Latest video tutorial shows how to bypass Google FRP

Samsung Galaxy S7. Credit: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S7. Credit: Samsung

We recently made a detailed step-by-step guide to bypass FRP on Samsung Galaxy devices but as I said these methods expire over time whenever a new Android update is released. I was going through some comments, and someone has posted a video on the whole process how he was able to bypass FRP safely.

From my personal experience, it is going to work 100 percent. Plus it is a bit easier as compared to the rest of the tutorial we have shared to bypass the new Android factory reset protection screen. No any others tool such as SDcard or OTG cable is required for this method and that is why I love this method, and hopefully, by the end of this detailed guide, you’re able to successfully get access back to your phone.

Here is a checklist to make the bypass process successful:

  • A PC is required to use the software just like the realterm to make a call using your phone.
  • Access to a WiFi network to download the necessary files on your phone.
  • Make sure you don’t run the most recent version of Android. Now most of you here get confused! Let me clear it with a better explanation. Some Samsung devices out of the box come with Android Marshmallow, so you don’t need to downgrade the firmware version further. But if there is a Lollipop version available you should consider downgrading. First try this method with the current Android OS installed, if it doesn’t work then you should consider downgrading OS version.
  • Carefully watch and follow each step of the tutorial.
  • Finally, this method works on any Samsung Galaxy device including S7 Edge, S6, S5, S4, Note 5, Note 4, J1, J3, J5, A5, A7 any device you can name of and made by Samsung running Android.

Download link to the required files is given at the bottom.

Here is the video tutorial:

Here are the download links to the files used in the video:

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  • Jak

    Thanks , this method works 100% on my samsung galaxy J5 2016

  • Julio Esquilin


    • Conny Meghrazi

      same error on A5

  • Ejong

    thank you.. its work on samsung galaxy J1 Ace SM-J111F

  • Jester Calimlim

    how to fix this i cant install the app on the pc

  • Jester Calimlim

    it says application was unable to start correctly

  • Henryy Poohh

    video removed? i need help

  • Count Alucard

    what happen on this one?> video removed..

  • Jelena Ranum

    I am dealing with a google locked note 5. When I get to Step 7: Tap Factory data reset and Reset device or Erase everything which will erase the following from your device…

    The phone rebooted still Google locked. Any suggestions?

  • Timothy Jonson

    hi quick question when i open rootjunky.frpby it keeps on saying their was a prblem parsing the package. dont have the sd card.

    • Shidah Jad

      I think you need to install google account manager first.

  • lizard prince

    My regards first for taking the time. I have Galaxy s6, no OTG, no PC (not true just trying to learn more) can I air synk this s6 with say a tablet w/ root and a specific air sharing app? I managed to dload the side synk app on a tablet…

  • Bill Halliday

    THANK YOU!!! I have an s7 new to me by just a week I forgot my new gmail password and got locked out of my own phone. I tried the old rootjunky bypass, the one with realterm, to only get “frp has stopped working” After much searching I found this Page and this worked for me perfect. I dont know who thinks of these things or what there intentions are, but even if they are doing it for not so legal reasons i for one am glad they are doing it. I just saved almost a thousand $$$.

  • Henry

    Hw to use the FRP bypass tool. Iam still having issue with the FRP due to forget the account as was setup for my Dad long time ago. Please try to help me. Thanks.

  • Henry

    Have tried the FRP Bypass apk installed but giving error message “Unfortunately, FRP Bypass has stopped” Please help me. Thanks.

  • Henry

    Can anyone share the step-by-step of this latest FRP Bypass. The video is not able to see on the youtube. Please advise.

  • Abdul Quddus

    Imran bro the video has been removed . can you post it again please?

  • Kalila Warner

    When I click on scan port and then it says Port Ready, when I click on COM Port it is blank….

  • Julian S

    This newest video doesn’t work. When I click More > Open in Browser, I get a message “Your request has been declined for security reasons.”

