Try The NEW Method To Bypass Samsung FRP

Recently I published a post on Samsung FRP Bypass. as of that time, it was working and a number of users were able to successfully bypass the security flaw.


That method is not working anymore. It can work under a condition that you need to downgrade Android version installed on your device. You can downgrade Samsung device firmware very easily using Odin flash tool. (The link above will guide how to do that) Downgrading the firmware should help you to get rid of factory reset protection using the old method. If that doesn’t work then move on and read the entire post carefully plus watch the video tutorial.

But the good news is…

You can now easily bypass the FRP screen without downgrading the firmware. A new method has been released. I am not sure who was the developer but credit goes to Root Junky. for demonstrating the method and right now it works perfectly.

There is no reason, why this method won’t work forever. Samsung will soon release an update the fix the current bug and flaw that is being used to bypass the security. After all, Samsung is more concerned about the user privacy and I personally don’t want a stranger to access my private data if in case it gets lost or stolen.

FRP (Factory Reset Protection) is good security measure taken by Samsung.

Click here to follow latest FRP bypass tutorial

But who knows…

Sometimes we can forget our Gmail Id and pass. Don’t worry, you can still fix it. Did you I forget to mention! The latest trick works with every device including the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Note 5, Note 4 and the Galaxy S line S7 Edge, S6, S5, and S4 despite the Android version. There is no exception to the method it works with carrier branded phones such AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and other networks worldwide.

So Here We Go….

NEW Method to bypass FRP

Bypass Factory Reset Protection

Watch the video carefully: ( I have given the download links below the video to the files mentioned in the video)


  • FRP Bypass APK – link
  • Download and install Realterm application on your PC – link


The method is same to the old one I have published. But here we have one exception and that using the Realterm to grant permissions on your device. You can watch the detailed video tutorial to learn the exact method.

You can follow the detailed step-by-step guide with screenshots when over here:

Before starting with this method, it is good to have your SIM card inserted.

Step 1: First of download the required files links given above.

Step 2: Install Realterm application on your PC that will do the trick for us.


Step 3: Connect your phone to PC.

Step 4: Run realterm app and find your device port no. Please note that this is really important step in all tutorial and you should read it carefully.

Right click on My Computer > Manage > Device Manager > Modems > Samsung Mobile USB Modem. Now double click to check properties and find port no as shown in the screenshots:


Step 5: Note down the device port no and make changes according in realterm application as shown in the screenshot:


Also don’t forget to change the display settings:


Step 6: Now the real magic starts now. Select the Send tab and enter the following command:


You may get an error on the screen if you do not have SIM inserted.

Step 7: You need to enter another command into the same screen and hit Send ASCII.



Now you’ll keep sending the command until you see the dialer screen on the phone. You can refer back to the video.

Did you find it help? Let me know and share your feedback in the comment section below. Your feedback will help us to improve and write more high-quality guides and tutorials in the future.

Thanks for reading.

Imran Aftab

Hello, I’m Imran Aftab and I’m writing most of the stuff on this website. Live simply, give generously and dream high.

  • carlos bermudez

    So happy for this new steps, previous FSR steps no longer work in the note 5, with android marshmallow

    • Glad to hear it — thanks for the feedback!

      • Rajib Saha


        • Rajib Saha


          • Make sure that you’ve already installed the drivers. And make sure that you’re typing the right code.

          • Rajib Saha

            driver ok bro but phone version marshmallow

          • Rajib Saha


          • Dominic Cinches

            Hii, samsung j2 user here need help regarding with the last step, there seems to be no scan business card function here

  • Crista Etterer

    I did every step you said and i got up to putting in the codes. it gives me an error message saying: X ieNOpen – device not open. I checked the port and it is 4 so I did 4 and pushed change. My phone is plugged in but did not respond to that command .

    • You should check it from Device Manager.

      • Arya Lyra

        hi, sorry but it says device is not open even though I wrote the exact number of the port (4) I’ve found checking it from device manager so I don’t know what to do, please help me, thanks!

        • Please read the entire post again. I have updated the post and added my own step-by-step instructions with screenshot where most of you were getting confused.

          Please do it while the method is still working. Don’t forget to update me.

          • Arya Lyra

            yes, I’ve read it again and again but when I try to send the numbers (the first code at+… etc) it says the device is not open!

          • Make sure your phone is on. Also check that you’ve entered the right port no. This is the only tricky part, rest of the method is easy.

