on the AP/PDA button and select the firmware file tar.md5.


Step 6: Wait for Odin to read the analyze the stock firmware.

Step 7: Hit the Start button to start flashing the firmware using Odin.


Step 8: Odin usually takes around 5 minutes to complete the process.

When completed, Odin will show you the green labeled message PASS! and your phone will automatically reboot.


Each step is clearly explained step-by-step with screenshots where needed, It was really focused on for beginners. I hope that you find it useful, do let us know if you’ve any queries, feel free to comment down below.

Did you find it helpful? Share your feedback with us so that we can improve and produce more high-quality guides and tutorials for beginners.

Imran Aftab

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  • InstaNothingness (GODJAZZAR)

    Hello Imran,

    I just downgraded from marshmallow 6.0.1 Galaxy Note5 to lolipop 5.1.1 and my phone keeps rebooting without stopping.
    do you think i should try a new firmware ?

    • No. You need to clear cache and data factory reset your phone using the recovery mode. You can reboot to recovery using Vol Up+Home+Power.

      • Rolltide72

        Ive tried downgrading my note 5 from 6.0.1 back to 5.11 and continue to receive a Check Fail Device 2 Binary 1 error. Any Ideas

  • Crystal Lewallen

    where do I find the firmware file tar.md5?

    • You can download firmware from sammobile. Once downloaded, unzip the file and you’ll get a tar.md5 file.

  • shon kom

    if i have s7 edge sm-g935f i cant downgrade my android?

  • Jordan

    Downgrading doesn’t help you bypass RFP, because if you are stuck trying to get past RFP you also cannot boot into download mode, or turn on developer tools, obviously. Just a heads up if that’s how you found this page.

  • Ronaldo

    Can someone please provide KitKat Firmware for SM-G531H? Email me @ ronaldoa.k.a.gon@gmail.com

  • Asim Jee

    i want to download firmware file tar.md5.
    but i do not found the model GALAXY ALPHA (SM-G850A) on the site sammobile.
    please help me

  • Railer Der Rail IV

    Samsung Account lock removal on a Note 4 upgraded to android 6.0

  • gggirlgeek

    I only get ODIN error: “Complete(Write) operation failed.” I tried two versions of ODIN v3.10.7 & v3.12.3. I also tried an older firmware and the same firmware my phone has (which is FRP locked.) Could this be because “USB debugging” and “OEM unlock” cannot be turned on?

    How to remove FRP lock without being able to turn on debugging options?

    If this is not the problem, why am I getting this ODIN error message?

    ~Marshmallow 6.1, October 2016 version

    • Bui

      Any new information? I am in the same situation. To remove FRP lock, I need to downgrade my S7 software version. How to turn on USB debugging for oldin downgrade with Frp lock???

      • love puffs

        did you bypass the frp. can y ou tell me how?

        • R0tten

          I think I give up.

          • love puffs

            i know how now. i did two phones. its really easy once you know what to do. but alot of steps. i can help maybe…..i did a s8 and s7 edge

          • TheGamersReview

            care to help? when i get the fake call and end it, i dont get the message option

          • love puffs

            i know where you at, your doing a few step wrong, oh man your just at the begiging. I can help for a service of $10. but where you at, end the call, save as conact, go into saved edited contact, save your website, to download explorer and frp links. you need those two links. saved them….call again, go into contact card, boom theres your links, click on them and go from there.

  • Jose Parra

    So I bought a phone on craigslist. When I got home, and charged it, I wasn’t able to access it. It was asking for a google account. I don’t think this person had debugging on, and I haven’t been able to contact them to get the info I need. I tried the steps on the page with no luck. Odin says fail. The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S7. It is not an edge. Not sure if that matters. I downloaded the correct model firmware, and used Odin just like the screen shots show, but it just displays fail. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

    • Precious Enebeli

      did you finally unlock the phone? I’d like to know how

    • Todd Eckstein

      Did you ever get through FRP lock? I have a craigslist phone with the same problem…

  • Michael Jimenez

    I bought a phone off OfferUp. The phone won’t let me go in, asking for an account. It’s a galaxy s6 and is running marshmallow. I need desperate help.

  • Mike Carson

    How can we downgrade if its FRP and we cant get into developers options to turn on usb debugging

    • Hey Mike, This post was written as a separate guide for regular users who are looking forward to downgrade Android OS on their devices without any FRP lock enabled.

      However you can still downgrade without enabling this feature, I have personally downgraded Galaxy J7 with FRP enabled using Odin.

      Hope this clear your confusion.

      • R0tten

        Please tell us how to use Odin while FRP is locked? Thank you kindly.

  • Abdijabar Isaq

    Hi, i cant access my secure folder on my c5 pro, it says security compromised or unauthorized software is installed even after factory reset. please help.

  • akash

    Bro just a simple query… when the phone will automatically reboot, does we have to disconnect our device from usb or not ???
    and do we need to do anything further ??
    please help

  • DW

    Odin will not install the older firmware on my android that is google frp locked

    • R0tten

      I K R. How the fudge!! 🙁