    • Keith Scott

      me too

      • Abdelwahab Badr

        me too

    • Arkim Charles

      me too

  • Ole Pedersen

    Heyyyyyy thanks so much worked niceley on Galaxy 7

  • Snorky112

    can’t download ?


    I know people have already stated this in the comments but honestly this wouldnt work for my s7 or note 5. I honestly love what this site does!! but just makes things simple and let Unlockjunky .com do it for you. they unlocked both of my phones!.

  • J-zone Puled

    thank you,,, it worked in my samsung j3

    • Favio Gram

      How did you open vnrom after you downloaded it?

  • somebloody

    Finallyyyyyyyyyyy….such a journey. Thanks a lot. It didn`t work exactly like that but after 3 days and hundreds of thousands tries I am a bit smarter on this all…haha…so double thanks to you. Amazing.

    j4y5 back on the raster…

  • Bikram Baniya

    you are just amazing. 🙂

  • austin khoy khoy

    thank you so much 🙂 my job well done thank you thank you

    • BRE RD

      how did you do it ?
      My phone did not prompt with the contact screen.

  • Abel Páez Sánchez

    Oh man!!! You just saved my ass!!!! I’m very thankful and I wish you the best things happen to you, keep going on!!!

  • Gener Cajegas

    Calling doesn’t appear in me. sigh. i need to power off the phone to put the sim card. I have galaxy grand prime.

  • felx

    i cannot open in browser. im stacked there

  • cody nundy

    This doesn’t work on the galaxy view. I can’t even get the samsung 2016 frp to run on my pc. I use windows xp 32-bit.

    • John D Neumann

      You would have to build an XP driver.

  • Eeb Graphics

    doesn’t work anymore

  • King Kurt

    Hi, I'”m using Samsung J2 and I am struggling to bypass this Google account.. Odin keeps failing.

    • Colin Groves

      That’s because you are using the wrong firmware to load into Odin.
      Be sure you have load the correct firmware for the phone… otherwise Odin will respond with a error.

  • Rohit Roy Daksh

    doesn’t work on samsung j2 please help

  • Del Rio Klaudia




  • Kyawko Kokyaw

    Thanks it work on my galaxy J7 2016.

  • Christopher Ayala

    thank you very much i love your tutorial, it works!!!

  • Dante M

    I tried to make the phone call using the port dial but it said that it was not registered on network. How can I get pass that?

  • Joel Bach

    Worked perfectly on my Spring Galaxy S7. It had been set up on my daughter’s Google account but then deactivated. Somewhere along the way Google cancelled her account. I tried 3 other videos but none worked. This one was a lifesaver. Thanks.

  • James Kidd

    tried this, got the phone call and d/l the files successfully, installed them fine, hit reset and went through the startup process again but it eventually just gets me back to the same old screen asking for the previous samsung acct info. am i missing something?

    • LisYaj

      That is Samsung Lock, not Google Lock. This is meant for Google Lock, not Samsung Lock.

  • Rudgimer Torres

    thank you so much buddy!!!!!!!;-) been try other ways flashing and sidesync but this one is really works like a charm!!! thank you

  • Giselle Nicholson

    couldnt open in browserr for security reasons please Help
    reply to angelitakosowan@hotmail.com


    Yes, all of these will not work. Google/Samsung has disable any downloads through their servers. It is part of the anti theft. If I find a work around, I would be happy to share.

  • Davor

    Samsung S7 E930F – after launching bypass apk, i don’t get that pass/sign in field. it just jumps into settings. well, once when i’m there i tried to make nwe google acc and that ofc not working. but also, tried to turn on dev settings coz u can turn off FRP from dev setting but it not working. tapping on build have no effect. any idea? thanks.

  • DDW

    Phone dialed, but no option to for text message… Only speaker and bluetooth

  • As of now…. not working… any alternatives?

  • Michelle Lane

    Doesn’t work on Note 5 but beginning to think nothing will. It bricked my SIM and had to get another.