  • Crista Etterer

    it is me again, I got past that part but now my issue is that i have an s5 and it doesnt have an option to download a card. i was trying to find another way to download (image or something) but I couldnt get in that way. The sidesync does work to get into my phone and get that installed so i put it on my sd card and i got into the phone, downloaded es explorer, installed your link but in the end it is the same old result as usual… I get to the darn Samsung sign in screen saying my phone is locked. I have gotten so far with so so many videos but in the end it just comes back to that screen. Any advice? I found an otg cable at radio shack, i am not sure if this will increase my chances, is that just to get into the phone to get the program installed? I can get that far but the program links i do never ever work. I am just trying to decide if i should go get that cable or not. If it is just to get me where I got, there is no point, if it is a totally different technique, i will try it. I have put hours into this. I will not quit until it works. I can get to settings and everything on my phone this way but it doesnt get rid of that darn original samsung owners email crap. aAAAAAAAaaaaaAAAAAH!!!

    • You can now try as I have added a few steps with screenshots that will help to go through the steps easily.

  • Crista Etterer

    I shall go to Radio Shack and get the cord incase you are able to respond in the near future.

  • Gene Ray

    Yes sir I could not see the command code you entered into the real term for the Samsung frb bypass.It was a blur on my PC.Could you spell it out on a response back to me please.Thanks

    • Here you: at+creg?rn

      • Gene Ray

        Thank you

      • Gene Ray

        Hi Imran , So now that you gave me that first command code and I entered it into realterm it looks like you entered a second command code in which the video shows as a big blur.i would appreciate your help on this second command code .Thank you Imran

  • Gene Ray

    Yes sir I am on the right track and am following your procedures .It looks like you put in a second command code after the first code you sent me can I get you to send me the next code.I am just about there.Thank you

    • You can now check, I have updated the post with all technical details that were required.

  • Gene Ray

    Hey Imran Aftab,I was able to bypass frp on my note5 with sim card and without sd card and it was hardwired to my pc.I found more info on your website rootjunkie .com and was able to find the command codes for realterm and a lot of information and put it all together and it worked.For those out there just keep researching on the rootjunkies websites and you will be able to make it work.For you Imran I thank you. You are a true gentleman and scholar

    • Glad it worked for you.

      • Dominic Cinches

        Hi j2 here it only says add another field help please

  • Brandon Spade

    I get an error on the 2nd Command
    I am lost on what to do I have tried everything I can and I cannot bypass anything to elevate the process. Almost ready to just throw it in the trash

    • Josh Bosh

      I get an error on the 2nd command too. Followed instructions exactly and nothing. Any ideas?

  • Samsung Does Itbetter

    I have a problem i can surf the internet. I have access to apps but i can’t see my home screen the methods i see here dosent work on my galaxy note 5 is there anything else i can do

  • Scott Perkins

    Hey Imran Aftab, I am having a problem with this. I tried this method on my Note 5, and got an error that reads:

    ie_NOpen – device not open.

    I have tried the old methods also, but as you said they do not work. How do I get past this error message?

    • I see that your device is not recognized. Make sure that you’ve entered the right port no and save it. Disconnect your phone and then connect it.

      • Scott Perkins

        Ok. I did that, but now it is non-responsive to the first command. I have attached my settings (I think they are all right), and a screen shot where I tried to send the command three different times (I waited a min. or two in between each try). Before I even typed the command, I made sure to enter the port number and press the change button. Do you see anything wrong with these settings? What should I do next? Thank you for your help, it is greatly appreciated.

        Note: I do notice one thing. After I changed the port number, I disconnected the device and then reconnected it. However, the device does not show up in the device manager if it is connected while the Realterm program is opened up.

        • Rolltide72

          Did you find a solution for this? I have a sprint Note 5 with 6.0.1 and it will connect to realterm but the codes do not do anything. Same as your it just says CRLF after the code.

          • Casey Clark

            plz help! I’m having the exact same problem with a sprint s6

      • Scott Perkins

        I closed device manager and opened it back up, and the phone (modem) showed up. My apologies, disregard the “Note” at the end of my previous reply. I do still however get the same unresponsive result when I just tried to send the code a 4th time.

      • Scott Perkins

        This is my current view

  • Pedro Gonçalves

    Hi. When I try to open the FRP Bypass I get a message saying “Unfortunately the FRP Bypass has stopped”. How can I fix this?

    • Mohamad Mustapha

      Same exact problem here. After successfully installing it, I get the same error. Any clues anybody? I feel I’m so close!

      • floodserv

        having the same problem here..

      • floodserv

        I found the fix..you must download the Android6 google account manager ipk & install it..FRP Bypass will work after you install the apk..

        • Jagdeep Dhaliwal

          This method really works for the FRP Bypass installation issue! Thanks a lot!

        • alexdnatel

          if you install Android google account manager apk and fill in your google account before FRP Bypass apk, it will work..as of January 2017 !!!

          Thanks a lot Progeeksblog ! and to you floodserv!!

  • howard levitan

    Thank you for this, I tried an OTG cable and it did not work, this was the only solution that allowed me to get back into my phone, I am very happy and grateful for your resource.

  • Blaine Ostrom

    I worked on this last week and was able to get into the phone and run your patch but the patch wouldn’t load. so today i tried to get into the phone again to try the patch again and this technique isn’t working it send the data to the phone but wont start the dialer any updates?

  • Stan Dahd

    AWESOME!!! Thank you, I used this with success on Samsung 7 SM-G930F. One thing I noticed that maybe needs changing in your screenshots, when using realterm I had to click send ASCII not send numbers.. didn’t seem to work until I tried the send ASCII button. Thanks

  • Stan Dahd

    BTW, for anyone trying this method, it took several attempts before it worked for me. I got the error message ie_NOpen – device not open. numerous times, but after several attempts of disconnecting phone, restarting realterm and finaly using the send ASCII button rather than send number button it worked for me.
    Also had to download the APK directly from http://rootjunkysdl.com/files/?dir=Apps/FRP
    as the download link in this article gave me the wrong APK (at least it didnt work for me).
    Installed APK from link above onto SD card and installed as per video, worked perfectly

    • Glad it worked for you. For your kind information, the bypass frp apk download link given in the post is the same as given in the video.

      • Forrest Ayagarak

        When I Open FRP Bypass app, it says to re-type password. IDK the password. and if i type anything it’ll say the Google Servers can’t be reached

        • We Dream

          your supposed to click the three dots in the corner then sign in

  • Jade

    all it says is this atd1234 crlf and nothing pops up on my phone Aftab?

    • What version of Android is installed? Samsung is now continuously updating their devices to fix the flaws and backdoor that were used to bypass the frp. Now downgrading the firmware version will help you to bypass it.

  • Annelise White

    I get to the ES File Explorer, but when I click on download it doesn’t do anything and does not ask for my samsung account. Anyone else have this issue?

  • Lester Hora

    I’ve tried everything and get nowhere when i tried this newest one, I got an error ie_NOpen_device not open. Can anyone give me any help on this.

  • Mohamad Shoukraf Firdaus

    hai imran
    i already try this method and follow step by step like in the video show it, when i try to install the FRP bypass apk file cannot install on my note 5..please help me

  • Lucas Ladurantaye

    Hi Imran,

    I’m stuck on step 1! My Galaxy S6 show up as “unknown device” in device manager. In fact I dont see any modems at all.


  • preston riley

    So on my Samsung device, which is the galaxy amp 2, everything worked until I got to the step that has you click on scan business card. That option is not on my phone apparently. is there any other way to accomplish bypassing the FRP from the dialer?? Please help

  • Pankaj

    I have note 5.
    I am stuck at step 4. downladed both apps in my PC but mobile doesn’t connect with PC therefore it doesn’t show modem option in device manager. can any one suggest why it’s so?

    • Make sure that you’ve installed USB drivers.

  • anonymous houston

    I’ve got a note 5 with 6.0.1 and everything has worked perfectly but I’m getting the parse error like in the video. What do I do now? The note 5 has no external sd card? Please help

  • Daeon

    Hello. Have Samsung Galaxy Amp2, 6. something android? Everything worked great untill the dialing. It dialed, But there is no “Scan business card” option once I scroll down, after priveladges are escalated. In top right corner I have a “More option” with a drplist and I attempted to “share contact as” VCF (VCardFile) Gmail option is there..still no way to access app store though!

    • Daniel Galvez


      • Ran Rom

        Care to elaborate how exactly?

        • DJ G-Netic

          Worked a treat. downgraded from the latest FW 7 to 6 on the S7 and did the message way. thank you ever so much.

  • Cale Hornsby

    How about for tablets? The second command doesn’t do anything. It just shows error. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T817T.

  • Ronald

    worked nicely, but unfortunately my device does not show the scan business card option..all else is present…

  • kys

    hey man ive tried this method with my galaxy grand prime(yea, its a mid-crap phone) and ive did all the way through. but after the realterm method, unfortunately after i follow the method, there is no “scan buisness card” button on it. how to bypass this one?

  • Jasmine

    Galaxy Note 5, unresponsive to key commands. No incoming call when prompted. Does it matter wether the sim card inserted into the device is active with service or not?

  • Aakash Jaiswal

    in the 2nd step command it shows error saying this:-





  • Shidah Jad

    what is error CLRF?

    • Shidah Jad

      thanks imran, after a few time try, i have successfully bypass google acc on my j56. What i have done is change to other usb port on my laptop.

  • Izlah

    Yo guys, for some reason I can start the download for the business card app but not es file explorer. Fixed?

  • Hi guys, anyone who is getting “Unfortunately the FRP Bypass has stopped” error or failed to bypass should follow the latest tutorial over here:

  • Henryy Poohh

    No scan business card option bro. Follow every step but when click create contact there is no scan business card option.

  • Anthony

    entering the codes seems to have no effect whatsoever..my note 5 isn’t even showing a response …I’m really hoping i can put this thing to use

  • Jake Arp

    Does this method still work?on edge s7 I put codes in on real term but nothing happens on phone I just keep getting error on real term after I put in rthe right com3 and followed all other instructions and ive also tried doing the other way to bypass frp by connecting to WiFi then when it says checking for updates turn off my hotspot and when I get to Google terms and conditions I try to click on one of the words to share so i can access setup wizard but it says the action is blocked ,or not installed,what is the updated way as of today to bypass Google frp on galaxy s7 edge? Thanks.

  • Father Jiggles

    Hi, What should I do after getting the dialer app?

  • Raheel Raja

    Thank you very much bro my problem is solved with the 1st command thankssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Test Me

    Where is the video?

  • Jelena Ranum

    After I get to Step 7: Tap Factory data reset and Reset device or Erase everything which will erase the following from your device…

    Phone restated and was still Google locked. Any suggestions?

    • Jelena Ranum

      BTW I’m dealing with a note 5.

      • Jelena Ranum

        Rootjunkysdl doesn’t have not 5 listed…

  • MegaWar

    i have a small problem

    i have j105b

    after i enter the 2nd command the dialer screen not popup only i hear the voice call

    can u fix the problem

  • Eric Crenshaw

    Dialer says emergency calls only, cant swipe

  • Henry Hager

    I came across a problem when I tried to bypass the frp on my sm-G530t. When I looked up to find what com port I was pluged into my phone was not under modems…it was under portable devises. So now im stuck it said under portable devises it was at Port_#0003.Hub_#0003. So i tried com 3, but that did not work. Can anyone help.

  • Philippe

    For all people don’t have the “scan businesscard” option : I had the same problem. I updated my phone (A3 2016) with Samsung Smart switch and started the procedure again, now I DID get the scan businessscard option. Now trying to finish the whole process.

  • Angie Alexander

    Does this work for the Galaxy Luna?

  • Steve Martens

    Realterm no longer working with command atd1234;rn. Just get ERROR. if try atd112;rn you get 911 and you can not slide screen to access internet icon and you have to explain to 911 that you did not mean to call them

  • Steve Martens


  • Bharat Bhai Patel

    not working in send option not ringing

  • Robert Bassman McTerrel

    Hello, I was hoping someone could help me. I take pride in being a computer geek, but man.. I’ve tried every blog and youtube video I can find and nothing is helping me could someone help me out please? I have FRP on my Samsung Galaxy note 5 SM-N920P. I’ve tried realterm. I send the first command I get nothing. and I send the second I get nothing. I’ve tried a few programs, side sync. It’s hooked up to my computer. I’ve thought about downgrading the firmware maybe and trying it, but I can’t find any good firmware for me. I’ve spent hours downloading firmware and then the zip file says corrupt -_- It’s a clean copy of windows 7 I just formatted. I installed the drivers. I just put a sim card in and I think it updated.. i’d really appreciate some help. I’ve literally searched everywhere.

    • Very Crazy

      i have the sm-n920p, and if someone can tell me how to pull a copy of the firmware off of it, i will do so and send it to you so that you can fix yours. otherwise i have no way of telling you where to find the firmware

  • Daniel Newman

    So when I send the command it just stays green; at+creg?rn the connection is open and everything looks good just no response from a S6.

  • Lee Balonzo

    Pls help me .ill do this way of bypassing gmail but there is an error of ” NO CARRIER crlf”

    Pls reply… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9fd48ee18d56c84c7a5b5dc9bab1e71561bc7a4c0ac1873c4275b159207e7948.jpg

  • Destalem Abu

    hi dear i have try all steps but the second command is not colling to my g532f/ds

  • Delenara Fiertze

    so, everything worked perfectly only its stuck on the “Just a sec” and no matter how many times I reboot the device 7j it always gets stuck on that part… any other suggestions other than reboot?

  • Charbel Abi Younes

    hey can you please help me there is no scan business card when adding contact

  • BRE RD

    I am not get the contact option after pressing ok. Please help me

  • Asrar Sheikh

    not work patched my google

  • frey

    ive finally opened my settings, but it doesnt show any google account and when i try adding a google account it still says to log in the previous account(frp), i also tried resetting to delete the google account even though there wasnt any, but the frp still shows.

    any suggestions guys? tia

  • Adrien Lel

    Samsung Galaxy S7 not working because we not have add contact button

  • Stewart The-Creator Boardman

    Hi I get a issue after first command is sent and I try to open link, messege is unable to open due to security. any help please Tab A6. Also I am only getting 2 green lights not all 3

  • Stewart The-Creator Boardman

    Hi Imran, I am able to get up the dialer on my Tab A6 but once open I get the messege saying that I cant open any link, declined due to security reasons. Is there a way around this that you know as Up till that all is going well. I am pulling my hair out trying to get this sorted so any help please

  • Justin Harrington

    I’m using a galaxy S7 and can connect with Realterm and dial another phone BUT i am not given the option to save as a contact. Screenshot supplied. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a6d9abf9e0a666d3db8fd306aede3981def1bdc12482207b658a24b7593afca9.jpg Any suggestions?

    • hellotherebirdy

      Hangup and as soon as you do, you get the option. Press it quickly.

  • Tools3rdEye
    • Joao Pedro

      same problem

  • Tools3rdEye

    Hi there….I also locked myself out of my Galaxy S7 and since I’ve been trying every tutorial to bypass FRP!

    I tried with the Sync-thing but it didn’t connect to the phone – it happened absolutely nothing – nothing showed up on the phone – I tried it by connecting to the PC, as it didn’t work I tried it again with an otg cable – didn’t work either.

    Then I tried the “Samsung 2016 FRP” which made a phonecall to my S7 – this worked (I saw that the phone was getting a call) but I couldn’t add a contact – this option is locked (you cannot click on it). As soon as I hang up it’s just showing the phone number – nothing else (could not upload the pics although they’re under 1 mb)!

    So I downgraded the firmware with odin3 and took this firmware “G930FXXU1APAW [DBT] [6.0.1] Germany – Release Datum: 11.03.2016). It was the oldest I could find! But I have absolutely no idea if it was the right one – there are too many and I don’t know how to chose.

    After downgrading it was the same sad attemption to get access to my phone. By the way – can I also flash it with Lollipop-Firmware from the S6 – maybe it works then? Sure – I couldn’t find any Lollipop-Firmware for the S7.

    In the requirements described on some tutorials it’s said that I have to make sure USB Debbuging is enabled but I don’t know how to do this, as I don’t have access to the phone – maybe that’s why it doesn’t work?

    Now I’ve put all my hopes on this tutorial using realterm and also it worked until making the phonecall but I can’t tab on the “add contact” button in order to do the rest!

    Help me!!!!! Do I really have to throw away the smartphone and buy me another one?

    If someone has an idea – please tell me 🙂

  • Marcus Suridius

    Hello, I get no option to send the text. Only ring or video call. Any ideas why this might be?

  • Icha

    For the more negative side here you help thieves… :(.

  • normalerBuerger

    I just saw a S7, which shows after the call initiated by realterm
    NOTHING when you close the call!
    No “send message”. What to do here?

  • Alabaster

    i keep getting “Mobile network not available” popping up whenever i click send, whether I have a sim card installed or not.

  • Ucen
  • Alyssa Cleland

    I am unable to access web browser for wi-fi sign in due to wifi due to an “unauthorized factory reset.” I have already downloaded everything else on my computer for once I get past this initial step. Please, please, PLEASE help me!!!!

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